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Brief Comments on News Headlines

Posted by te2ataria on April 23, 2009

sent by a reader in Sewage City [no offense intended to the sender]

1. Serve your Zionist masters faithfully and they shall set you free with a bag of goodies!

Helen Clark made Doctor of Laws

[Important Notice: Applicants must be able to sitting on both sides of the fence!]

We knew the laws were sick and sickening, but making Helen [Caligula] Clark a doctor of laws?

[As Clark was terribly under qualified for the position, the academia from the “kangaroo university” stepped in with their honorary degree!]

[See also the following entry: Moderator]

Three Reasons Why Clark’s UN Appointment Must Be Annulled

1. Helen Clark has amassed much more wealth than a NZ career politician could on wages and investment, during her career as a NZ ‘politician’ [and former PM.] What guarantee is there that she won’t misappropriate UN money?

2. Helen Clark’s character is morally objectionable. Her lacking in moral fiber influences her ability and character to run a large public organization. Her future actions, like her past, could and in all probability would harm the millions of  vulnerable people throughout the world who depend on the UNDP.

3. During her 8-year stint as Prime Minister, New Zealand became a “destination country” for the trafficking of women for sex from Malaysia, Hong Kong, China …

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2. Most New Zealanders find it amusing to find unusual things in their foodstuff

Supermarket investigates after bugs found in chips

OK! Coexistence with the 4-legged in a ratio of about 50 to 1 does strange things to your sense of humor. The problem is other people don’t share your sense of humor. Look at the Chinese and the melamine in their New Zealand formula milk!

P.s. Alive and wriggling bugs in a bag of chips? It beats the sausage manufacturer who … before inserting them in the package.

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