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Killed in NZ: Australian tourist to go home in body bag

Posted by te2ataria on October 24, 2012

Another Australian woman killed in NZ tourist deathtrap

Melbourne woman Chelsea Callaghan died at the weekend having suffered severe head injuries while on a quad bike adventure tour less than two weeks ago.

Ms Callaghan, 38, who had signed up for a tour with “quad-bike specialist” Riverland Adventures, sustained her injuries at Klondyke Rd, in Onewhero, just outside Auckland, on October 11, according to a report.

“Her death is the fifth quad bike-related death this year and follows that of 10-year-old Sam White on October 10,” the report said.

According to data from Ministry of Innovation & Employment, formerly the Department of Labour, 850 people are injured riding quad bikes on farms every year and five die.

Recorded quad bike deaths 2012 (NZ Herald)

October : Chelsea Callaghan, 38, from Melbourne, Australia, died at the weekend following a crash near Onewhero on October 11.

October: Shane William White, 10, died in the Wairarapa.

July: US tourist Jeffrey Robert Frum, 21, died at Hahei.

March: Luke James Randle, 20, died at Foxton Beach.

January: Peter Rouse, 74, died on a Tokomaru Bay farm.

On average, 3 foreigners are killed in New Zealand every 4 days.

The Australian tourist from Melbourne  was probably the 2,577th visitor killed in New Zealand since January 2000.

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Aussie tourist badly injured in NZ by boat propeller

Posted by te2ataria on December 10, 2010

Swimming in Marlborough Sounds may cost Australian tourist her life!

An Australian tourist has been badly injured by a boat propeller as she dived off the back of the boat to go for a swim in the Marlborough Sounds.

The woman, 49, has reportedly suffered cuts to both legs and may have sustained a possible fracture after she was struck by the propeller in Waikawa Bay, Picton, this morning.

“Her condition was not immediately known,” NZPA said.

On average, two foreigners are killed in New Zealand every three days.

At least 1,981 foreign students, tourists and new immigrants have been Killed in NZ between  January 2000 and 10 December 2010

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Inquest into Melbourne Brothers Tragic Ice Deaths

Posted by te2ataria on December 3, 2009

sent by an Aussie reader [edited by TEAA]

Farcical Inquest began into Melbourne brothers deaths caused by NZ tourist authorities negligence

The parents of two Melbourne brothers, Ashish and Akshay Miranda, who were crushed to death by falling ice at New Zealand’s Fox Glacier in January, have criticized signage at the deadly tourist site.

Winnie and Ronnie Miranda grieve after the funeral of their sons Ashish and Akshay, who died in a glacier accident in New Zealand. Photo: Joe Armao/ theage.con.au. Image may be subject to copyright.

The two brothers  were holidaying in the South Island with their parents, when they moved close to the glacier to take photos.

A large chink of ice fell off from the face of the glacier and buried the brothers, as horrified tourists looked on.

The body of Ashish Miranda, who was an aerospace engineer, was found a few hours later, however, his student brother’s body was discovered in a stream nearby a week later.

The body of his student brother was found in a stream below the glacier a week later.

In a previous incident two Australian tourists had been injured, one seriously.

Scumbag police constable Tony Le Sueur [pronounced “sewer”] said the ice fell from the glacier’s terminal face hitting the two “bloody stupid” tourists who got too close to take a better look at the terminal face.

Understandably, the grief-stricken parents did not wish to travel to New Zealand to have insult added to their tragic injury by the country’s tick blue line.

However they sent a letter to the court calling their sons’ deaths a “cruel irony” because the doomed holiday had been a 25th wedding anniversary gift from Ashish and Akshay.

The Mirandas said they were devastated by the deaths and had a bleak future without their beloved sons.

Miranda Brothers Ashish and Ashkay were crushed under more than 100 tons of ice at New Zealand’s tourist deathtrap, Fox Glacier.

They complained bitterly about the warning signs at the glacier, asserting that they were confusing.

After the double tragedy,  and a few other deaths and injuries, finally the tourist body responsible for the glacier decided to put up larger signs near the glacier.

Tim Groser and Rob Jewell, as well as the tourism authority  in New Zealand, must take full responsibility for the homicides because they breached their ‘relevant duty of care’ by failing to have the appropriate safety procedures in place that would have prevented the avoidable double tragedy.

Had the Miranda brothers not visited Fox Glacier, or New Zealand for that matter, in all probability, they would have been still alive today !

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Three More Women Raped in New Zealand, Fourth Lucky!

Posted by te2ataria on January 19, 2009

At least three more women, possibly all tourists, were raped on the weekend in New Zealand

In the first incident a female tourist, 20,  was gang-raped in Matamata, North island, New Zealand. Her nationality is still a police secret.

“At this stage we would like to acknowledge the assistance of three women who went to the aid of the victim during the assault,” nincompoop Detective Sergeant Rod Carpinter said.

In the second rape incident another 20-year-old woman was forced into Blacket Lane, between Moray Place and George Street, Dunedin, and raped.

“The offender was described as a male Caucasian about 25 years old, 180cm tall and of skinny, muscular build with long straight brown hair.”

In the third rape incident another woman, also 20, was attacked and raped at a South Road address yesterday.

The rapist “was a Caucasian in his early 20s, with shoulder length brown hair.”

A fourth woman, an Australian tourist, screamed and fought back, repelling the would-be rapist in Nelson.

“Things could have ended very, very differently for her if she hadn’t fought back and if these people hadn’t helped her out,” a nincompoop police detective told the media.

“A broad daylight attack like that is a very worrying thing,” he said.

Probably as much as 80 percent of tourist rapes in New Zealand go unreported.

All attackers were pakeha [European occupiers of New Zealand.]

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