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Decomposing zombies found in Auckland and Perth

Posted by te2ataria on July 23, 2016

sent by a reader in Perth

Badly decomposed zombie found on Auckland beach reserve

A badly decomposing zombie has been found in dense bush at Orakei Reserve, Okahu Bay,  Saturday morning.

Defective Senior Sergeant Paul Newman said they have not yet identified the body. http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/82410786/decomposing-body-found-on-auckland-beach-reserve


Rotting zombie unnoticed in Perth Hungry Jack’s toilet for three days

Rotting zombie in algor mortis went unnoticed for three days in the toilet of a Perth Hungry Jack’s restaurant.

Officers were called after the body was discovered in a locked cubicle at a Hungry Jack’s in Balga, in the city’s north, on Monday morning.

“They believe the man might have entered the toilet on Friday night.”

“If it had been there since Friday, that would indicate the cubicle wasn’t checked or cleaned on Friday evening, all of Saturday when the store was open for 24 hours and Sunday.”

Naturally, Hungry Jack’s management refused to answer questions about the discovery, and cleaning arrangements at the restaurant. They released a statement through the PR agency saying they were co-operating with  authorities. http://www.news.com.au/national/breaking-news/man-found-dead-in-hungry-jacks-in-wa/news-story/3d2500637edbabccce17a8a9b98e112e

[Please do NOT be put off thinking what they may be putting in their Grill Masters gourmet burger rang. Rotting zombie flesh apparently has noisome stench, abhorrent taste and unmistakable texture. Moderator K.]

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Decomposing Body SN: NZ 1,587

Posted by te2ataria on April 4, 2010

sent by a reader, edited by TEAA and D.H.

They find ‘em here, they find ‘em there… rotting corpses, decomposing bodies, visitors’ cadavers, missing stiffs everywhere …

“If they didn’t have rotting, yellow teeth, you could call them bloodsucking lambs.”

Another day, another decomposing body  has been found in the Waikato River.

“The body was discovered near the Meremere Wharf, 64km south east of Auckland, shortly before 9am yesterday when a master of a barge saw it in the water nearby,” according to a report.

The body was recovered from the river about 7:00pm.

“Police said they were unable to speculate on the sex or identity of the person, other than to say the body was small in stature, because of the length of time it the body had been submerged.”

The body was sent to Auckland for a post-mortem examination, the report said.

Not a day, not an hour goes by without a decomposing body being found somewhere in New Zealand

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