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Project Bioshield XXXX: NZ a designated area for tests!?

Posted by te2ataria on October 25, 2019

Sent by a reader  [edited by Moderator B.]

Open-air germ warfare tests being conducted in NZ?

Concerns for the future of New Zealand’s billion dollar chicken farming industry after virus outbreak

“New Zealand chicken farmers are concerned about the future after the discovery of a poultry disease jeopardised the multi-million dollar export market, an industry executive says.

The very virulent contagious serotype 1 infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV type 1) has been confirmed on two Otago hen farms owned by Mainland and in close proximity to each other, Stuff reported.

Tegel, the main exporter of chicken meat across the Tasman, operates three plants around the country, but its export certificate was cancelled after the virus was detected, the report said.

In the year ending April 2018, Tegel made $615.4m in revenue with $89.6m coming from the export market, which includes Australia [about $60 million,] the Pacific Islands, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines.

Biological Warfare

‘Army Conducted 239 Secret, Open-Air Germ Warfare Tests’
March 9, 1977

The Army disclosed yesterday that it secretly conducted 239 germ warfare tests in open air between 1949 and 1969, some tests releasing live but supposedly harmless microscope “bugs” at Washington’s Greyhound bus terminal and National Airport as part of the experiment.

The idea, according to a two-volume report the Army gave to the senate health subcommittee yesterday, was to learn how to wage biological warfare and defend against it.

The Washington tests started in 1949 at an undisclosed location and were conducted again in may, 1965, at the bus terminal and airport.

Washingtin [sic] was one of five cities where the Army released simulated lethal germs i public places. Other cities where the public served as unknowing guinea pigs were New York, San Francisco, Key West and panama City, Fla.

A[ll] told, the Army listed 27 times that it tested simulated toxins on public property, including releasing spores in two tunnels on a stretch of Pennsylavia Turnpike. … [Washington Post]

U.S. Germ Warfare Research Pushes Treaty Limits

Over the past several years, the United States has embarked on a program of secret research on biological weapons that, some officials say, tests the limits of the global treaty banning such weapons.

Over and over again, the military has conducted dangerous biowarfare experiments on Americans [And elsewhere in the world]

On September 20, 1950, a US Navy ship just off the coast of San Francisco used a giant hose to spray a cloud of microbes into the air and into the city’s famous fog. The military was testing how a biological weapon attack would affect the 800,000 residents of the city.

Other experiments involved testing mind-altering drugs on unsuspecting citizens. In one shocking, well-known incident, government researchers studied the effects of syphilis on black Americans without informing the men that they had the disease — they were told they had “bad blood.”

In 2012, Lisa Martino-Taylor, a sociology professor at St. Louis Community College-Meramec, released a report theorizing that the army’s experiments could be connected to cancer rates in a low-income, mostly black neighborhood in the city where zinc cadmium sulfide had been tested.

In 2001, a New York Times report revealed projects testing biological weapons that began under the Clinton administration and continued under the second Bush administration.

President Bush Signs Project Bioshield Act of 2004

After the 2001 anthrax attacks, funding for bioterrorism research spiked by $1.5 billion. Then in 2004, Congress approved another $5.6 billion bioterror research project.

More Chinese killed in the UK than in NZ during October, so far!

The 39 people whose bodies were found in a large trailer in Essex, England appear to be Chinese nationals, UK police has said.

It’s unclear if the victims were from one of the persecuted Chinese minorities who preferred risking life to living in their homeland.

Shame on the tyrannical Chinese regime for transforming a vast country into an oppressive prison.

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The $64-trillion Question: What if Obama Wins?

Posted by te2ataria on August 24, 2008

“When push comes to shove …”

The following note submitted by “Victoria” [named changed,] a reader from Kenya, has been edited for brevity:

Dear Moderators – I’m a proud African. … My cousin, who is an American, her friend and I have all experienced extreme racial prejudice in New Zealand. … I am very alarmed by your recent article about the fate of my fellow countrywoman Dr Jeannette Adu-Bobie. … I have also read your page about anti American sentiment in New Zealand … which my cousin and her friends also confirm. … I have noted that the New Zealand ruling elite is moving ever closer to the Chinese regime politically, economically and “ideologically.” … believe that it’s only a matter of time before another world war breaks out over resources …

My questions:

1. Should New Zealanders be allowed to interfere in the US Presidential elections?

2. What would New Zealand do, if Senator Barack Obama wins presidency?

3. When push comes to shove in the coming resource war, how would you stop New Zealand from siding with its new solemate, China, and prevent it from supplying biological weapons to the Chinese regime to use against the United States?

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New Zealand Violence Related to Biochemical Weapons?

Posted by te2ataria on June 7, 2008

submitted by a reader

No other nation [with the possible exception of Israel] is so pathologically violent!

New Zealand Children, like head-banging termites on a bad fungal trip, tear each other apart!

Violent assaults among secondary school students appear to be increasing, and girls are adopting a similar “pack mentality” to boy bullies. —Children’s Commissioner.

Aside from possible [some say obvious] genetic reasons, the psychopathological effects of hormone disrupters like dioxins, PCBs, and various relatives of DDT, which are found in abundance in New Zealand, seem to be among possible explanations for the unprecedented level of violence in that country. On the other hand, it is conceivable that New Zealand is being used as a testing ground for mind-altering biochemical weapons.

Is New Zealand a testing ground for biochemical weapons?

In 2000, without any apparent cause or pretext, a scientist working for a petrochemical company warned my friend never to travel to New Zealand. The scientist, says my friend who had no intention of ever vising that country, has since refused to provide any explanation.

The following excerpts are fromPack’ girls in school bullying by Alex Van Wel :

A Marlborough Girls’ College student needed hospital treatment on Tuesday after an assault in the school grounds, and on Thursday night a 14-year-old Waikato boy was beaten unconscious by a group of classmates at a Raglan Area School social.

The assaults, which are being investigated by police, follow a series of recent violent bullying incidents at Hutt Valley High School.

Parents of the Hutt Valley victims this month sought a nationwide inquiry by the Human Rights Commission into violence and human rights abuses in schools.

They say there has been a “systematic failure” of state agencies responsible for protecting children from bullying and playground violence.

As many as 75 per cent of schoolchildren reported incidents of bullying at school, although only about 10% of cases were categorised as serious bullying.

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