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11. Two Americans Beaten, Robbed and Spat on

Posted by te2ataria on January 7, 2010

sent by a reader

Battered Americans ‘lucky’ not to be urinated on!

Two Americans tourists were attacked, beaten and spat on in New Zealand’s “Fart Town”

Two American tourists , in their early 20s, were attacked by three New Zealand teenagers  were attacked, beaten, robbed and spat on in central Rotorua, known locally as “Smelly Fart Town” because of its strong sulfur smell.

The two Americans a man and woman, were reportedly “set upon by three assailants near Rangiuru Street about 11.25pm on Saturday.” A report said.

“They were bruised and scratched in the attack and had their belongings stolen, Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Loper of Rotorua police said.”

They should consider themselves lucky in a remote sort of way that they were not urinated on !

When the ‘chief justice’ of the country is openly anti-American, should the average pakeha thug be expected to show respect for the Americans?

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New Zealand Deadlier than Afghanistan

Posted by te2ataria on October 11, 2009

More Foreigners Killed in New Zealand than Afghanistan

SEE ALSO: One Foreigner is Murdered/Killed/ or [Found Dead] in New Zealand Every Two Days (9-year average)

NZ nearly as deadly for foreigners as IRAQ

Between January 1, 2000 and October 6, 2009 at least 1,617 foreigners were killed in New Zealand. [The 450 permanently missing American, Chinese, Japanese, Korean … nationals are not included.] That is as many as 34.7 percent of all foreign troops killed in Iraq during a comparable period. Between March 2003 and October 6, 2009, some 4,667 of the US, UK and all other foreign troops were killed in Iraq—officially acknowledged figure.]

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Perfidious PM Promoting Poxyland

Posted by te2ataria on August 27, 2009

Sent by ‘Tall Reporter’ [Edited and rewritten by TEAA]

Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, has paid loads of taxpayer money to appear on David Letterman’s Late Show

Poxyland’s Prime Minister, John Key, his toupee and massive nose,  plan on promoting the puke green tourist deathtrap on David Letterman’s Late Show next month.

David Letterman is rumored to have received a substantial ‘gift’ from New Zealand Tourism Ministry officials to ‘invite’ key to his show. Key is also the minister for the sludge green poxyland tourism.

Mr Key, who is desperate to promote eco-terrorim in New Zealand will appear on the show while he is in New York attending the United Nations.

Here’s a list of 10 compelling reasons why we Americans should visit New Zealand (best reason last)

Drum roll …

10. YOU are twice as likely to get killed in New Zealand in the 2009/2010 tourist season than in the previous year.

9. Per capita, about 4 times as many people are killed on New Zealand roads than on Russia’s (the worst in Europe). [See also: Road Kills 2008]

8. Visitors are up to 1,000 times more likely to be murdered in cold blood in New Zealand than in Germany.

7. More white New Zealanders hate Americans than do any any other group of white people.

6. More foreigners are violently murdered or killed in New Zealand than in any other country with the exception of Iraq. Between Jan 1, 2000 and May 30, 2009 at least 1,548 foreigners were killed in New Zealand. [No. of U.S. Soldiers killed in occupied Iraq up to May 30, 2009: 4,304 personnel.]

[And when they come to America, they kill our brightest scientists. See: New Zealander charged with what they do best: MURDER]

5. Nearly as many American visitors [and other foreign nationals] are MNZ [missing in New Zealand,] than are US MIA in Vietnam.

4.  The openly anti-American chief justice of New Zealand denies injury compensation to the best of America’s champions.

3. New Zealand is probably one of the most toxic tourist destinations in the world.  The unsuspecting foreign visitors risk a litany of health hazards … New Zealand govt releases 9 times more of the deadly 1080 poison into the environment than the rest of the world combined. [See also: Lethal Coastal Waters Kill Deadly Fish!]

2.  If You are flying to or importing food from New Zealand, you are committing a double act of eco-terrorism.  On a return flight from the United States to New Zealand, each visitor produces about 7.4 metric tons of CO2e pollution [11.1 metric tons of CO2e if flying from the US Atlantic coast]; a UK visitor produces about 17.64 metric tons of CO2.

[Note: Driving an average passenger car in the US over a year, traveling 12,500 miles (20,112 km), which burns about 581 gallons (2,200 liters) of gasoline, produces about 11,450 pounds (5.2 metric tons) of carbon dioxide. A couple on a return flight from the US to NZ produce as much CO2 as driving their car for about THREE years! A European/UK couple on a return flight to NZ produce more CO2 than in EIGHT years of driving.]

And finally, the number one most compelling reason why we Americans should all visit New Zealand is … more drum roll ….

1. More American visitors are beaten, robbed and urinated on in New Zealand than in any other country in the world.

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