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The Evil That pakeha Do …

Posted by te2ataria on December 8, 2009

Never any good interred with their bones

kiwi of the Week: pakeha Glenn Mills

Glenn Mills, 40, personified kiwi aggression [and ambition.] He died in Auckland’s Mt Eden prison last week. Photo Source: ODT. Image may be subject to copyright.

The “HIV Predator” Glenn Mills had been described by his numerous sex partners as “tall, dark and handsome,” and a smooth talker.

The HIV-positive pakeha Glenn, 40, a train driver, died in Auckland’s Mt Eden prison last week. He was facing 14 allegations of infecting, or attempting to infect 14 people with the potentially-lethal disease.

Of his known partners, 7 had tested positive for HIV virus after having unprotected sex with him. One of his female victims fell pregnant after having intercourse.

While many pakeha have been found guilty of passing HIV to their sex partners, none was as prolific an evildoer as Mills who had sex with numerous people, both male and female.

After his photo appeared on the front page of a weekly paper, no less than  100 people came forward to be tested for HIV infection.

Many of his victims may never learn who infected them because they live overseas. Mills used aliases on internet sites and chatlines, police said.

The ratbag insisted he was “safe” or “clean,” although he had been diagnosed HIV-positive in May 2007.

“He would then persuade his partners – many of whom believed they were in a monogamous relationship with Mills – into unprotected sex. If a partner insisted Mills use protection, he would deliberately remove or rip the condom.” A report said.

After some of his partners became sick and confronted him over whether he was HIV positive, Mills reacted angrily.

In a text message to a  24-year-old male victim he denied being infected: “I’ll give a medal to the person who gave it to you. I hope you die quickly.” Yet, in another message  he referred to his “infected seed,” revealing that he was aware of his infection.

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Time to Remove Evil pakeha ‘justice’

Posted by te2ataria on May 28, 2009

Sent by a reader in Auckland

Apartheid New Zealand police kills ‘colored’ people with impunity

Evil pakeha police say their buddies won’t face any charges for killing a Maori [Polynesian.]

Halatau Naitoko, 17, a courier driver, was shot and killed by a trigger-happy evil cop who was trying to apprehend a handbag snatcher on Auckland’s North-Western Motorway in January 2009.

Halatau Naitoko (R) was shot by police chasing a handbag snatcher across Auckland. Photos/Herald on Sunday/Handout

New Zealand makes Apartheid South Africa look like a Human Rights Champion (!)

Police have now told the victim’s family that they won’t charge their buddies in the  Armed Assassin Squad over the killing. [Why should they, “he was just a Polynesian punk!”]

“Auckland City District Police Commander, Superintendent George Fraser reportedly said that police had talked to their top lawyers about the homicide.

“The recommendations of the homicide investigation team were made in conjunction with advice from the Police Senior Legal Advisor and which were peer reviewed by independent senior legal counsel, John Haigh QC,” Mr Fraser said. Media report.

Mr Fraser said all Armed Assassins Squad officers who were involved in the homicide have returned to work “after being assessed as fit to do so.”

It’s time to convert every police station, courthouse and military barrack in New Zealand into public conveniences (toilets), and send everyone inside back to where they belong!

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