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First release of National Wastewater Testing [heavily diluted] results

Posted by te2ataria on April 30, 2019

Heavily diluted result of nationwide wastewater testing

A whitewashed, heavily diluted report has been made available for the first three months of nationwide wastewater testing, which reportedly covers around 80% of New Zealand’s population.

The drugs that have been tested for are methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, MDMA and fentanyl, police said

“The preliminary results, from November 2018 to January 2019, show methamphetamine is the most commonly detected illicit drug nationwide, with approximately 16kgs [RYFKM] estimated to be consumed on average each week.”

Reality Check:

Either the junkies piss on the ground, or the results have been heavily diluted – no pun intended – by a couple of orders of magnitude.

“Regional variations in drug use have also been identified with methamphetamine use shown to be most prevalent per capita in Northland, MDMA in Canterbury and cocaine in the wider Auckland region.”


You don’t have to be a certified accountant or banker to work out the wealth distribution.

Key findings [from police report, comments in brackets are by the Moderator]

• Average weekly use of the detected drugs has an estimated street value of $9.6 million. This is estimated to generate approximately $500 million [highly suspect figure] of criminal profit annually.


• Methamphetamine remains the most commonly detected illicit drug nationwide, with approximately 16kgs consumed on average each week. [The police figure is wholly inconsistent with the massive size of meth market in NZ. ]

• Detected average methamphetamine use translates to an estimated 20 million dollars ($20,606,002) per week in social harm. Annually, this could equate to more than one billion dollars ($1,071,512,099).

• Methamphetamine use is most prevalent per capita in the Northland Police District, followed by Eastern District (Hawke’s Bay).


• MDMA was the second most commonly detected illicit drug across the country, with an estimated consumption rate of 4kg [real figure about 60kg] on average each week.

• MDMA use is most prevalent in Canterbury District, closely followed by Southern District (Southland).


• Cocaine was detected in low quantities, approximately 700g [the actual figure is much, much higher] on average each week. This indicates a much smaller user base and likely reflects less demand and supply associated with the drug.

• Cocaine use is significantly more prevalent in the Auckland region (per capita) than anywhere else in the country.


• Overall Fentanyl consumption averaged less than 3g per week.

• The apparent prevalence of fentanyl in Northland District, compared to other districts, must be viewed with caution as detected average usage across all testing sites is extremely low.

• The aim of testing for fentanyl is to establish a baseline of consumption so, over time, Police and the Ministry of Health can determine any fluctuations in the consumption. A baseline for consumption remains unclear at present.

• As fentanyl has only been tested for very recently, it is too early to draw conclusions about what proportion of the fentanyl in wastewater is illicit.


• Heroin was not detected at any of the testing sites between November 2018 and January 2019. This is consistent with other indicators that the opiate user population in New Zealand is very low [the jukies piss in their backyards!]

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Police fail to investigate powerful Israeli mafia network in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on December 21, 2017



SEVERE Karmic Events Occurring Throughout NZ! ARE YOU READY?


Welcome to the MOST HEAVILY CENSORED blog in New Zombieland [and across all other ZOMBIE democracies!] We’re GUILTY, above all, of TELLING the TRUTH, EXPOSING govt CORRUPTION and police BRUTALITY, and objecting to MASS SLAUGHTER of  foreigners visiting NZ!


Remember this:

“We have a white supremacist establishment that shame even Donald Trump, spend billions on an incompetent and unnecessary military, and let a brutal police force run the country [and commit murder] with absolute impunity, but have no clean water [and go blind while waiting for eye care, or die within hours of being released from hospital] in New Zealand…” —A Reader


Sent by a reader in Volcano City [aka, “Auckland”]

Israeli trio jailed for attempting to smuggle 8.7kg of Ecstasy (worth $3.6m) into NZ

[For every shipment of drugs intercepted by authorities, at least 99 others make it to the market! Police have shown no interest in investigating the powerful Israeli mafia network by making the smugglers reveal details of their contacts in New Zealand. You can’t sell 8.7kg of Ecstasy standing on street corners! Moderator]

“The trio were busted at Auckland Airport in January after officials found large packs of the drug MDMA stashed in their false-bottom suitcases.

“Today, Victor Borisenko, Vladislav Pischako, and Guy Shalom, all aged in their mid-twenties, were convicted for importing a Class B controlled drug and were each sentenced to eight years and three months in prison.” http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11964169

[Informed sources say the NZ SIS have resources to easily identify and expose the trans-national crime syndicates that operate freely in New Zealand.  The moderators are told the smugglers intended to use the proceeds from the drugs shipment to buy a motel in Taupo area. Moderator]


French national smuggling $10m of cocaine on cruise ship

A French national allegedly tried to smuggle 24 kg cocaine, worth up to $10.8 million, into New Zealand on a cruise ship in .

Customs Investigations Manager Bruce Berry said organised crime syndicates were attempting to “subvert and undermine our border processes at every opportunity”.

“This is an example of trans-national crime syndicates attempting to use new routes to import drugs. Customs is aware of this – it doesn’t matter if it’s a cruise ship, a plane or container, we look for risk everywhere.”

[Mr Berry refused to say how many organised crime syndicates operate in this country, or why police are UNWILLING to bust these networks. Moderator]


The Drug Syndicates Distribution Networks Remain Intact

Four arrested $20m worth of cocaine seized

About 46 kilograms of cocaine – worth about $20 million – was seized from an address in Tauranga on November 1, 2017 after it was smuggled in on a commercial ship.

Two Australian men, a Croatian man – aged in their mid-40s – and a Serbian man aged in the mid-30s, appeared in the Tauranga District Court, charged with importing the cocaine and possessing it for supply.

“Police said a further five kilograms of cocaine and a kilogram of methamphetamine was found in an Onehunga address along with a large amount of cash,” and that “there were links to an earlier incident in which another 30kg of cocaine was smuggled into New Zealand.”

“The police are extending their investigation worldwide after dismantling the drug syndicate which tried to smuggle the drugs into Tauranga.”

“These arrests have dismantled a trans-national crime syndicate attempting to profit from a drug that would have caused a great deal of harm within our communities,” Assistant Commissioner Richard Chambers said.

[How? Where? When? How Many people were involved? Stop lying, bitch!!]


Proudly Killed in NZ [Mostly Censored,] or Critically Injured and Died in/on the Way to Hospital [but Statistically Resurrected]

Two pedestrians killed within two hours

Fatal crash in Hamilton
Thursday, 21 December 2017 – 1:35pm – Waikato
“The pedestrian hit on the road today has since died. The crash occurred on Ruakura Road at 11.15am and the road was closed from the Wairere Drive end.”

Fatal: Crash Pedestrian hit by vehicle in Palmerston North dies
Thursday, 21 December 2017 – 2:57pm – Central
A pedestrian was killed after being hit by a car on Broadway Ave in Palmerston North around 9:43am this morning. The man died at the scene.

Serious crash, Mt Maunganui
Thursday, 21 December 2017 – 6:36am – [Bay of Plenty of Deaths and Injuries]
“Emergency services attended a serious crash overnight at Mt Maunganui, Tauranga.
At 1.18am it was reported that a car had struck a sand dune on Marine Parade, between Clyde St and Hart St. Initial reports were that three people were trapped in the car. The Serious Crash Unit was advised and the vehicle was removed from the scene.”
Trio seriously injured after car crashes into sand dunes in Mt Maunganui

Tractor crash: Boy injured – West Coast
Thursday, 21 December 2017 – 12:43pm – Tasman
“A child has been flown to Christchurch Hospital in a critical condition after a tractor crashed down a bank at Ngahere, Grey District. Emergency services were called to the scene on Nelson Creek Rd at 9.27am.”


Murders and Assassinations by NZ police ALWAYS Justified!

Why do we need IPCA, when police enjoy absolute impunity for murder?

Police shooting of Whanganui man found to be justified
Thursday, 21 December 2017 – 10:23am – Central
“Police acknowledge the findings of the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) investigation released today in regard to the death of Whanganui man Savey Suos.
“The IPCA investigation, the criminal and internal Police investigations have all found that the officers involved were justified in their actions. The outcome of these investigations support the Police decision that no criminal charges be laid against any officers involved in this dramatic and very tragic situation.”


PIGs shoot from their butts again

Police in Garters (PIGs) forced to compensate grower after yet another fuck-up!

PIGs raid legal hemp farm on the East Coast
“They have since apologised to Kaa, and could end up paying him as much as $16,000 for the error. Willie Kaa is part of a collective of growers working with Hikurangi Hemp to develop medical cannabis products from industrial hemp plantations.”

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