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IF Only One Percent of kiwis …

Posted by te2ataria on March 17, 2010

IF Only One Percent of kiwis Were Like the Jury in the Spy Base Case

YOU could dismantle the oppressive government, close down the moneychangers, dismantle the military apparatus and put the murderous police force out of business and under psychiatric care,  without a single soul getting hurt…

The three peace activists who admitted breaking into the Government spy base at Waihopai, near Blenheim,  and slashing a massive condom which covered a satellite dish were found not guilty of all charges in the Wellington District Court.

Adrian Leason, Peter Murnane and Sam Land were tried on burglary and willful damage charges,  but a jury in Wellington District Court took only two hours to find the three men not guilty of all charges against them.

Schoolteacher Adrian Leason, farmer Sam Land and Dominican friar Peter Murnane walked free even though they had admitted breaking into the Waihopai spy base and destroying an inflatable plastic dome that covered the satellite dish.

“The men were each charged with two charges of wilful damage and one of burglary, after they were arrested at the Waihopai facility, operated by the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) in April 2008,” according to a report.

The trio said they they intended to shut down the base, even if temporarily,  because it caused human suffering.

Adrian Leason said outside the court he was delighted that the group had accomplished its mission.

“Our little…action is, in a sense complete. We’ve prepared, we’ve done an action, we’ve had the trial, we’ve given each other a hug and now it’s over,” he told NZPA.

Peter Murnane also said their mission had been successful.

“We wanted, in going into Waihopai, to challenge these warfaring behaviours and I think we have done this,” he said.

“We have shown New Zealanders there is a US spy base in our midst.”

“Australian non-violence activist Bryan Law, who had come across the Tasman to support and blog about the trial, said the jury’s decision accorded with those made by other jurors in similar cases in other countries.”

“Of all of the millions of people that marched in 2003 (to protest the Iraq War), had only 1 percent of them taken this sort of action, the war would not have been possible.

“We don’t need to be saved by the politicians – we can save ourselves.

“In his closing arguments today, Leason’s lawyer Michael Knowles said the men were driven by a belief that the satellite caused human suffering and their actions to shut it down, if only temporarily, were lawful.” The report said.

“That belief doesn’t have to be correct,” he said.

“They had a belief in a higher law, a law for protecting people.”

Murnane said he believed the satellite aided crimes against humanity.

“I had to do this, it was necessary for me,” he said.

“Land’s lawyer, Tony Shaw, said his client genuinely believed his actions were lawful, and he should be acquitted.”

The Green Party’s foreign affairs spokesman, Keith Locke,  was reported as saying that the evidence presented at the trial, including a testimony by a former British agent, Katharine Gun, proved that  the spy base was collecting intelligence on behalf of the United States government.

“This included intelligence to help the United States prosecute the Iraq war, even though the New Zealand Government was opposed to that war,” he said.

“I hope that the not guilty verdict will help break down the blanket of secrecy that successive governments have imposed around the operations of the base, and its true purpose.”  Mr Locke said.

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Where have all the REAL heroes gone?

Posted by te2ataria on March 10, 2010

sent by a reader edited by TEAA and D.H.

Right here, in Wellington, being “crucified!

“We disarm you in the name of Jesus Christ”

Don’t know much about the Jesus bit, but whatever their spiritual abstraction, these three are the REAL heroes!

Peter Murnane and Sam Land, two of the defenders who appeared in the court today are seen at the shrine put up outside the US embassy in Wellington.  Credit: KENT BLECHYNDEN/The Dominion Post. Image may be subject to copyright.

Adrian Leason, who together with Peter Murnane and Sam Land, is accused of destroying government spy apparatus, told Wellington District Court how and why they carried out their mission.

The three heroes cut fences around the Marlborough spy-base operated by the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), and slashed the condom-like dome covering the satellite dishes.

“Leason told how images from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and the effects of protest actions by the Christian pacifist Ploughshares group influenced his decision to attack the base,” a report said.

Having cut their way through the fence with ease, the men reached one of the domes, placed their hands on the rubber sheath and said “we disarm you in the name of Jesus Christ.”

They then slashed the cover using sickles.

“We weren’t there to smash it up,” Leason said.

The deflated dome is on the left. The condom-like domes cover the spy satellite dishes at the Waihopai base. Photo Credit: DEREK FLYNN/Marlborough Express. (Image may be subject to copyright). See Fair Use Notice!

The trial may last up to two weeks. You can support these heroes by demonstrating outside the Wellington District Court.

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New Zealand or North Korea?

Posted by feww on May 10, 2008

With apologies to North Korea because she shouldn’t be insulted by being compared with New Zealand!

NZ Dollar, ANZ Bank, Spies, Assassins, Phone Tapping, Attempted Murder and the Military Regime with a Civilian Face

In reply to a message by a NZ Journalist, TERRES, my colleague and co-moderator, posted the following comment this afternoon:

Original Comment: http://rtsf.wordpress.com/2008/01/16/in-new-zealand/#comment-230

A colleague who lived in NZ and who has done some research on the “cloak and dagger” operations worldwide, believes a considerable number of “spies” [other than the obvious operatives from the US, UK, Canada and Australia] freely [with the full knowledge and consent of NZ govt.] operate in New Zealand. [He also informs me that he has inadvertently met a few of them in Nelson and in the Golden Bay area.] The operatives, he asserts, include Israeli, German, Italian, Danish … agents and former MI personnel from SA and Zimbabwe. [He has not disclosed the specific details.]

The worst culprits are by far New Zealand’s own “Canadian-trained” SS-like SIS agents [see links below,] my colleague contends, who occupy all the managerial and top positions within the government branches [e.g., NZ “Trade and Enterprise”] effectively transforming a civilian form of government into a “crypto-military fascist police state,” or an outright military regime with a civilian face like China or North Korea.

NZ $2 Coin (!) – A currency about to collapse?
For rules concerning reproduction of this image see:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Nz_2d_front.jpg &

Restriction of Movement and “Forbidden” Currency Business

A day or so after my colleague had placed a currency order with ANZ Bank [he placed the order on behalf of his spouse, who was complying with the immigration requirements,] to buy a large amount of NZ dollars at low rates, anticipating a nosedive in the value of NZ dollar commensurate with New Zealand’s Enron-like economy, a spook, possibly a NZ SIS agent, followed him and his friends to the cafe in Riverside Community, a pacifist community situated in the Moutere valley near Nelson. The agent sat a few tables away from them reciting in the exact order names of all the places that my colleague had visited since he was eighteen, presumably to freak him out.


1. Although the currency deal was perfectly legitimate and my colleague was entitled to place the order with the ANZ, the bank officer, whose emotions were aroused because he thought any news of the order may result in negative sentiment against his home currency, refused to accept the order and a heated argument ensued over the phone. [A senior ANZ Bank employee intervened later.]

2. The agent could only have known where my colleague was heading that morning by tapping my colleague’s phone and listening to his last conversation immediately before he left home.

A Failed Assassination and Murder Attempt

In another most probably related incident, an intense beam of light, which my colleague now believes was a beam of laser light [probably emitted by a non-commercial device, judging by its unusual color,] was shined into his eyes as he drove his family home along their usual route on Nelson’s Atawhai Drive. The laser light temporarily blinded him and could have resulted in a fatal road accident on the busy thoroughfare had he not immediately pulled off the road and stopped on an embankment, while his eyes recovered. The incident was a failed assassination attempt on his life, which could have also resulted in the murder of his family—his spouse and their two young children.

Ironically, the assassination attempt, had it not failed, would have looked just like a “routine” road fatality on New Zealand’s death roads.

If additional information comes into our possession, it’ll posted on this forum, or at one of the following blogs:

Useful links:


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‘Security’ Breach at Spy Base

Posted by te2ataria on May 1, 2008

Submitted by a reader.

Top pimp ’embarrassed’ over ‘Security’ breach

The Government’s top spy pimp said he was embarrassed over an attack on the Marlborough spy base, New Zealand. The pimp called the three peace activists who attacked the base yesterday “warped and nonsensical.” [He has not yet declared how he would liquidate them.]

Government Communications Security Bureau director Air Marshal Bruce Ferguson [don’t you need a honey truck to carry the title?] brandishing his sidearm John Wayne style said that the “security” breach was “of major significance” and the agency was “annoyed” and “embarrassed.” Damage to the Marlborough spy base is estimated at more than $1 million. [Shouldn’t you commit Seppuku , resign your position as the chief pimp, or at least return your last year’s wages of sin, Judas?]

Samuel Peter Frederick Land, 24, a farmer, Adrian James Leason, 42, a teacher and Peter Reginald Leo Murnane, 67, a Dominican friar have been charged with intentionally damaging a satellite dish, the property of the bureau, and other items.

The antiwar group, Anzac Ploughshares, cut through three electrified security fences, dodged infrared cameras and deflated a 32m-high white globe covering one of two satellite dishes yesterday.

The deflated dome is on the left. The condom-like domes cover the spy satellite dishes at the Waihopai base. Photo Credit: DEREK FLYNN/Marlborough Express. (Image may be subject to copyright). See Fair Use Notice!

Green Party MP Keith Locke, trying to score points out of the other people’s antiwar activities [this a well known kiwi disease that has severely afflicted the establishment-trained members of the Green Party,] said Ferguson’s criticism of the peace activists was inappropriate for the head of a “security agency” in a Western democracy. [Wow!]

“I know some of the people involved and I know they have very strong consciences, and they are very strongly motivated by a […] peace ethic,” he said. [And?]

“In some ways, these people just represent the tip of the frustration in the general community,” he said. [When was the last time a Green Party MP went on a hunger strike denouncing US/UK/Aus/Canada/NZ war on Iraq, Mr Locke?]

“I can imagine people in the community who are very strongly opposed to (US President) George Bush’s policies. I can imagine their frustration boiling over if they think Waihopai is serving that policy.” [That’ll surely make the CIA and GWB p*ssing their pants in fear!]

Helen Clark, the New Zealand Caligula, condemned the attack as criminal and a “senseless act of vandalism.” (Source)

[Note: Caligula was an insane tyrant, known for “cruelty, extravagance and sexual perversity …”]

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