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Swiss motorcyclist killed in NZ – at least 22 foreigners died in two weeks

Posted by te2ataria on January 9, 2017

Swiss motorcyclist killed in Central Otago Crash

Manfred Brand, 47, a Swiss national, who was working temporarily in New Zealand, was killed in a crash on Cardrona Valley Road on 6 January, police said.

Police have not specified the nature of the victim’s employment in this country, and it’s not known weather his death would be investigated.

Mr Brand was at least the 22nd foreigner to be killed in New Zealand since December 23, 2016.

Other News in Drips…

Why was Julian Carver assassinated?

Julian Carver, the former chief information officer at CERA, has died unexpectedly, police said.

Father of two Julian Carver, 44, was the former chief information officer at CERA. He was found dead in  suspicious circumstances, this blog believes, at a psychiatric hospital in Christchurch on January 2.

It is unknown why the victim was in psychiatric hospital.

Carver had led several large shared services projects across central and local government and helped develop New Zealand’s Declaration on Open and Transparent Government, said a report.

Julian Carver, 44, the former chief information officer at The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA), died “unexpectedly” in psychiatric hospital in Christchurch on January 2.

The Deadly Emirates Airline Connection
Dutch police are investigating mystery death of British airline worker whose body was found on a railway track in the Netherlands. They said it appeared the Emirates cabin crew member, missing since January 1, had been hit by a train between Schiphol and Amsterdam. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/police-investigating-mystery-death-british-9562883

Fatal Rangitikei Line crash, Manawatu
The man who was kiled in a fatal crash on Rangitikei Line in Newbury, Manawatu on Wednesday 4 January 2017 was Nathan David Karatau, 34 years-old, who lived in Marton, police said.

[UPDATE] One killed, another critically injured as car and truck collide near Palmerston North
One person was killed and another critically injured after a car and truck collided near Palmerston North on the Rangitikei Line, State Highway 3 about 7.30pm on Monday.

Overseas visitor critically injured after diving into swimming pool
[No further details available. Fate of the visitor is UNKNOWN!]

Schlumberger denies responsibility for the dead whales
Schlumberger, the oilfield services company doing seismic surveys of the sea floor near Cook Strait, says they are not responsible to recent whale strandings.

However, Otago University zoologist, Prof. Liz Slooten said the Rabbit Island stranding happened at the time one of the surveys was being conducted off Taranaki, about 60 nautical miles (111km) north of Nelson.

“The whale could have been very close to the air guns and may have suffered physical damage causing temporary or permanent hearing loss. This could have led to the stranding, but only a full autopsy can answer this question,” Slooten said.

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“We’re being completely ripped off”

Posted by te2ataria on June 18, 2011

We’re being shafted by CERA

Government is using emergency earthquake powers to rip people off: Earthquake victim

“They’re using this emergency legislation to shaft people and to make money out of it for private firms,” said Phil Lennon, owner of Apex Car Rentals.

The “disgusted” owner of a Christchurch building being urgently demolished says the Government is using emergency earthquake powers to rip people off.

Late last month, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) served Apex Car Rentals with a 10-day demolition notice for its Lichfield St building, on the corner of Madras St.

The building, a former fire station, was seriously damaged in September’s earthquake and suffered further damage in the February quake.

On June 7, Cera provided a $448,000 quote for the demolition of the one-and-a-half storey, century-old brick building.

Days later, Apex appointed another contractor to do the job for $194,000.

However, yesterday Cera told the company its plans were “non-compliant” and the building would be knocked down for it.

Apex managing director Phil Lennon said Cera was putting impediments in the way of private contractors and its attitude was “disgusting”.

“It’s taken them 4 1/2 months to come to us and say the building needs to come down – a blind man could have seen that on the 23rd of February.”

Lennon said after getting Cera’s quote, Apex had three days to appoint an independent demolition firm and produce demolition plans.

“I understand the building needs to come down and we’re not going to cry over that,” he said.

“We’re being completely ripped off.

“They’re using this emergency legislation to shaft people and to make money out of it for private firms.”

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