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Dismembered body of SA woman removed

Posted by te2ataria on October 2, 2010

The dismembered body of young South African mother, Carmen Thomas, has been removed from a dumping site in Waitakere Ranges, Auckland, New Zealand.

Police forensic team says they had the dismembered remains of the 32 year old mother of one, Carmen Thomas, who was last seen alive on June 27. She was reported missing two weeks later on July 13.

Carolyn Lavagna, a relative, said Ms Thomas’ son, Jack, should be allowed to go to South Africa to make a fresh start.

New Zealander Brad Callaghan was arrested last Tuesday and charged with murder, according to a report.

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Missing, Murdered and Serial Killer Cops

Posted by te2ataria on July 24, 2010

Man seriously injured in police pursuit crash

Serial Killer Cops Nearly Kill Another Driver

“A man is in a serious condition after a police pursuit in Palmerston North this morning ended with a vehicle slamming into a truck – a day after schoolchildren were imperilled by a fleeing vehicle that mounted the curb at speed during a chase in Hamilton.” NZPA said.

Police RECORD for January to June 2010

  • 1280 police pursuits
  • 199 ending in crashes,
  • 6 deaths
  • 61 serious injuries injuries

[Note: The above figures are released by the cops themselves. To get even remotely close to the actual figures, multiply everything by about 2.5]

Another Japanese Woman Missing in New Zealand

Risa Matsuura, a 32-year-old Japanese woman has gone missing in Auckland. The woman has a 19-month-old daughter, which she dropped at a daycare centre Friday morning, police said.

Korean Woman Still Listed as Missing

Yook Sook Chun, a 48-year-old South Korean mother-of-two, went missing on May 18, 2009. Where’s her body buried?  Where are the other  75 people reported as missing in the Canterbury area. [Note: The actual number of people missing in the region could be closer to 350, according to an informed source.]

Missing Auckland woman’s mother arrives from South Africa

“The mother of missing Auckland woman Carmen Thomas arrived in New Zealand late last night from South Africa, and has already talked to police.

“Ms Thomas, 32, described by police as an escort, was last seen on July 1. She was not reported missing for nearly two weeks, when she failed to collect her five-year-old son who had been staying with friends, and her Nissan Pulsar car was found in Hamilton on July 17.” The official NZPA said.

Missing Man’s Body Found

Missing Bay of Plenty [of Murders] man Bruce Fowler has been found dead  in the Kaingaroa Forest near Rotorua. Mr Fowler, 42, was last seen on July 14. His car was found yesterday on the edge of the forest, according to a report.

For a partial list of other bodies found in New Zealand click link below:


Schoolgirl dies after car crash

The 18-year-old driver, Kristi Ruri-Gardiner, who was involved  in a two-car crash last week, in which five Rotorua Girls’ High School students were injured, has died, according to a report.

Alcohol-related deaths skyrocket [by at least 100 pct.]

In 2008 there were more than seven alcohol-related deaths per 100,000 people in the Christchurch, Wellington and Dunedin regions , according to a report. {Note: The 2010 figures are probably double the number quoted above.]

And One Piece of Good News:

South Island roads hit by flooding

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