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Christchurch Quake: NZ govt Doctoring the Figures

Posted by te2ataria on February 24, 2011

Quake Death Toll Up by Only 1 ?

NZ govt is up to its dirty old tricks again, doctoring the quake fatality figures

BREAKING NEWS: Prime Minister John Key has ridiculed suggestions that he should donate some of his ill-gotten wealth to the victims of Christchurch earthquake.

As of this morning, the quake death toll stood at 76, only one more than 24 hours ago.

Here’s a summary

  • Confirmed dead:  76 souls
  • Missing: Up to 238 people [actual figure may be as high as 500]
  • Seriously injured: 200
  • Total no of injured: up to 3,000
  • Police say 22 more bodies  are inside Christchurch’s Cathedral Square
  • Police said they will release a list of the dead and missing at 4.00pm (our time).
  • Police changed it **** mind saying they will release a list of the dead and missing at 6.00pm
  • The Fat Police Minister said: “We’ve got 76 at the morgue at the moment and more coming through.” [She didn’t say how many more.]

In line with New Zealand government policy of news blackout, two Japanese journalists were arrested last night when they tried to interview earthquake victims  in Christchurch Hospital.

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