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Christchurch quake claimant going on hunger strike: ‘We’ve had enough’

Posted by edmundironside on April 17, 2018

Foreword: “We have a [kosher] white supremacist establishment that shame even Donald Trump, spend billions on an incompetent and unnecessary military, and let a brutal police force [and private spy firms] run the country [and commit murder] with absolute impunity, but have no clean water [and go blind while waiting for eye care, or die within hours of being released from hospital] in New Zealand…” — A Reader

Police State: Quake claimant spied upon by govt owned Southern Response

Peter Glasson’s 1920s home with rubble foundation was badly damaged in the 2011 quake and needs new foundations, but the government owned insurer have so far refused to honour his policy, a report said.

“If you went through seven and a half years of it, you’d know that continuous stress, the bullying and the intimidation, the dirty tricks that the lawyers play, after a while have quite an affect on you psychologically.

“I’m one of those people that say enough’s enough,” Glasson said, adding that his family support his decision to go on a hunger strike.

“Back in 2014 I was one of the small group of people who organised class action against Southern Response and it’s now been confirmed to me that Thompson and Clark in Auckland were hired by Southern Response to spy on me.”

Govt hiring private “security firm” to spy on citizens

Southern Response spy target accuses agency of intimidation
Cameron Preston, another earthquake claimant, said he had obtained papers showing Southern Response had spent $170,000 on Thompson and Clark’s services from the start of 2014 to April last year.

“[Mr Shand] a lawyer who is suing Southern Response on behalf of earthquake claimants told Morning Report he was intimidated by private investigators for another government agency in 2013.”

More claims of spying by Thompson and Clark
“As well as being paid by the government to spy on Greenpeace and at least one earthquake claimant in Christchurch, it can now be revealed it has also been monitoring three activist groups, including Oil Free Wellington.”

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Could police charge the irate French tourist with triggering Christchurch quake and committing mass murder?

Posted by te2ataria on September 23, 2016

Sent by a reader in Queenstown  [edited by Moderator B.]

Below the belt, that’s where we hit the “croaking froggies”

The irate French hitchhiker accused of destroying a West Coast road sign out of frustration has now been charged with the theft of a sleeping bag in Auckland.

Cedric Claude Rene Rault-Verpre, 27, had said in an outburst that made international headlines that New Zealand should be renamed “Nazi Zealand.”

In the eyes of the authorities, he had crossed the line and should be made an example of. Accordingly, they seem to have conspired to pin the additional charge of theft on him, as a “Nazi bonus.”

He has since been spoken to by police and is to reappear in court, according to the media.

The hitchhiker, who’s apparently visited 72 other countries, says his anger boiled over after he was racially abused while trying to thumb a lift, according to a “plain-clothed policeman” who gave him a lift.

“It’s originated from a dispute with people on the roadside who made comments about his odd behaviour long before he throw stones at the sign. He wanted a ride. They said no. It escalated. They told him to catch the bus and he was told ‘why don’t you f… off back to where you came from’,” said the “mystery motorist” who picked him up after his first court appearance.

Racially-abused French tourist Rault-Verpre has now been charged with theft and ordered to reappear in Christchurch District Court. Photo: Greymouth Star

Let’s hope the spiteful authorities will abstain from charging him with triggering the Christchurch earthquake and committing mass murder.

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CORRUPTION in NZ Prevents Natural Justice

Posted by te2ataria on October 28, 2011

Corporate-sponsored democracy in New Zealand more oppressive than the Chinese regime: This blog is filtered by Google, censored by New Zealand government and hacked by WordPress.

Sent by a reader

Italian justice more advanced than kiwi kangaroo courts?

Political and Judicial Corruption in New Zealand Block Social and Scientific Advancement

IF New Zealand government and the judiciary were NOT corrupt, a number of politicians and scientists should have already been prosecuted for manslaughter in the Christchurch quake…

The February 22 Christchurch earthquake killed at least 182 people, injured hundreds more and destroyed or damaged thousands of homes and businesses …

“What sort of science is that which mandates an allegedly democratic regime to condemn hundreds of thousands of people by locking them in an area where two significant earthquakes have struck within five months, killing or injuring thousands, destroying many homes, livelihoods and much of the infrastructure?” Fire-Earth

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“We’re being completely ripped off”

Posted by te2ataria on June 18, 2011

We’re being shafted by CERA

Government is using emergency earthquake powers to rip people off: Earthquake victim

“They’re using this emergency legislation to shaft people and to make money out of it for private firms,” said Phil Lennon, owner of Apex Car Rentals.

The “disgusted” owner of a Christchurch building being urgently demolished says the Government is using emergency earthquake powers to rip people off.

Late last month, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) served Apex Car Rentals with a 10-day demolition notice for its Lichfield St building, on the corner of Madras St.

The building, a former fire station, was seriously damaged in September’s earthquake and suffered further damage in the February quake.

On June 7, Cera provided a $448,000 quote for the demolition of the one-and-a-half storey, century-old brick building.

Days later, Apex appointed another contractor to do the job for $194,000.

However, yesterday Cera told the company its plans were “non-compliant” and the building would be knocked down for it.

Apex managing director Phil Lennon said Cera was putting impediments in the way of private contractors and its attitude was “disgusting”.

“It’s taken them 4 1/2 months to come to us and say the building needs to come down – a blind man could have seen that on the 23rd of February.”

Lennon said after getting Cera’s quote, Apex had three days to appoint an independent demolition firm and produce demolition plans.

“I understand the building needs to come down and we’re not going to cry over that,” he said.

“We’re being completely ripped off.

“They’re using this emergency legislation to shaft people and to make money out of it for private firms.”

Read more …

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Do Ya Feel Lucky Punk? Well do ya?

Posted by te2ataria on April 27, 2011

Young Japanese student was abused, attacked, and mauled by two dogs in racist attack

Christchurch couple, angry that a Japanese student escaped the deadly earthquake unhurt, decided to sign her off themselves.

The couple attacked and abused the young Japanese female and then let loose their two dogs on her, encouraging the animals to bite her.

Here’s the sanitized version:

A young Japanese student has been abused, attacked, and mauled by dogs in a racially motivated attack in Christchurch.

Police have arrested a 25-year-old male and an 18-year-old female in relation to the attack, which took place late on Easter Sunday.

Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Murton of Christchurch South Police says the pair are alleged to have made racist comments to the girl before setting two dogs on her.

The girl made her escape with the help of a passer-by. The two suspects have been remanded on bail.


[Nearly 50 percent of the Christchurch earthquake victims were foreigners, most of whom came from Asia, a large proportion from Japan. Names of the foreign victims that have not been withheld by NZ Gestapo will be released soon.]

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Chch Quake: A Critique of NZ ‘Scientific’ Community

Posted by te2ataria on March 19, 2011

The following post has been reprinted here with the permission of Fire-Earth Blog:

What sort of science is that which mandates an allegedly democratic regime to condemn hundreds of thousands of people by locking them in an area where two significant earthquakes have struck within five months, killing or injuring thousands, destroying many homes, livelihoods and much of the infrastructure?

NZ scientists: Intellectual rigor mortis set?

Posted by feww on March 18, 2011

Written and updated by a Member of FIRE-EARTH Science Team



The Government and its Royal Society of New Zealand have  released a “scientific paper” at a briefing in Wellington, concerning future earthquake risks for Christchurch and New Zealand, a report said.

“Nobody can predict when an earthquake will strike, the Prime Minister’s chief science adviser says,” according to the report.

THE BIG WHITE FACT IN THE ROOM remains that FIRE-EARTH Blog has successfully forecast earthquakes including those in New Zealand Region, Japan Region and elsewhere. AND the forecasts have been posted on this blog for everyone to see.

“The Government and the Royal Society of New Zealand today released a scientific paper at a briefing in Wellington, looking at earthquake predictions and future earthquake risks for Christchurch and New Zealand.” Report said.

“During the briefing, Sir Peter Gluckman hit out at Ken Ring’s controversial prediction that another big quake will hit Christchurch on or near March 20.”

FIRE-EARTH Moderators do not know who or what “Ken Ring” is. However, here’s a short list of possibilities as to his identity and brief:

  1. Ken Ring is another one of those ‘Internet prophets’ feeding on FIRE-EARTH quake forecasts
  2. He is a straw man created by NZ government to discredit by association earthquake forecasts released by FIRE-EARTH Blog
  3. All of the above!

[NOTE: Prior to successful earthquake forecasts being posted on FIRE-EARTH blog, the Ken Ring character had not surfaced. What’s the plan? IF Ken Ring’s latest prediction for another major earthquake on March 20, 2011 to strike Christchurch, New Zealand fails to materialize, and it probably would, then he would be “eaten alive” by the NZ Prime Minister and his cabal, the Royal Society of New Zealand and the country’s corporate media. Once Ken Ring has been discredited and severely dealt with, they hope New Zealanders would no longer take any earthquake hazard warning forecasts by any source seriously. Note also the confidence by which Gluckman et al make their ‘NO-quake’ statements, as if fully briefed on the plot!]

“Scientists could identify regions vulnerable to quakes and predict the likely magnitude of a quake but not the precise locality, depth or timing, he said.” The report added.

“Certainty as to a particular event or outcome just cannot be achieved. What therefore may happen, can only be described in terms of risks and probability.” Gluckman said.

And here’s the crunch:

“Scientifically there’s no reason not to rebuild in Christchurch,” he said.

Scientifically there’s “no reason not” to build a house of cards, or a castle in the sand …  but you don’t authoritatively influence people to occupy them, or invite thousands of visitors and their uncles to come along, too, FIRE-EARTH contends.

[More than a third of the Christchurch earthquake victims, those whose name have so far been revealed, seem to be clueless foreigners who probably thought New Zealand was a safe place.]

What sort of science is that which mandates an allegedly democratic regime to condemn hundreds of thousands of people by locking them in an area where two significant earthquakes have struck within five months, killing or injuring thousands of people, destroying many homes and much of the infrastructure?

“GNS Science chief executive Alex Malahoff and Royal Society of New Zealand vice-president Keith Hunter were also on the panel.” The report said.

May they live long enough to eat their scientific paper! And that’s a prayer, not a “curse!”

Scientists who turn politicians, or those who fail to help people staying alive shouldn’t receive any money from the public purse!

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on February 25, 2011 at 12:39 am in reply to a comment FIRE-EARTH said:

Why did YOUR govt bury earthquake warnings which were meant to alert people, especially foreign tourists/students visiting New Zealand?
See links below:

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2009/07/16/global-travel-warning/

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2008/10/06/earthquake-cluster-closes-in-on-new-zealand/

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/new-zealand-region-earthquake-warning/

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2010/09/04/powerful-quake-strikes-christchurch-nz/#comment-10624

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2008/09/30/a-magnitude-7-earthquake-hits-kermadec-islands/

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2009/08/19/new-round-of-geo-assualt/

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2009/07/15/powerful-7-8-m-quake-strikes-new-zealand-region/

* http://feww.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/an-open-letter-to-google-management-employees/

See also the following message posted by te2ataria on July 17, 2009

Truth is the bottom line, income from tourism, is more important to your government than human lives.

“and our govt are just people, citizens, like ourselves…”

REALLY? Are you a multimillionaire like your PM John Key?

Your PM is a greedy individual who has amassed a massive fortune, albeit from “immoral activities,” and who has shown no interest in the livelihood of quarter of a million NZ kids living in abject poverty.

That’s what you call democracy?

A Partial List of Chch Quake Victims: [Police have so far released the names of 142 victims killed in February’s tragic earthquake. About 41 percent of them are foreign nationals.]


* Dr Maysoon Mahdi ABBAS, age 61 (from Iraq, Afghanistan or other Arab nations — M/N)
* Lalaine Collado AGATEP, age 38 (female) from the Philippines
* Dr Husam Sabar AL-ANI, age 55 of Christchurch (a NZ citizen from Iraq)
* Jane-Marie ALBERTS, age 44 of Christchurch
* Emmabelle Cabahug ANOBA, age 26 (female) of the Philippines
* Jayden Brytane ANDREWS-HOWLAND, age 15 of Aranui, Christchurch
* Marina ARAI, age 19 (female) of Japan

* Linda Isobel ARNOLD, age 57 of Christchurch

* Dr Dominic Joseph Gerard BELL, age 45 of Christchurch
* Valquin Descalsota BENSURTO, age 23 (male) of the Philippines
* Heidi Julie BERG, age 36 (female) of Christchurch
* Carey Stuart BIRD, age 48, a NZ citizen resident in Australia
* Andrew James Llewellyn BISHOP, age 33 of Christchurch
* Nina Jane BISHOP, age 32 of Christchurch
* Rhys Frank BROOKBANKS, age 25 of Christchurch
* Melanie Jane BROWN, age 54 of Christchurch

* Henry Ross BUSH, age 75 of Christchurch


* Ivy Jane CABUNILAS, age 33 of the Philippines
* Yu CAI, age 31 (female) of China
* Ian Neville CALDWELL, age 47 of Christchurch
* Helen Margaret CHAMBERS, age 44 of Christchurch
* John Kristoffer Villegas CHUA, age 24 (male) of the Philippines
* Susan Patricia CHUTER, age 52 of Christchurch
* Stephen COCHRANE, aged 43 of Bromley, Christchurch
* Rachel Elizabeth CONLEY, age 27 of the United States of America
* Philip Graeme Reeve COPPEARD, age 41 of Christchurch
* Patrick John COUPE, age 46 of Christchurch
* Donald Ashby COWEY, age 82 of Christchurch
* Andrew Christian Ross CRAIG, age 46 of Christchurch
* John Barry CRAIG (known as Barry), age 67 of Christchurch

* Estelle Marie CULLEN, age 32 of Christchurch


* Betty Irene DICKSON, age 82 of Christchurch
* Joanna Clare DIDHAM, age 35 of Christchurch
* Jennifer Ann Donaldson, age 55 of Christchurch

* Paul Clarence DUNLOP, age 67 of Rolleston Selwyn District


* Marielle FALARDEAU, age 60 of Canada
* Dian Mary FALCONER, age 54 of Christchurch
* Adam Stephen FISHER, age 27 of Belfast, Christchurch
* Maureen Valerie FLETCHER, age 75 of Christchurch

* Jewel Jose FRANCISCO, age 26 of the Philippines


* Samuel Reese GIBB, age 27 of Christchurch
* Jaime Robert McDowell GILBERT, age 22 of Christchurch
* Joanne May GILES, age 60 of Christchurch

* Baxtor GOWLAND, age 5 months of Christchurch


* Natasha Sarah HADFIELD, age 38 of Kaiapoi
* Jayden HARRIS, age 8 months of Christchurch
* Yuki HASUMOTO, age 22 (female) of Japan
* Yumiko HATA (female), age 29 of Japan
* Miki HAYASAKA, age 37 female) from Japan
* Yuko HIRABAYASHI, age 28 (female) from Japan
* Yoshiko HIRAUCHI, age 61 of Japan
* Marion Isabella McKirdy HILBERS, age 49 of Christchurch
* Christopher Grant HOMAN, age 34 of Christchurch
* Amanda Jane HOOPER, age 30 of Rolleston, Christchurch
* Megumi HORITA (female), age 19 of Japan
* Hifumi HOSHIBA, age 41 (female) from Japan
* Siwen HUO (female), age 28 of China

* Haruki HYAKUMAN (male), age 27 of Japan


* Toshiko IMAOKA, age 34 (female), of Japan
* Gabi INGEL, age 22 of Israel
* Thanydha INTARANGKUN, age 36 (female), of Thailand

* Tomoki ISHIKURO, age 19 (male) of Japan


* Kyle Brandon JACK-MIDGLEY, age 27 from Christchurch


* Kayo KANAMARU, age 19 (female) of Japan
* Kyoko KAWAHATA, age 20 of Japan
* Beverley Faye KENNEDY, age 60 of Christchurch
* Saori KIKUDA, age 19 (female) of Japan

* Yasuhiro KITAGAWA (male), age 39 of Japan


* Chang LAI, age 27 (female) of China
* Wai Fong LAU, age 87 of Christchurch
* Normand LEE, age 25 of Christchurch
* Ofer LEVY, age 22 of Israel
* De LI, age 18 (male) of China
* Wanju LI, age 44 (female) of China
* Xia LI (female), age 42 of China
* Phimphorn LIANGCHUEA (female), age 41 of Thailand
* Adrienne Isobel LINDSAY, age 54 of Christchurch
* Haruthaya LUANGSURAPEESAKUL, age 32 of Thailand
* Scott William Emerson LUCY, age 38

* Catherine McNicol LUNNEY, age 62 of Christchurch


* Donna Merrie MANNING, age 43 of Christchurch
* Kelly Lynn MAYNARD, age 43 of Christchurch
* Philip John McDONALD, age 57 of Ashburton
* Matthew Stuart McEACHEN, age 25
* Owen Thomas McKENNA, age 40 of Christchurch
* Janet Dawn MELLER, age 58, of Christchurch
* Adrienne MEREDITH, age 36 of Christchurch
* Ofer Binyamin MIZRAHI, age 22 of Israel
* Kelsey Sinitta MOORE, age 18 of Christchurch
* Emi MURAKAMI, age 19 (female) of Japan

* Jillian Lesley MURPHY, age 48 of Christchurch


* Melissa Ann NEALE, age 41 of Wellington

* Erica Avir Reyes NORA, age 20 (female) of Phillipines


* Blair James O’CONNOR, age 34 of Christchurch

* John Joseph O’CONNOR, age 40 of Ireland


* Linda Rosemary PARKER, age 50 of Christchurch
* Joseph Tehau POHIO, age 40 of Christchurch
* Taneysha Gail PRATTLEY, age 5 weeks of Christchurch

* Wanpen PREEKLANG, age 45 (female), of Thailand


* Deborah Ann ROBERTS, age 39 of Christchurch
* Joseph Stuart ROUTLEDGE (known as Stuart), age 74 of Christchurch

* Lucy ROUTLEDGE, age 74 of Christchurch


* Saya SAKUDA, age 19 (female) of Japan
* Jeff Pelesa SANFT, age 32 of Christchurch
* Gillian SAYERS, age 43 of Christchurch (UK citizen)
* Emma SHAHARUDIN, age 35 of Lincoln, Christchurch
* Dr Allan Alexander SINCLAIR, age 45 of Christchurch
* Christopher Patrick SMITH, age 48 of Selwyn
* Christine Patricia (Trish) STEPHENSON, age 61 of Christchurch
* Beverley May STICK, age 71 of Christchurch
* Earl Nicholas STICK, age 78 of Christchurch
* Neil Glyn STOCKER, age 58
* Michael Stuart Coulter STYANT, age 41 of Christchurch

* Yoko SUZUKI, 31 (female), of Japan


* Te Taki (Wally) TAIRAKENA, age 60 of Christchurch
* Isaac James THOMPSON, age 21, of Rangiora
* Desley Ann THOMSON, age 32 of Christchurch
* Lesley Jane THOMSON, age 55 of Christchurch
* Gregory James TOBIN, age 25 of Christchurch
* Shane Robert TOMLIN, age 42 of Christchurch
* Asuka TSUCHIHASHI (female), age 28 of Japan

* Hui Yun TU (female), age 22 of China


* Yurika UCHIHIRA, age 19 (female) of Japan

* Amanda Jayne (Mandy) URIAO, age 38 of Christchurch


* Jittra WAITHAYATADAPONG (female), age 40 of Thailand
* Tao WANG, age 29 (female) of China
* Graham WEILD, age 77
* Joan Dorothy WEILD, age 76
* Lisa Patricia WILLEMS, age 43 of Christchurch
* Julie Kathryn WONG, age 37 of Christchurch (dual UK and NZ citizenship)
* Siriphan WONGBUNNGAM, age 27 of Thailand
* Murray John WOOD, age 56 of Christchurch
* Owen Morris WRIGHT, age 40 of Lyttelton
* Stephen Robert WRIGHT, age 46 of Christchurch

* Paul Khye Soon WU, age 60 of Christchurch (NZ citizen from Malaysia)


* Sisi XIN, age 28 (female) of China


* Mina YAMATANI, age 19 (female) of Japan
* Didem YAMAN, age 31 (female) of Turkey
* Caiying YE, age 27 (female) of China
* Saki YOKOTA, age 19 (female) of Japan

* Gilhwan YU, age 23 of Korea


* Hui ZHANG (female), age 34 of China

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Canadian Tourist Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on March 15, 2011

One Canadian Tourist Killed, Another Seriously Injured

Police have finally revealed identity of the Canadian tourist who was killed in a car crash near Hamilton last week.

He has been named as 19-year-old Cameron Chad Adrian, from Alberta, Canada.

Mr Adrian was violently killed when his car collided with a truck on State Highway 1, near Karapiro, 30km southeast of Hamilton, on Friday, according to reports.

“A 20-year-old female passenger suffered serious injuries and was taken to Waikato Hospital,” a report said.

Cooking the Death Toll

Meanwhile, as the death toll from the tragic earthquake in Japan rises, Mr Key’s gang cook the books to reduce the death toll from the Christchurch quake in an attempt to make a major tragedy look like a minor accident.

Come back a week from now and they might even deny the Christchurch quake ever occurred!!!

As for the “anti-Chinese” stance, don’t be fooled. Th egovt has already agreed to pay the family of each Chinese victim a “reasonable” cash gift, informed sources say.

However, there are two reasons why the government won’t admit the fact that they have agreed to pay additional compensation [blood money] to the Chinese victims family:

1) They score  massive political points and look good

2) The avoid having to pay similar compensation to the families of other foreign victims  including the  Filipinos, Japanese, Turkish, Iraqis, British, Australians, Irish…

On average, at least one foreigner will be killed in New Zealand every day throughout 2011.

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Christchurch Quake: Many Tourists Killed

Posted by te2ataria on February 23, 2011

To Foreign Tourists: WE TOLD YOU SO!

Christchurch quake reported toll 75, hundreds missing

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said today 75 people were dead from  yesterday’s quake. They said 55 bodies had been identified, but the other 20 bodies remain unidentified.

Global Travel Warning!

Posted by feww on July 16, 2009


The following WARNING was first posted on MAY 9, 2009 at NewZeelend Blog

FEWW is re-posting the WARNING with renewed urgency:

Seismic, Volcanic and Climatological Warning!

The New Zealand region is undergoing large-scale tectonic [seismological and volcanic] activities and significant climatological events. Would be visitors are well advised to stay clear of the area for the foreseeable future.

See also:

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Violent Quake Hits Christchurch

Posted by te2ataria on September 4, 2010

Violent Quake Hits New Zealand’s 2nd Most Violent City

A massive 7.4-magnitude quake struck Christchurch, the biggest city in the South Island.

The quake destroyed buildings, ripped up roads and completely paralyzed the city. Power lines, water and sewage links were cut off.

Port of Lyttelton, about 7 miles from the city center has been seriously damaged, and there were reports of two serious injuries.

Soon after the quake, the looters moved in completely cleaning out shops and other business premises.

A Much Larger Quake to Strike New Zealand

In Magnitude 7 Earthquake Hits Kermadec Islands Posted on September 30, 2008, feww wrote:

Implication for New Zealand Islands:

  • A substantial increase in the frequency of earthquake striking the twin islands.
  • More earthquakes with magnitude 6 or larger.
  • A marked increased in large explosive volcanic eruptions, especially in the following zones [also includes ‘extinct’ volcanoes]
    • Taupo Volcanic Zone
    • Bombay Hills
    • Auckland volcanic field
    • Mount Taranaki
    • Mt Horrible volcano
    • Mount Taranaki
    • Mount Cargill

Worst Case Condition for New Zealand Islands:

Will a magnitude 9.8 (MW) earthquake centered at 42° 00′ 59″ South, 175° 05′ 07″ East herald the end of New Zealand Islands?

  • Large earthquakes and massive volcanic eruptions could potentially destroy much of New Zealand structures and claim many lives.
  • Earthquake and volcano-triggered waves could also give rise to 40 to 50-meter tsunami that would engulf the coastal areas and low-lying lands throughout New Zealand [could also affect parts of Australia’s eastern seaboard,] compounding the damage.
  • A super/mega colossal Plinian/Ultra-Plinian eruption occurring in New Zealand’s North Island simultaneously [or within a short period of time] with a magnitude 9.8 earthquake off the eastern coast of New Zealand could claim many lives.
  • Probability of occurrence:
    1. Event 1.  A magnitude 9.8 earthquake striking off the eastern coast of New Zealand with (i) the foreshocks ripping through Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo areas, (ii) the mainshock leveling Wellington, Palmerstone North, Marlborough, Nelson and Christchurch, and (iii) the aftershock causing substantial damage as far south as Invercargill: 85%
    2. Event 2. A super/ mega colossal Plinian/Ultra-Plinian eruption in the North Island: 72%  [South Island: 57%]
    3. Event 1 and Event 2 occurring simultaneously, or within a short period of time: 64 %

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