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The Final Destination: Another Chinese Student Killed in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on July 11, 2019

Young Chinese female student killed in violent NZ car crash

Fatal Mangakino crash – name release
Thursday, 11 July 2019 – 10:30am – Bay of Plenty [of Deaths]

The young woman who was killed in the violent crash near Mangakino was 17-year-old Ziyi Cheng, a Chinese national, studying in Auckland.

The two-car fatal crash which occurred at 6.20pm (Saturday 6 July 2019) left one other seriously injured. [Details have not been released.]

Ziyi had been studying at Rangitoto College for two years as an international student, and was enrolled on the [absolutely worthless] International Baccalaureate Diploma programme.

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The Chinese Connection

New Race Relations Commissioner

Meng Liu Foon, the retiring Gisborne mayor and the establishment sweetheart, has been appointed the new Race Relations Commissioner to run the dysfunctional Human Rights Commission.

By hook or by crook

“Foon was first elected as a councillor for the Gisborne district in 1995, before being elected mayor in 2001 – a role he held for 18 years,” a report said.

Watch out for the Neanderthal

Justice Minister Andrew Little, who oversees the Human Rights Commission, said the position was re-advertised because of a legal challenge by an international human rights lawyer. Jamaica-born Aucklander Colin Henry sued Little over the selection process.

The former commissioner, Dame Susan Devoy, left in June, after a damning Ministerial review into a sexual harassment scandal, which identified serious “toxic” dysfunctions.

Enter the paragon of integrity: Justice Sally Fitzgerald

“In a judgment released on Friday, Justice Sally Fitzgerald dismissed Henry’s application for the interim orders, saying he had “low prospects” of being successful in his pleaded claims for judicial review,” a report said.

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“I’m naming my second bastard Hercules!”

Zombie Logic:

The Defence Force is to spend $20 billion on its “upgrade plan”, which they claim was necessitated by climate change,  instead of spending the money on addressing the impact of climate change affecting the country.

Now you know why Ardern was selected

The Military Industrial Complex, led by Lockheed Martin and represented by the village idiot in DC, clearly have their arms up chastity Jacinda’s, sergeant Ron’s and Marshal Short’s butts.

“Our Hercules do our most basic of jobs, they get aid and they get some of our natural disaster responses around the country and around the Pacific. Without it, we just couldn’t look after ourselves and our neighbours,” Ardern said.

Defence spokesperson for NZ’s other political sewer, National, has expressed concerns that the Hercules weren’t going out to tender.

“We should have competitive tension in any of those procurements that we’re doing. That’s the best way of delivering the best result for the taxpayer, plus the country,” Mark Mitchell said.

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Another Indian, another Chinese student, another Samoan killed in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on January 25, 2013

Police finally find the body of missing Indian national Amandeep Singh

Gisborne police launched a homicide inquiry after they found the body of Amandeep Singh who’s been missing for four weeks.

Mr Singh, 22, disappeared on the night of December 29th. He was a field worker for a contracting company that does various work in the Poverty Bay area.

Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh, 22, was last seen at his Gisborne home on the night of December 29 last year. His body was found in scrub on a section of Kaiti Beach Rd on Thursday (Jan. 24).

Body found in Auckland Harbour identified as a Chinese student

A Chinese man whose body was found in Auckland Harbour has been identified by a relative this morning, according to the reports.

Police initially said the 22-year-old Chinese student may have drowned, but are  now investigating the actual cause of death.

Samoan man killed in South Auckland shooting

A 23-year-old Samoan man was shot in the stomach on January 2 outside a home in Flat Bush, South Auckland, died in Middlemore Hospital on Friday.


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Chinese Exchange Student Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on February 8, 2010

Edited by D.H.

Two More Foreigners Killed in New Zealand

A Chinese exchange student drowned when he went for a swim with his foster family

A Chinese exchange student died on Saturday night when he went missing during a swim at Christchurch’s Sumner beach.

The body of the unnamed 19-year-old teen, who arrived in New Zealand 3 days ago, was found on nearby Scarborough Beach early Sunday, a report said.

His host family took him out for a swim about 6pm on Saturday, but say he disappeared, The Press reported.

The police were alerted more than an hour and a half after the Chinese teen disappeared.

“The student’s family in China were being notified with the help of the Chinese embassy.” The report said.

Meanwhile, the body of another man, believed to be a foreign tourist, was discovered by a fishing boat on Sunday.

The body may have been in the water for up to 10 days, but the police had no idea who the second victim was.

“We’re having difficulty confirming his identity, but hopefully in the next couple of days that will be worked on.” Police said.

The police have since claimed that January drowning was fewest in 30 years. If you don’t believe them, go count the dead for yourself.

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