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Canadian Woman Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on June 5, 2011

First Victim of the Violent Explosion in Auckland was a Canadian Woman

Canadian mother-of-two Philomen Gulland, 48, was killed in yesterday’s violent explosion.

Six others were injured in the explosion including at least one person who has undergone surgery and is reported to be in a critical condition.

A gas build-up is said to have caused the explosion, a policeman last night said the cause was still unclear.

“Emergency services remain at the scene and air is being pumped into the space in an effort to make it safe so that a thorough scene examination can be carried out and to enable the maintenance work to continue as scheduled,” the cop said.

“One worker, who did not want to be identified because he and others had been told by project manager Watercare not to talk to media, said workers were routinely given gas-detecting monitors to wear when they went into the tunnel.” The report said.

“You would go down into a hole but you would have to take a gas monitor with you. When it [the monitor] goes off it makes a hell of a noise, plus it has lights that go off.

“God knows what type of bloody gas is in there. We’re playing with fire every day.” The worker said.

An eyewitness said he was walking close to the site when the explosion occurred and saw mud burst from the hole and workers screaming for help.

“I could hear screaming and people yelling `help, help, help’,” Kaiawe said.

Another eyewitness who saw emergency services arrive, said a man being taken from the trench, who appeared to have lost a limb.

“He was in a lot of pain, screaming. I’m sure he only had one arm…There was a lot of blood.”

Tema also saw a body brought up. “They were covered up, there was a lot of blood lying by the stretcher. The images, I can just still picture them.”

Other News …

Timaru Death ‘Suspicious’

In a rare admission, the police farce say a body found by a member of the public just below an access way on Quarry Rd, Timaru  at 9.00am today “appears to be suspicious.”

It took the police 7 hours to finally remove the body, said to be that of a  woman aged between 20 and 40. [The victims appears to be an Asian, given that it was so difficult to tell the age. Moderator DH]

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