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Another Aussie Goes Missing in NZ Lake

Posted by te2ataria on February 5, 2011

Aussie Couldn’t Swim 55 Meters?

Aussie, 27, Vanishes on Lake Rotoroa, in Nelson Lakes National Park

There’s something fishy about this story. Judge for yourself.

An Australian tourist went missing on Lake Rotoroa, in Nelson Lakes National Park yesterday, after jumping off his boat and trying to swim 55 meters to shore.

“His companions continued to shore, from where they could see their friend who seemed fine in the water,” according to a report.

“However, his friends were about to head back out onto the lake when he disappeared.”

Official Death Toll from Drowning

The official government figures for 2010 drownings stands at 27 victims since the New Year, 19 in January and 8 in February, so far. [The blog will provide more reliable figures later in the year.]

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Aussie tourist badly injured in NZ by boat propeller

Posted by te2ataria on December 10, 2010

Swimming in Marlborough Sounds may cost Australian tourist her life!

An Australian tourist has been badly injured by a boat propeller as she dived off the back of the boat to go for a swim in the Marlborough Sounds.

The woman, 49, has reportedly suffered cuts to both legs and may have sustained a possible fracture after she was struck by the propeller in Waikawa Bay, Picton, this morning.

“Her condition was not immediately known,” NZPA said.

On average, two foreigners are killed in New Zealand every three days.

At least 1,981 foreign students, tourists and new immigrants have been Killed in NZ between  January 2000 and 10 December 2010

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Selected Aussie Deaths in NZ

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Dead Tourist’s Identity Withheld

Posted by te2ataria on June 15, 2010

60-year-old skier, possibly an Aussie tourist, killed near Canterbury’s Mt Hutt ski area

A 60-year-old skier, possibly an Aussie tourist, was killed when hi “car plunged off an access road at Canterbury’s Mt Hutt ski area into a steep gully yesterday,” media reported.

Name, nationality and other details of the victim have so far been withheld.

Other New Zealand Butt-Lines:

The World’s Dumbest Pilots

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Aussie Tourist’s Biggest Mistake in Life …

Posted by te2ataria on May 12, 2010

Doing a bungy jump in New Zealand is like having a brain transplant in Amazon

No, it wasn’t necessarily bungy jumping that nearly killed Mrs Moulder; it was bungy jumping in New Zealand that nearly got her.

First, a little good news for her husband and family: She is showing signs of improvement, a hospital spokeswoman says.

Last Friday, the 39-year-old Australian woman Kirsty Moulder who was holidaying with her husband Rodney in the South Island, decided to experience bungy jumping, a decision which she would probably live to regret for the rest of her life.

She made the 35-metre jump, but on the second bounce she slipped through the bungy, fell into the icy cold waters below and was critically injured in New Zealand’s South Island.

“She sustained chest and arm injuries to her left side, which took the brunt of her impact into the river,” paramedics told the New Zealand Herald.

“She was doing a bungy jump and, on the second bounce, her shoe became dislodged and as she came down she slipped through the bungy and fell into the water,” a paramedic said.

Mrs Moulder underwent a “very long, serious operation” at Christchurch Hospital on Monday night, her mother told local reporters.

“We’re not sure what’s gone wrong and we are working with an independent investigator here in New Zealand to make sure we get to the bottom of what’s happened,” Blair Hartland, a spokesman for Thrillseekers Adventures told AAP.

As for the damages, medical bills and serious injury compensation, he said: “Any arrangements that are being made between us and them are confidential at this stage.”

The blog moderators wish Kirsty Moulder a speedy recovery to the fullest extent possible.

As for anyone planning to write in saying two other people jumped the same day, and they didn’t get killed, that would be of little consolation to Kirsty Moulder.

Let’s hope the macho kiwi culture [sic] won’t poke fun at Kirsty Moulder in the same way they did with the British tourist Emily Jordan who was one of the many tourists tragically killed in New Zealand: Sick NZers Make Fun of British Woman They Killed

In 2008, this Blog wrote:
World’s 10 Worst Holiday Destinations to Avoid, with NZ occupying positions 1 to 7

The list also takes into account the following factors:

  • Exposure to deadly chemicals
  • Exposure to viral infections
  • Unsanitary food, accommodation
  • Exposure to sewage contaminated beaches and waterways
  • Little or NO access to even rudimentary medical facilities in the case of record numbers of deadly road crashes, and inordinate number of deaths and near-fatal injuries caused by using defective equipment for climbing, tramping, paragliding, bungy jumping, skiing, canoeing, diving and all other mountain, snow, water sports and outdoor activities
  • Deadly roads
  • Defective, old, poorly maintained rental cars, quad-bikes, jet skis, and all other sports equipment
  • Inadequate or NO supervision in venues where extreme sports are touted
  • Little or NO warning posted in dangerous  places and unsafe areas that pose a life threat, or serious injuries, to the visitors, but are invariably advertised as “popular hot spots” to lure unsuspecting foreign visitors

Another Australian Victim

Meanwhile, a young Australian climber is stranded with a suspected collapsed lung in a hut on New Zealand’s highest mountain.

Note to our readers, notice to Google

Once again a perfectly healthy individual was lured to New Zealand, who is now hospitalized with very serious injuries. She may never fully recover from this unnecessary yet life-threatening ordeal.

The Blog Moderators and contributors believe Google, Inc., by blocking, or hiding the information posted on this blog,  denied Mrs and Mr Moulder the opportunity to make informed decisions about (i) choosing New Zealand as a safe holiday destination, and (ii) considering bungy jumping in New Zealand as a safe activity.

To Google Founders and Employees,

How could you live with yourselves, knowing that people are being killed and seriously injured every hour, minute of the day, every day, because you prevented vital information concerning their safety from reaching them?

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And nearly 2,000 more foreigners in the past 10 years:

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