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kiwi of the Week: Nicholas Raymond Baldwin

Posted by te2ataria on April 20, 2010

Scumbag kiwi sodomy teacher Nicholas Raymond Baldwin jailed for eight years and nine months for  indecent acts on a student

If you read the last post, you may well be wondering why the other kiwi got only 15 years for rape and murder, whereas the scumbag in this news item received nearly 9 years.

Scumbag kiwi teacher Nicholas Raymond Baldwin told his sex victim, “it’s okay because we are not gay.”

Nicholas Raymond Baldwin, 62, an Auckland teacher was today jailed for eight years and nine months after he admitted six counts of indecent acts with a person under the age of 16 and two of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection, between January 1, 2007, and September 4, 2008..

He was sentenced by Justice Geoffrey Venning in the High Court at Auckland.

“But two women Mr Shaw described as ‘netball mums’ became concerned in August 2008. They followed Baldwin and the boy to an Auckland rugby clubrooms, where they took photographs of the pair in close contact,” said a report.

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    What a Bunch of Child Molesters

    Posted by te2ataria on April 3, 2010

    sent by a reader

    Million plus child porn requests

    Murderers, Thieves, Rapists and Child-sex maniacs

    This is New Zealand at its best. kiwis have made more than one million requests to view hardcore child pornography

    An internet filter trialled  by the Department of Internal Affairs have intercepted more than one million requests from kiwi user, NZherald said.

    “The child porn filter was introduced in 2007, blocking access to more than 7,000 sites containing objectionable material.”

    New Zealanders comprise the highest rate of child sex tourists in the world.

    New Zealand Has the Highest Rate of Child Rape in OECD.

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    Catholic Priest Turned Soccer Official Facing Child Sex Charges

    Posted by te2ataria on May 21, 2009

    sent by a reader in Sewage City [No offense intended to the sender in Wellington]

    Former Catholic Priest Turned Soccer Official a Child Molester

    A pakeha believed to have been a Catholic priest before becoming a soccer club manager is facing multiple charges of sexually abusing children over a period of at least 20 years.

    “Grant Williams, 69, of Maungaraki, appeared in Lower Hutt District court yesterday facing 15 charges including indecent assault and sexual violation.” Media reported.

    Formerly a priest, Williams became a member of Petone Football Club and later  its manager for about a decade.

    “The charges relate to four boys who were aged between 9 and 12 at the time of the alleged abuse. Most of the abuse was said to have happened in the 1980s, though one charge is for an indecent assault in 1962.”

    It is possible that other abused childrem may now come forward to lodge their complaints.

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    The Devil’s Church

    Posted by te2ataria on June 11, 2008

    The Church: One of Diabolical Organized Crime Institutions in New Zealand [And in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Philippines …]

    The following excerpts are from:

    Church pays big money to lawyers to fight criminal charges

    In 2003-2006, the Catholic order of St John of God Brothers spent up to a million dollars in legal fees, trying to save three of its members being extradited from Australia to face trial in New Zealand on child-sex charges. This is money that could otherwise have been spent on providing rehabilitation for people who have suffered in St John of God (SJOG) institutions in Australia and New Zealand. The SJOG order has specialized in accommodating boys and young men who have intellectual or learning disabilities.

    In 2003 a New Zealand court issued a warrant to have the three SJOG members extradited to New Zealand. The three, who were living in Sydney in 2003, were:

    • Brother Rodger William Moloney, then 69;
    • Father Raymond John Garchow, then 57; and
    • Brother William John Lebler, then 83. [Oh, Brother!]

    Snail-pace justice

    Church lawyers, who were being paid by the St John of God order, appealed to the Australian Federal Court against the extradition order.

    On 15 April 2005, Federal Court judge Rodney Madgwick reserved his decision on the appeal. Justice Madgwick said it would take some time for him to prepare a judgment. And His Honour was correct – twelve months later, on 15 April 2006, the judgment had not yet appeared. Nobody had expected that His Honour would take a year. [WTF]

    Million-dollar justice

    The head of the SJOG order for Australia and New Zealand (Brother Peter Burke) admitted to the media that the SJOG order was paying the men’s legal fees. He would not say how much had been spent. But because the extradition case had been running for a long time it was substantial, he said, and he had sought guidance from Rome [Vatican, the Pope] on the cost. Legal observers estimated that, by the end of 2006, the SJOG order had spent as much as $1,000,000 Australian on this case.

    However, Broken Rites questions the propriety of this legal support. One million dollars would be better spent in creating supports to people damaged by sexual abuse. SJOG victims need education, housing and help in maintaining relationships, as they have few social skills. These people need some sort of place they can go to learn the social and vocational skills they need to function in society.

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    The Bas*ard Brothers: St John of God Catholic religious Brothers abused the disabled

    Excerpts from

    Man tells of ‘touching’ in dormitory

    Moloney, 73, is accused of abusing 11 boys over a six-year period.

    He denies 14 charges of inducing an indecent act, 10 of indecent assault, four of sodomy and two of doing an indecent act.

    The man said Moloney had told him not to tell anyone about the incidents.

    He had not told anyone until a television programme alleging another member of the order, Brother Bernard Kevin McGrath, had abused other boys, prompted him to tell his mother it had also happened to him.

    McGrath has already been tried and was jailed for five years in 2006 on 21 charges of sexual offending against children at the school between 1974 and 1977.

    The Others on New Zealand’s List of Most Repugnant Organized Crimes Institutions include the establishment, military, government, Human Rights Commission, judiciary, police force, chemical industry, arms industry, tourist industry …

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