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Penny Bright’s case: Hunger strike pending?

Posted by edmundironside on April 21, 2018

How could non-existent ‘freedom of speech’ be under threat in a police state?

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No transparency, no pay!

The High Court has ruled that Penny Bright’s Kingsland home, which is worth about $1 million, would be sold by tender on April 24 to recover about $34,000 of “unpaid council rates and penalties” dating back to 2007, a report said.

“Bright, a 2016 mayoral candidate, had been in a stand-off with Auckland Council over rates since 2007; she has maintained she won’t pay up until the council makes public how its rate money gets spent.”

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Peter Glasson enters fifth day of hunger strike

Christchurch man Peter Glasson entered fifth day of his hunger strike over his Southern Response insurance claim, determined to “go the full distance”.

Glasson, who has not eaten since midnight on Monday, “has vowed not to break the hunger strike until Southern Response settles his insurance claim.”

“It is absolutely continuing. I will continue for as long as required,” he said on Saturday.

“I am a wee bit weaker and lighter. I am losing about a kilogram a day. I am a wee bit light headed. I get hunger pangs all the time.”

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Another case for hunger strike: Police, Crown won’t prosecute corporate manslaughter of 115 in CTV building collapse

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Another case for hunger strike: Police, Crown won’t prosecute corporate manslaughter of 115 in CTV building collapse

Posted by edmundironside on April 18, 2018

S H A M E  O N  Y O U!

Foreword: “We have a [kosher] white supremacist establishment that shame even Donald Trump, spend billions on an incompetent and unnecessary military, and let a brutal police force [and private spy firms] run the country [and commit murder] with absolute impunity, but have no clean water [and go blind while waiting for eye care, or die within hours of being released from hospital and have to go on hunger strike to claim earthquake insurance payment] in New Zealand…” — A Reader

One more time: Police tell families of the CTV victims to “F**K OFF”

The CTV building collapse killed at least 115 persons including 70 foreign students. The bodies of four victims remain unidentified because the high temperature of the building fire had destroyed all traces of DNA.

The building collapsed in the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake killing at least 185 people.

Vctims by Nationality (Blog Assessment)

Japan: 28
China: 23
Philippines: 11
Thailand: 6
United Kingdom: 4
Israel: 3 [Based on insider information received by Blog, we believe the families of Israeli victims received “substantial” compensation from a secret fund operated by PM.]
South Korea: 2
Residents with Chinese Names: 2
Undetermined: 3

and 1 each from the following countries

Unnamed Arab Country, Canada, Ireland, Iraq, Malaysia, Peru, Resident from an unnamed European country, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Taiwan, Turkey and the United States.
Blog totals: 96 foreigners + 89 NZers (including at least 10 victims who had recently emigrated to NZ)

Police statements fit for Zombies



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So, who’s responsible for NZ’s largest corporate manslaughter?

Posted by te2ataria on June 3, 2017

The Most Heavily Censored Blog in New Zealand  [Watch Out for Ceaseless Swarms and Immense Tsunamis of Bad Karma, Mister Ingrish!!]



The blog Moderators have voted unanimously to classify the Mt Erebus tragedy as a nefarious act of terrorism. However, we hold Air NZ responsible for failing to prevent the downing of Air New Zealand Flight TE901 on 28 November 1979, in which at least 257 people were killed.


Sent by a reader

ONLY in NZ: 185 people killed, six years on, no one held responsible

As at 9 February 2012, the official earthquake toll was 185 victims. 115 people were killed in the Canterbury Television (CTV) building – NZ police

The victims came from nearly two dozen countries including Australia, Canada, China, Great Britain, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United States and New Zealand.


The Zombie Graveyard: Who’s in Charge?

The CTV collapse, and the Pike River mine disaster that killed 29 men on the West Coast just three months earlier, sparked renewed calls for a corporate manslaughter charge. In 2015, Justice Minister Amy Adams asked Workplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse to add the provision into beefed up health and safety legislation, but WorkSafe confirmed it was not included when the act was updated last year. Labour leader Andrew Little, while his party’s justice spokesman in 2012, put forward a private member’s bill for corporate manslaughter to be included in the Crimes Act. It was later withdrawn.”


Police Road Fatality Reports [Extreme Censorship is in Effect]


Car carrying five crashes down a bank in Te Araroa, killing one and injuring baby
One person was killed and a baby has been taken to hospital in a helicopter after a car carrying five people crashed down a bank in Te Araroa.

Pedestrian killed after being hit by car in Napier
The incident occurred on State Highway 2, just north of Hawke’s Bay Airport in Napier, about 11pm Friday night.

Queen’s Birthday Weekend Road Toll: 2
Last Queen’s Birthday weekend, at least 11 people were killed on New Zealand roads . It was the highest reported toll for a Queen’s Birthday weekend since 1989. This year, the authorities will continue to tighten the screws on reporting the road fatalities.

Murder, Armed Robberies, Unexplained Deaths, Etc. 

[Limited by Police Censorship]

NZ’s Dumbest Armed Robber of the Week

Description – Caucasian, wearing black shoes, black pants, and orange ‘high-vis” raincoat. He also had a tartan patterned hood over his face. The offender ran to a white vehicle with black bonnet parked in a driveway in Township Road, Waitakere, police said.


Thought for the Day

Nine out of ten New Zealand ‘adults’ are unable to spell ‘PHILIPPINES’ correctly, or use the PC spellchecker to correct spelling.

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NY Widow Sues kiwi Crash Pilot Company

Posted by te2ataria on October 3, 2009

Widow of the small-plane pilot killed by kiwi piloted helicopter sues for wrongful death

The widow of the small-plane pilot killed after the plane was brought down by a helicopter piloted by a kiwi  man has filed a lawsuit for wrongful death.

The collision occurred when the helicopter piloted by a new Zealander, Jeremy Clark, 33,  approached from the side and under the small plane. The helicopter blades sliced through the wing of the small plane leading to a fatal crash that killed 9 people aboard the two aircraft, including Steven Altman, his brother and nephew, 4 Italian tourists and the incompetent helicopter pilot.

The federal lawsuit filed by Pamela Altman’s attorney in Philadelphia seeks about US$1.3 million (NZ$1.85 million) in damages.

Mrs Altman is suing Liberty Helicopters, the tour company, Meridian Consulting I, the helicopter owners as well as American Eurocopter, the manufacturers.

“Her suit says that Liberty and Meridian had a ‘horrid history of accidents’ and that American Eurocopter failed to equip the helicopter with sufficient safety equipment.” Associated Press reported.

Two years ago, another Liberty helicopter fell 150 meters into the Hudson river  while on  a sightseeing trip. However, the pilot in that incident was a qualified and competent pilot and managed to land safely and save the lives of seven passengers.

In yet another incident which reportedly occurred in Manhattan again in 1997, a rotor on one of Liberty’s  sightseeing helicopters clipped a  building, forcing an emergency landing. there were no injuries.

It’s not known whether Mrs Altman and families of other victims would sue also the dead NZ pilot’s estate for damages.

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