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Kiwi of the Week: Timaru pimp jailed for importing child sex doll

Posted by te2ataria on October 3, 2019

sent by a reader in NZ’s child sex capital

Canterbury Tales: Things they do in Timaru

Pimp jailed for importing a child sex doll

Stephen Heppleston, 58, of was jailed for 18 months in the Timaru District Court on Thursday on charges of “importing a child sex doll and for possessing child sexual exploitation publications that included 135 images and 28 videos,” a report said. [He had admitted the charges when he first appeared in court in February.]

Heppleston’s conviction is said to be first of its kind in New Zealand, the New Zealand Customs Service has said.

Child sex doll importer Stephen Heppleston leaving Timaru District Court in February 2018. He’s the first New Zealander accused of importing a child sex doll who has been jailed. Linked to photo by: DOUG FIELD/STUFF


“Child sex dolls are illegal in New Zealand. Customs investigates every seizure as these can be linked to other crimes, such as child sexual abuse images or physical offending,” Customs manager of investigations Bruce Berry said.

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New Zealand remains a depraved slavery nation

Posted by te2ataria on July 2, 2016

New Zealand remains a destination country for forced labor, sex trafficking and child sex

[The US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report 2016]

New Zealand is a destination country for foreign men and women subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking and a source country for children subjected to sex trafficking within the country, according to The US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report 2016.

“Foreign men and women from China, India, the Philippines, countries in the Pacific and Latin America, South Africa, and the United Kingdom are vulnerable to forced labor in New Zealand’s agricultural, construction, and hospitality sectors, or as domestic workers. Some foreign workers are charged excessive recruitment fees, experience unjustified salary deductions, non- or underpayment of wages, excessively long working hours, restrictions on their movement, passport retention, and contract alteration. Some migrant workers are forced to work in job conditions different from those promised during recruitment but do not file complaints due to fear of losing their temporary visas.”

Foreign women from Asia are at risk of coercive or forced prostitution. Some international students and temporary visa holders are vulnerable to forced labor or prostitution.

“A small number of Pacific Island and New Zealand (often of Maori descent) girls and boys are at risk of sex trafficking in street prostitution. Some children are recruited by other girls or compelled by family members into prostitution.”

“The Government of New Zealand fully meets the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking.”

[Clearly, “the minimum standards” have made not one iota of difference. —Moderator]

“The government increased prosecutions of traffickers, but the punishments imposed were insufficient given the seriousness of the crimes.”

  • [Quote] The government, however, did not consistently identify trafficking victims in vulnerable sectors and continued to treat possible forced labor cases as labor violation.
  • The government did not operate any shelters specifically for trafficking victims.
  • There were no reports of victims being detained, fined, or jailed for unlawful acts committed as trafficking victims; however, some may have been as a result of inadequate government efforts to identify victim.
  • The government reported providing legal alternatives to the removal of foreign victims of crime to countries where they may face hardship or retribution, but no trafficking victims received this benefit in 2015.
  • [NZ Government] did not report training prosecutors or judiciary officials. The government did not report any investigations, prosecutions, or convictions of government officials complicit in human trafficking offenses. [End Quote]

Paying Lip Service

“In 2015, the government completed its first trafficking prosecution under the crime act, involving 18 victims from India and two defendants. While this case marked the first time the  government used the provision to prosecute suspected traffickers, no evidence of forced labor was found. The defendants were found guilty of immigration fraud and sentenced to 25 months’ imprisonment and 10 months’ home detention, respectively. The government reported convicting one sex trafficker in a case involving two victims brought into the country under false employment agreements. The court found the defendant guilty of providing false immigration information and inciting employees to breach visa conditions and sentenced her to 27 months’ imprisonment. In two separate cases involving six and four Indian victims of forced labor in restaurants, three defendants were sentenced to home detention and reparation payments to victims; these penalties were not sufficient…”

“The government did not make efforts to reduce the demand for commercial sex acts. The government provided anti-trafficking training to its diplomatic personnel. The government continued to cooperate with foreign governments to identify child sex tourists in New Zealand and to prioritize the prevention of child sex tourism abroad by its residents, although these efforts did not result in any investigations or prosecutions [despite the millions of visitors who arrived in New Zealand in 2015, and millions more who traveled abroad for child sex tourism.]”


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Three New Zealanders convicted in paedophile ring

Posted by te2ataria on December 22, 2015

New Zealand shamed again for child sex

Three kiwi paedophiles have been arrested and convicted following an international operation to identify individuals involved in the distribution of child abuse material on the internet, police said.

The operation was launched in July 2014 and was led by the FBI-led Violent Crimes Against Children International Taskforce (VCACITF).

The three kiwis faced charges of Distributing and Possessing Objectionable Publications.

“The trade in child abuse images is a serious criminal offence that victimises and revictimises our most vulnerable members of society,” said a policeman.

“The three New Zealanders arrested were among 48 individuals identified and arrested worldwide as part of this operation.  So far, 31 children have been rescued from abusive situations.  Four children in New Zealand have been safeguarded from potential abuse.”

“Investigations are ongoing and in addition to those already identified and arrested, more than 100 investigative leads have so far been disseminated to countries involved.”

VCACITF was established in 2004 and now includes 67 investigators from 44 countries who work closely together to coordinate complex multinational investigations.


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I never knew my family would be exposed to horrors like these in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on February 14, 2015

Sent by a reader (personal details removed, edited by  moderator N. )

My three daughters will never be safe in this country

When I emigrated to New Zealand, I had NO idea about the kinds of dangers my family would be exposed to.  I don’t want my kids to grow up in New Zealand.

Please, could someone help me?

Former youth group leader guilty of sexual assaults
A former Waikato church youth group leader was found guilty of sexual assault charges.
David Robert Ballantyne, 32, a former teacher in Taumarunui, was found guilty on all charges, which involved him touching the genitals of the complainant – aged 12 at the time – on one occasion between 2005 and 2006 – before two other incidents in March 2013.

Peter Wrigley jailed 6.5 years for child sex assault and 124,655 images

A Wellington sporting identity who travelled to international children’s games with more tahn 40,000 images of the brutal sexual assault of children on his personal computer and mobile phone has been found guilty of various sexual offences and jailed for six and a half years.

Peter John Wrigley had also abused two girls, one of whom he had photographed in sexually explicit poses and with obscenities written on her body in lipstick.

Wrigley, 54, pleaded guilty in December to 12 charges of indecent assault of girls under 12, and 31 charges of possessing objectionable publications, four charges of exporting images and four of importing them.

Soldier dismissed and imprisoned over sex charges

A decorated soldier guilty of eight sex-related charges involving recruits has been sent to jail for 15 months, demoted and dismissed from the New Zealand Defence Force.

Bombardier Phillip Manning showed little emotion while Judge Charles Blackie delivered his sentence at the court martial at Linton Military Camp near Palmerston North today.

Millionaire Mark Lyon named as convicted sex offender

Former prominent businessman turned drug addict Mark Lyon has finally been named as the man jailed late last year for horrific sex offences.

Lyon was sentenced in December for a string of sex offences where he plied women with drugs, shackled them in a dungeon-style room in his inner city apartment basement and sexually assaulted them.

The 59-year-old was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for two counts of sexual violation, and other charges of supplying drugs and commercial sexual services to underage girls.

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Two more top Brits quit New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on January 17, 2013

Was it ‘culture clash’ that forced top U.K. public sector bosses flee NZ?

Snap resignations of two top public sector bosses ‘who fled back to the motherland,’ prompted Britain’s Guardian newspaper to speculate that a culture clash was to blame.

“An unexpected journey” is the subtitle of the first Hobbit film, New Zealand’s latest contribution to world cinema. It’s also been the fate of Lesley Longstone, the senior British civil servant who was recruited to head up New Zealand’s Ministry of Education, and who is now returning home just over a year into a five-year contract.

Longstone’s abrupt departure follows that of Janet Grossman, who returned to the UK last year after only nine months as the head of Work and Income New Zealand …

The Guardian article is overloaded with mostly irrelevant details and excuses. Had the author done some basic research, he might have come up with the real reasons for the “unexpected journey” from the land of the Hobbit!

The departure of  the two UK leaders from New Zealand follows a trend, which started a couple of years ago. Intelligent, professional people and caring parents have been leaving this country in droves mainly to avoid New Zealand’s cultures of violent crimes, road deaths, rapes, child sex, environmental poisoning, bullying ….

They leave NZ because they want to stay alive and unharmed! …. if you haven’t been following this blog…. See links!

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Growing Business: Child sex tours from NZ

Posted by te2ataria on August 21, 2010


For 30 years  child sex tours have been organized from NZ, but only one person ever arrested!!

For the first time ever, a New Zealander is charged with organizing  a child sex tour [and that’s  probably because he failed to pay out the usual bribes and backhanders to the authorities!]

A 46-year-old motel and property manager from Auckland was granted name suppression when he appeared at Manukau District Court today, charged with organizing child sex tours to Thailand, and was remanded on a $50 bail.


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When it comes to child sex, racism and “flag-wrapped” nationalism

Posted by te2ataria on April 19, 2010

When it comes to child sex, racism and “flag-wrapped” nationalism, kiwis, Aussies and a few others become indistinguishable. For a backgrounder see Comment

Child sex tourism study ‘blames Aussies’


September 13, 2009

With a middle-class background and an internet connection, the Australian man is keen to explore travel deals advertised across the web.

He is the co-worker, relative and mate who awaits cheap flights to Southeast Asia that the economic downturn has made all the more plentiful.

But he is drawn to such tropical places not for the beaches, cheap drinks and a brief escape from the rat race.

He is the customer in a growing global issue that sees over 1.8 million children as young as eight years old being sold for sex – sometimes up to ten times a day – until they’re considered “worthless” before they reach their 30th birthday.

And new studies reveal this man has more mates than ever who think and act just like him.

Australians make up the largest portion of foreign sex offenders against children in Thailand, according to research at John Hopkins University in Baltimore that studied patterns of arrests and prosecutions between 1995 and 2006.

His money is fuelling a $US31.6 billion ($A36.5 billion) industry in trafficking in what a recent report by a global network of groups against child sex slavery concludes is a “massive human rights violation that is currently going largely unnoticed around the world”.

Bernadette McMenamin, CEO of Child Wise Australia, says child sex trafficking remains a hidden problem that most Australians have become complacent about – even though a main root of the global crime is the Australian offender.

“People tell us, ‘It happens overseas. Isn’t that an issue we talked about years ago?’ But what we’ve found is that … the supply and demand factors fuelling child sex slavery have actually grown,” she told AAP.

“The number of children entering the trade has grown. Efforts to combat this problem have not succeeded despite pouring money into overseas governments.”

A new global campaign called “Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People,” will be launched on Monday to help reverse the trend and bring the issue back into the homes of the average Australian.

Being run across 45 countries, the campaign aims to raise awareness, conduct a survey on people’s attitudes and lobby national governments.

In February, Child Wise will step up the campaign by backing stalled amendments to child sex tourism laws in the federal parliament.

Rather than seeing authorities wait for child sex to occur before acting, the amendments seek out preparatory offences: stopping sex offenders from travelling overseas, buying flights and possessing child pornography.

“We’ve waited long enough,” Ms McMenamin says of the proposed changes. “We’re simply not keeping up with travelling sex offenders.”

Only small changes are required to save Asian girls from being sold into a life of slavery, she says.

The Body Shop has already joined the Child Wise campaign by selling a hand cream that directs profits to Cambodian outreach programs.

Such programs can provide support for girls and keep them in school with books, pens and bicycles.

It may not seem like a lot but the average child sex slave is sold for only a few hundred dollars by a family or boyfriend in poverty desperate for cash, she says.

In Cambodia children are brought in from Vietnam or taken from village to village, then off to Thailand.

All these victims suffer lifelong mental and physical damage. Some contract HIV/AIDS while most find it hard to reintegrate into society after a decade of such slavery.

Ms McMenamin says most Australians view the price of petrol as a greater concern than the welfare of foreign children.

“We have increased awareness and there have been some arrests but overall we’re not putting a dent in the problem,” she says.

“We need people to try and think beyond what’s going on in their lives.” © 2010 AAP


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Kiwi of the Week: David Stanley Tranter

Posted by te2ataria on March 31, 2010

Rapist, Paedophile Scumbag!

David Stanley Tranter, New Zealand paedophile  was  deported from the Philippines

David Stanley Tranter, 59, a New Zealand rapist and paedophile on the lam, was finally deported from Santos City, Philippines, to Auckland last week, Manila Bulletin wrote.

Tranter was wanted in New Zealand for sexual assaulting minors, aggravated robbery and dishonesty charges, the newspaper reported. The Philippines Bureau of Immigration said Tranter “clearly poses a threat to our national security, public safety and domestic tranquility”.

“This, to our mind, is very alarming as these cases involved moral turpitude,” the bureau said.

Tranter, who had been arrested by immigrations officials on June 5, 2009, was held in a police jail as an illegal alien for failing to present his passport.

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Back in the Animal Farm

Posted by te2ataria on March 28, 2010

Sent by a reader

Another Routine Weekend in the Zoo-land

German University Lecturer Killed

NZ born German Johann (“Hans”) Edge, 36, father of three young children, who was university lecturer was killed in Pakuranga when his bike struck the rear of a passenger car as the vehicle turned into a driveway.

“His work had been recognised in more than 20 scholarly publications, said Associate Professor Greg Anson, head of Auckland University’s department of sport and exercise science.” A report said.

“Last year he won a Marsden Fund research grant, one of the most prestigious awards for a young scientist.” more…

Either a really freak Accident, or a tall tale!

A baby was killed after another “tragic” driveway incident in Titirangi, west Auckland barely 4 weeks afetr she was born.

The baby’s parents had pulled into a driveway and were standing right behind their vehicle talking when it rolled back hitting the woman, who was holding the baby, and knocking her over. “She dropped the infant, who was then run over.” Media reported the police as saying.

More babies are killed in New Zealand driveways than in the rest of the world driveway added up, probably. more…

The Three Fisherman

A Polynesian fisherman was drowned and another is missing presumed drowned after a fishing expedition went wrong south of Auckland.

The three friends reportedly went fishing on mud flats at Kawakawa Bay at the Firth of Thames. more…

Kiwis have only one way to end their disputes:  Stabbing

“A 53-year-old woman was stabbed to death at a house in the upmarket suburb of Remuera last night,” a report said.

Police arrested another woman and charged her with the assault. The two women knew each other.


Sex in Someone Else’s Bed

AS IF it was a truly unique incident, an Auckland real estate agent is being investigated for having sex in a bed in a house he was selling.

The Weekend Herald reported that the agent had been accused of “misusing his client’s property.”

“The Real Estate Agents Authority, the new Crown regulatory body, has referred the case to a complaints assessment committee, which has handed it over to investigators.”

Weasel New Zealander John Jonesse charged with manslaughter

Tongan police have finally charged weasel New Zealander John Jonesse and two other people with manslaughter in the death of one of 74 passengers who drowned  in the ferry Princess Ashika after it sank last year.   More …

Kakapo and red-fronted parakeet risk fatal new disease

“Rare native parrots such as the kakapo and red-fronted parakeet could be at risk from a fatal new disease.

“Scientists from Canterbury and Massey universities, fearful that a new strain of beak and feather virus will spread, are calling for stricter screening of the critically endangered parrots. They say it is essential that monitoring and testing are done on birds chosen for breeding, or the disease – for which there is no treatment – will spread further.”  More …

Teen Gangsters

Three girls, aged 15 to 16, viciously attacked a young girl on a busy road in Hamilton.

“The young girl suffered a broken tooth and a large cut to her face in the attack which took place on a footpath on the Boundary Rd Bridge,” a report said. More …

A Mere Slap on the Wrist for Child Sex Tourists

Convoluted, twisted, incomprehensible and right down  stupid? It must be a New Zealand law.

“If someone kills someone in a bar fight [at strike three], judges will be very reluctant to give him life without parole when they can’t do the same for a first strike who has tortured, raped and murdered a child.”  More…

Teens who had had enough, beat the crap out of two cops

“One youth was armed with a pool cue, which he allegedly attacked the officers with, while others pelted them with bottles and cans.” More…

Love at First Sight, with Stepdaughter

Doctor N had a sexual relationship with a female patient who was also his receptionist and stepdaughter. The pair now live together and have two kids.  More…

Another Weekend of Death

Significant Fraction of NZ Population Murdered or killed this weekend. A few that have been reported by the police-embedded media are listed  here.

Many Drowned, Only Few Reported

A 15-year-old has gone missing after getting into trouble at Piha beach southwest of Auckland. Maybe he was saved by mermaids; maybe he wasn’t.

Meanwhile, searchers found the body of the second man who drowned while fishing southeast of Auckland. See above.

Canterbury Roads Claim Two Lives (nearly)

One person is dead and another seriously injured after a car crash in Ashburton, South Canterbury early Sunday.

Motorcyclist critically injured in police pursuit

A motorcyclist was critically injured  in second police chase in less than 6 hours in Auckland Saturday night.

A 35-year-old man was knocked down his motorcycle in suburban Massey about 9.40pm.

“It was the second police chase to end badly yesterday, coming just hours after a motorist died after crashing his car while fleeing police on the outskirts of Hamilton.”  Fully spun story can be found here …

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Illicit Sex: The Most Sought After Kiwi Currency

Posted by te2ataria on March 16, 2010

sent by a reader

Do kiwi fathers opt for incestuous pedophilia because its “easy” and “safe“?

Kiwis are not the most intelligent people on the planet; far from it. The anatomical part they use for decision-making is placed between their legs. Unsurprisingly, therefore, everything bought or sold in New Zealand is exchanged based on its “sex value.”

In which other county would you get

Whether it’s the tainted local wine, toxic dairy products, the cow-urine canned and sold as beer, flying the local Airline, war, even religion, is dressed as a sexual object of desire tagged with a corresponding “pulling-factor.”

Most sexual offenses in the New Zealand, therefore, would probably be tantamount to shoplifting, at least in the “mind” of the offender.

It follows logically that the “easiest” and “safest” kind of shoplifting would be stealing from the “family shop,” as it were.

Kiwi Father Raped His Three Kids

A kiwi father who used his three kids as  “sexual playthings” was sent to prison after a jury found him guilty of 12 offenses in the Christchurch District Court, according to a report.

The 37-year-old freight worker, who denied all the charges, abused his two daughters and a son for a period of 7 years, stopping in 2008 afetr one of the girls spoke out about the abuse.

Defence counsel Colin Eason said it was a tragedy for the family and for the man who continued to deny any wrong-doing. “For this man, this is a catastrophic, life-changing situation to be in, which he does not accept.”

This is the typical feckless kiwi reaction: Lies, denial and refusing to accept responsibility for their sordid action.

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I thought My Partner Had Shrunk Again!

Posted by te2ataria on December 20, 2009

sent by Aucklander

Name Suppression for Child Sex Comedian

Prominent comedian facing a child sex charge after raping his 4-yo says he was drunk and mistook the girl for her mum!

He has been granted name suppression by judge Eddie Paul, and was bailed to a friend’s home during a preliminary hearing at Auckland District Court on Tuesday.

The comedian is charged with “unlawful sexual connection with a child under 12.” The victim is believed to be his 4-yo daughter.

Having had a “few drinks,” he returned home and went into the bedroom where his partner slept with their daughter.

“The next thing he knows is when he wakes up and [his partner] is yelling, ‘What the hell are you doing?'” The friend added.

“He got the shock of his life and went ‘oh God’. [His partner] kicked him out of the bedroom and the house and then called the cops.”

“All his mates have rallied around,” the friend added.

The friend, another media personality, told the Star-Times the accused was “scared” but “trying to keep his spirits up”.

He was “devastated”, and particularly upset because his partner didn’t give him the chance to explain himself before calling police, his friend said adding that the couple’s relationship was “going through a rocky patch”.

“He’s trying to remain calm and confident that he will clear his name. All of his friends know he is innocent and would not be capable of this,” the media personality said.

“They totally have faith in him and they know he is innocent so they want to clear his name. But the problem is his professional life – you can only imagine what he is going through.”

The friend said the comedian was in a poor mental state, but was slowly recovering, according to a report.

“The good thing is he is getting determined that he has to clear his name and so I think he is better now, but I have never seen anyone that low before – it is an absolutely terrible thing.”

The family of the accused are said to be aware of the allegation and were showing their support,  however, the comedian is “gutted” because he wasn’t allowed to see “his daughters.”

According to another friend, even if the comedian get off  the charge, his career “is over”.

“His career has been ruined by this, there is no doubt about it. How could he possibly come back when people know about this?

“The allegations have spread like wildfire; everybody knows who he is, even though his name is suppressed.

The comedian’s partner, refused to make a detailed statement but said:  “I don’t want to talk, there are children involved. Please respect our privacy as if it was one of your own children involved here.”

The comedian has hired famed criminal barrister Marie [“anti-freeze”] Dyhrbergis to represent him.

“I have been around the media a very long time so I am saying absolutely nothing at all about anything,” she said.

The comedian has been ordered to stay welll away from his daughter, partner and a third female, believed to be his partner’s daughter with another man [here lies another sensational story,] and not to make direct contact with any children under 16 unless under the supervision of an adult who is not a witness in the case.

Would the comedian’s life be ruined if he were to be convicted for making an innocent mistake, again?

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kiwi Males Believe in Birthright to BJ on Demand

Posted by te2ataria on November 24, 2009

Previously You Read:

A Personal Message to Judge Eddie Paul

sent by a local reader

Now Everyone is Talking About the ‘Top Kiwi Musician’ Forcing a Teen for a BJ, and Demanding to Know His ID

Something wrong in a major way with the national psyche of this country, with a discourse that freely empowers the kiwi male, while simultaneously betraying their female counterparts, that they have a birthright to get anything they want from anyone, especially the women, children and tourists, anyplace, anytime!

The narrative, fortified by abundant hereditary myths and unfounded elitism, is constantly reinforced by the government, its corrupt judiciary and the criminal police force, as well as the corporate media.

Apart from the Prime Minister, and a few million others, no one else seems to know the flipper’s identity.

PM John Key: He asked me, too, but I didn’t make too much fuss over it! Photo: Alan Gibson. Image may be subject to copyright.

John Key PM of NZ says he knows the identity of the criminal who thrusted his genitals on to a teenage girl’s face demanding a ‘blow job.’ Since this information is hardly a state secret and unlikely to damage national security, the readers are advised to email Key asking him to share his information—confidentially of course!

You can email Key on john.key@national.org.nz or j.key@ministers.govt.nz

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A People Obsessed with Child Sex

Posted by te2ataria on October 14, 2009

sent by a parent in Auckland

Joshua Drummond, editor of the Waikato Student Union (WSU) magazine Nexus:

The magazine likes to push boundaries

The magazine published the “jokes” about  having “sex with infants,” “incest” and “abortion,” printed on the puzzle page of its August issue.

Although, the jokes were  described as “absolutely shocking” by a few people, they indicate the zeitgeist of New Zealand, especially its university-educated middle class.

Okay, there were about a half dozen people who expressed their disgust, but that was about it.

“Appalling and disgusting doesn’t even describe it,” said Parentline chief executive Cathy Holland.

“What they are joking about is the reality of what kids that come into our organisation are dealing with every day.”

“A concerned member of the public had dropped a copy of the magazine into Parentline’s Hamilton headquarters,” she was reported as saying.

“It concerns me greatly that this material is published, uncensored, with little checks and balances by either the student union or the university.

“This type of editorial is even worse than pornography and I wonder at the mentality of students to even think that this rubbish is acceptable,” Mrs Holland said.

“What they are joking about is the reality of what kids that come into our organisation are dealing with every day.”
[Solid proof, if anyone needed, that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.]

A teaching student said the jokes were “disgusting and sick”.

“I don’t know who in their right mind would find them funny, unless they are paedophiles themselves,” she wrote.
[She, too, hits the nail on the head.]

Most student magazines focus their jokes on making fun of colored students, with the Chinese often being the butt of their jokes.

In April, 2006, Victoria University’s Salient magazine published the “Top Five Species to be wary of,”  with the Chinese being listed as number 3, Waikato Times reported.

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kiwi connection: the closest link to Madeleine McCann

Posted by te2ataria on August 8, 2009

You’d probably be right!

If you though there was a kiwi connection behind every high profile kidnapping, rape, or murder in the holiday scene…

Private investigators in the Madeleine McCann case are looking for a “Victoria Beckham lookalike” with a Kiwi or Australian accent. They believe the lead is their strongest yet, by far.

Madeleine, 4, vanished without a trace from a rented holiday apartment in the Portuguese holiday resort of Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007, while her parents dined with friends at a nearby restaurant.

Madeleine McCann
The search for Madeleine McCann, 4, missing since May 3, 2007, is moving to New Zealand and Australia.

A Victoria Beckham lookalike with a Kiwi
A Victoria Beckham lookalike with a Kiwi or Australian accent is the latest lead in the two year search for Madeleine McCann.

The case is now handled by a team of private detectives headed by Dave Edgar, who according to a spokesman for the McCanns, has already received a “substantial” response to the appeal, including possible names for the female suspect.

Mr Mitchell said: “We have had a substantial response overnight, with many hundreds of calls coming in particular from Australia. I understand many calls have also been made to the Australian police”.

“Some names have been put forward and all of this information is now being analysed and prioritised by the detectives. They are extremely grateful to everyone who has come forward with information.

“Where and when appropriate they will, of course, be liaising with the Australian authorities,” he said.

According to reports: “A British man, who does not want to be identified, has told detectives he held a brief conversation with an Australian-sounding woman in the Spanish city of Barcelona just three days after Madeleine went missing.”

A sketch of the suspect female was released. She is described as being in her mid-30s, and a Victoria Beckham lookalike who speaks with a Kiwi [or Australian] accent and is fluent in Spanish.

“She appeared agitated and kept pacing outside the El Rey de la Gamba restaurant-bar as if she was waiting to meet somebody.” Reports said.

The British holidaymaker said she asked him: “Are you here to deliver my new daughter?”

New Zealand is a major player in child prostitution, targeting a special clientele, and the very rich sex tourists. White slavery, especially child prostitution rings, form a substantial part of New Zealand economy in invisible earnings.

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Another Scumbag Pedophile New Zealander Arrested!

Posted by te2ataria on August 28, 2008

NZer arrested in West Africa on porn charges

The Dominion Post | Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A Kiwi tourist has been arrested in the West African country of Gambia after allegedly taking pictures of underage girls for his pornography business.

The man, 61, was arrested at his residence in Yundum, 25 km south of the capital Banjul, after a police search found a digital camera and laptop containing the pictures.

Internal Affairs said he could be charged on his return to New Zealand. [Copyright the reporter or news agency.]


An estimated 7 percent of New Zealand’s ‘adult’ male population visited Thailand in 2007.

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