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Weekend deaths, injury and mayhem worse than reported

Posted by te2ataria on November 30, 2015

Motorcyclist killed in crash, tourists seriously injured

Craig Alan Chambers, 39, was killed when his bike and three vehicles collided near Oamaru.

Two foreign nationals in a rented car were involved in the crash, police said.

“The passenger of the rental car, believed to be the male driver’s partner, had to be cut from the Toyota and was flown to Dunedin Hospital with serious injuries, but police have confirmed she survived the night,” according to a report.

Other fatal crashes included:

  • Traffic chaos after Auckland motorway crashes
    Sections of the Auckland Motorway network were closed after several crashes. A motorcyclist was killed in a crash on the Auckland Harbour Bridge about 4.30pm. In another crash involving six vehicles, a man sustained serious injuries  near the Gt North Rd offramp.

NZ Tourism claims more Chinese victims

Six Chinese tourists, including a baby boy, were involved in a crash on their way to the West Coast. Three Chinese women were flown to hospital – one with serious injuries – after a tree
crushed their van near Arthur’s Pass on Sunday.

One woman, aged 32, sustained serious abdominal injuries and two other women, aged 33 and 36, had moderate injuries. The other three people involved in the crash, two men and a baby boy, had less serious injuries, including cuts to their faces, said a report.

Pregnant woman, two others  injured after car ploughs into group of people

Meanwhile, a pregnant woman sustained a broken leg and two others were also injured after being struck by a car in Hamilton. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11553372

One killed after bitumen tanker explodes in Waikato
A bitumen tanker exploded, covering a person in hot tar. The victim died from serious burns.

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Fonterra: Guilty of Murder!

Posted by te2ataria on February 1, 2009

The Chinese are still victimized by colonial New Zealand

Screw turns on Fonterra to come clean

By DEIDRE MUSSEN – Sunday Star Times | Sunday, 01 February 2009

Calls are mounting for Fonterra to release documents at the centre of the melamine baby milk scandal in China, with a New Zealand legal expert rubbishing the dairy giant’s claims it could not release the information for legal reasons.

[Even in their own country, China, women and children are unprotected against pakeha malevolence.]

A Chinese mother, whose baby died from drinking tainted milk, holds a sign reading “Give me back my baby” outside Shijiazhuang Intermediate People’s Court, Hebei province January 22, 2009. Families hit by China’s toxic milk scandal demanded revenge, compensation and plain answers on Thursday as they awaited the sentencing of company executives accused of wrongdoing. REUTERS/Jason Lee (CHINA).
Image may be subject to copyright.

Sanlu chairwoman Tian Wenhau last week said she allowed melamine to be added to its infant milk formula on the advice of its New Zealand shareholder. Fonterra has confirmed it gave her a document about Europe’s safe limits of melamine in food, but said it made it clear zero was the only acceptable melamine level.

Tian’s lawyer, Liu XinWei, told the Sunday Star-Times from China he was unable to release the Fonterra documents because they were with the Chinese courts, but confirmed they showed Europe’s highest permissible level of melamine in food was 30mg/kg.

He said Tian, who was sentenced to life in prison after she was found guilty on December 31 of producing and selling false or substandard products, told the court she allowed up to 15mg/kg of melamine in milk on the basis of Fonterra’s information after August 1 last year. That was the date Sanlu, in which Fonterra had a 43% stake, discovered melamine was the contaminant making Chinese babies die or become sick.

Fonterra learned of the contamination the following day, but Sanlu stopped producing milk only on September 12, despite Fonterra’s push for a recall of all its milk. According to Chinese media reports, the Fonterra document was given to Sanlu on August 13.

Wellington media lawyer Steven Price, a law lecturer at Victoria University, said he knew of no legal reasons preventing information about a case in China from being revealed in New Zealand and called for Fonterra to release the documents, doubting it would affect Tian’s appeal.

“Our sub judice laws do not stop Fonterra here from releasing documents because it might prejudice the case. It seems a bit self-serving by them.

“It’s conceivable that they might not want to release them. Had these documents contained a very clear document saying that zero tolerance was allowed, would they be so reluctant to release them?”

He said if Tian appealed her conviction, it would not be considered by a jury so publication of any documents would not affect her case.

Give back their babies Mr Andrew Ferrier, or do the honorable thing!

[At least] Six babies died and [many] more than 290,000 were seriously harmed by drinking the contaminated milk. Sanlu and 21 other dairy companies had offered 200,000 yuan ($57,000) for families whose children died, 30,000 yuan ($9000) for serious cases such as kidney stones and acute kidney failure, and 2000 yuan ($600) for less severe cases.

Chinese parents whose children died from drinking tainted milk, hold signs reading “Give me back my baby. Demand judicial fairness” outside Shijiazhuang Intermediate People’s Court, Hebei province January 22, 2009. Families hit by China’s toxic milk scandal demanded revenge, compensation and plain answers on Thursday as they awaited the sentencing of company executives accused of wrongdoing. REUTERS/Jason Lee (CHINA). Image may be subject to copyright.

According to China’s Oriental Morning Post newspaper, 11 victims plan to lodge legal action in Chinese courts to sue Sanlu and Fonterra over the melamine tragedy.

University of Canterbury political science senior lecturer Dr Anne-Marie Brady, a specialist in Chinese politics, questioned the dairy giant’s motives in giving Sanlu information about safe melamine guidelines in Europe when the company would have already known the melamine contamination was malicious because of extremely high levels detected.

“[Tian] is taking the blame for a large number of people,” she said.

Fonterra chief executive Andrew Ferrier told a press conference last week the document on European melamine levels had been given to Tian by a Fonterra director on Sanlu but the company made it clear to Sanlu that zero melamine was the only acceptable level. Fonterra would not answer further questions from the Star-Times.

According to its website, the European Food Safety Authority provisionally recommended in July 2007 that a tolerable daily limit of melamine from food for humans and domestic animals was 0.5mg/kg body weight per day, based on figures from the Scientific Committee of Food (SFA). A specific migration rate of melamine from plastic of 30mg/kg of food was agreed on by the SFA, assuming the maximum food eaten was 1kg for a 60kg person. Screw turns on Fonterra to come clean –  http://www.stuff.co.nz/4834852a11.html – Copyright author or respective news agency.

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The Plight of Chinese Living in or Visiting New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on October 1, 2008

New Zealand has total contempt for Asians, especially the Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Indians.

New Zealand establishment considers the “yellow,” “brown,” and all other “colored” races as non-human. During the Vietnam war, WMDs manufactured in New Zealand, including Agent Orange, and New Zealand soldiers were used to commit genocide against the North Vietnamese. In the past few weeks at least 4 Chinese women were killed in New Zealand, and the body of another dead Korean was discovered.

The following is a recent, incomplete list of atrocities committed against the Asians, especially the Chinese who live or visit New Zealand, or are otherwise easy targets for abuse by New Zealanders.

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Another Chinese Woman Leaves New Zealand in a Body Bag

Posted by te2ataria on September 26, 2008

Submitted by a reader:

Come-get-killed-here New Zealand Tourism Claims its Latest [Soon to Be 2,000th] Victim: Another Chinese Woman!

Passengers begged rescuers to look under the upturned boat. Rescuers said, ‘NO!’

One more Chinese tourist killed because the rescue team didn’t save her. At least 9 others were hospitalized!

“Three News reported that members of the tour group asked emergency services to look under the boat as a helicopter searched the river.”

“We asked them to turn over the boat to see if anyone was under it, but they say, `Don’t do that’,” one tourist said.” (Source)

“The woman’s body was found under the upturned boat and some of her companions say they asked rescuers to look under the boat after they realised one of their party was missing.

“But they said their requests were initially denied and it wasn’t until about 90 minutes after the crash, near Queenstown, that the body of the woman, in her mid-40s, was found under the 2.5 tonne jet boat.

“Media at the scene also reported hearing passengers telling rescuers to have a look under the upturned boat.” (Source)

At least 7 other tourists including a Japanese tourist, Yuichiro Shibata, have previously died from similar Jet boat collisions, or steering failures.

FATAL RIDE: [Post] emergency personnel work to recover the Kawarau Jet boat that flipped on the Shotover River yesterday, killing a Chinese tourist. The tourists begged them to look under the boat for the missing Chinese woman. They said “NO!” Photo: Stuff NZ. Image may be subject to copyright.”

If the corrupt elements in the Chinese Govt didn’t profit from the NZ tourism racket, NO Chinese tourists need be killed in New Zealand!

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