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Average 2.2 people are killed on NZ roads each day

Posted by te2ataria on February 13, 2016

Foreword: Another thing we grow up learning in New Zealand is that police have the ultimate say in all matters of life and death! Oh, and all other branches of authority are an extension of the police force. Finally, we are told this is called a ‘workable democracy’. Baaa…

But how many road fatalities get reported?

Preferably, fewer per 100,000 of the population than reported in Australia.

As for serious injuries, an average of 8.5 people are seriously injured on our death roads each day.

Now, back to the drip news…

Two drivers and an unborn baby killed after early morning head-on collision south of Whanganui

Emily Hurley, 20, and her unborn baby, as well as Albert Noel Burns, 47, driver of the other vehicle, were killed in the head-on collision south of Whanganui, early this morning.

“The three injured people were severely trapped in one of the vehicles and hydraulic cutting equipment was used to get them out,” police said.

RIP. Emily Hurley, 20 and her unborn baby, as well as Albert Noel Burns, 47, were killed in a violent crash this morning. Three others, including Emily’s partner, were seriously injured.

Other news…

Woman’s body recovered near Whitewash Head [in one tsunami-Sumner]
A woman’s body has been recovered from the water near Christchurch’s Sumner Beach. The first thing police said? “The death was not suspicious.”

Police launch homicide inquiry after woman’s death in Hamilton

Christchurch man charged with manslaughter of Simon Prue, 41
A 36-year-old Christchurch man had been charged after Prue’s body was found on the banks of the Heathcote River late on Friday.

German hitch-hiker robbed by man who picked him up
German hitch-hiker Jan-Paul Fajta, 22, who had his belongings stolen by the person who gave him a ride says he no longer believes New Zealand is a safe country.  [Idiot! He should consider himself lucky for not being raped, or killed.]

He was picked up by a middle-aged man in a white Honda near Timaru and given a ride to Oamaru.http://www.stuff.co.nz/timaru-herald/news/76808519/german-hitchhikers-belongings-stolen-by-man-who-picked-him-up.html

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University of Canterbury sociologist blacklisted by NZ police!

Posted by te2ataria on November 26, 2015

If you thought we were kidding about government censorship, think again!

Kafkaesque nightmare: Academics have to sign police contracts to gain access to basic information that should be available to any person who asks for it under the Official Information Act.

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If NZ had the highest suicide rate in the world, it would still be called …

Posted by te2ataria on July 2, 2015

Suicide toll in [Apartheid] New Zealand reaches another record high

Speaking about “democracy” and “freedom of expression” in New Zealand, a blog contributor said: ” Democracy? Freedom of expression? If kiwis were blind, they’d [still] be called hawkeyes!

Put differently…

If the suicide toll in the country broke all previous records, [Fort] New Zealand would still be among the happiest countries in the world—ranking 9th, to be exact!

“The provisional suicide toll has risen to its highest figure since the coroner’s office started releasing the statistics,” according to a report.

For the year June 2014- May 2015, at least 569 people died by suicide or suspected suicide, says the stats, compared to 529 last year.

[Notes: The figures are only the reported, or doctored, numbers. The actual toll is probably much higher. Additionally, for every person committing suicide, about 3,500 others become chronic substance abusers.]

And as for the happiest country bit?

New Zealand ranked 9th in world for happiness [you ***** liars]

“The 2015 World Happiness Report, released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations, puts New Zealand just ahead of its Australian neighbours.”

“We really do have it all. Laid back lifestyle, glorious scenery, chocolate milk… we could obviously go on…” http://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/destinations/nz/68022386/new-zealand-ranked-9th-in-world-for-happiness

[Yes, lets go on… highest numbers of murders, rapes and sexual assaults, child abuse, violent crimes, child poverty, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, road deaths, road rage, teenage pregnancies, cancer, melanoma, cataract… We really do have it all, and what’s there not to be happy about?]

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Another Police Chase Ends in Another Crash

Posted by te2ataria on October 16, 2010

Democracy Means Accountability

New Zealand Gestapo Assassins are Answerable to Their Respective Lodges

Yet another REPORTED police chase ended in a car crash between Blenheim and Picton. The victim’s  car flipped on its roof when it was forced out of the road by the pursuing police car near Spring Creek on State Highway 1, according to a report.


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Judge Fraser Protects Prominent Paedophile

Posted by te2ataria on February 8, 2010

I don’t know judge Fraser from Devil, but doesn’t he have a family himself?

edited by D.H.

Would it be OK for judge Fraser’s young children/ grandchildren, if he has any, to pose naked and be molested by paedophiles?

Does the brotherhood to which judge Fraser belong condone pedophilia?

Does the democracy [sic] and justice [sic] which the judge purportedly serves/ sworn to condone paedophilia?

Who or what is this ***** judge answerable to?


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A Message to Our Readers

Posted by te2ataria on December 11, 2009

The Blog Was Hacked Earlier This Week!

You may have noticed that the blog theme was changed earlier this week, making it very difficult to read the content. A low-life gained unauthorized entry into the account and hacked it.

This breach was particularly disturbing because it couldn’t have been the work of the average hacker as the blog was using the HTTP encryption facility provided by WordPress.

The Moderator and blog contributors believe the incident was a “high-level” breach which was probably carried out by the NZ government’s SIS Internet hackers, possibly the same team which removed the anti-1080 information from Wikipedia.

The blog security has been upgraded by way of a new password. If further breaches occur, we would know for certain who did it.

The blog content is backed up regularly and will be up and running again should further breaches occur.

This blog in its small ways is one of the very few defenses the average New Zealander has against their tyrannical government and the destructive social system.

Thanks for visiting.

TEAA and the Blog Contributors (80 percent of whom are pakeha)

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Posted by te2ataria on November 21, 2009

sent by a reader

Thousands of people walk through the central Auckland to demand democracy

Whereas the Berlin Wall came down 20 years ago, and the East Germans embraced a marginally freer system, New Zealand remains a totalitarian police state re-asserting authority over its subjects through fear and oppression.

Protester equates the totalitarian NZ police state to Nazi Germany. Thousands of people march up Auckland’s Queen Street as part of the Vote With Your Feet March to protest the Government for not listening to Referendum’s, Auckland, New Zealand, Saturday, November 21, 2009. Credit:NZPA / Wayne Drought. Image may be subject to copyright.

Auckland businessman Colin Craig who funded the march, said the march was focusing on the Government’s failure to respond to referendums on various issues.

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