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Chinese watchdog had it right, first!

Posted by te2ataria on August 29, 2010

New Zealand food products are UNSAFE!

China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision originally acted correctly by blacklisting cosmetics from New Zealand.

It defies logic and sanity why they had to remove New Zealand from their blacklist.

Chinese people should be entitled to use safe  products from other countries.

China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision last week published on its website a blacklist of food and cosmetic products from a number of nations, including New Zealand.

It said the products posed potential health risks and had been destroyed, returned or converted to other uses.

[Unfortunately] the Chinese watchdog has since removed the list from its website. NZPA

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How Many Will Fonterra Murder This Time

Posted by te2ataria on August 30, 2009

Edited by TEAA

When Fonterra/Sanlu killed an unknown number of Chinese babies with tainted milk powder, the NZ directors said they’re just “minor chinks” …

Now Fonterra/RD1 are  targeting New Zealanders for mass slaughter!

fonterra logo
“Fonterra For [short, diseased] life.” Fonterra logo may be subject to copyright.

Lethal toxins that can enter the human food chain through cow’s milk, produced by fungi that thrive on wet palm kernel expeller (PKE), were discovered  in imported palm kernel animal feed, said  a confidential AgResearch report made public last week.

It’s believed that no further testing have been carried out since 2006 when the report’s findings were known to the authorities.

“[Scientists have found] a variety of potentially harmful fungi that can produce mycotoxins and cause significant risk to animal health,”  the report, which was marked confidential and internal said.

“… it is of even more concern that some of the mycotoxins can be excreted in cow’s milk and could consequently pose a threat to human health and create an export issue for New Zealand’s dairy industry.”

“The research is being prepared for publication in an international journal but was last week discounted by the rural and food safety sectors, who said it posed no new human health risks, and the fungi was already in pasture.” Stuff NZ said.

Green MP Sue Kedgley was reported as saying that toxins potentially produced by the fungi had been implicated as a cause of liver cancer. “Every which way you look at it, that’s a serious health risk, as well as an export risk to our agricultural trade, and, I believe, a huge risk to our dairy exports if consumers globally work out that our so-called grass-fed cows are actually one of the largest consumers of palm kernel. Certainly they were last year.”

NZ Dairy Goliath FONTERRA Killing Rainforest

The F*cking Federated Farmers said disclosure of the report was “reckless and irresponsible.” [Consumers have NO right to know what sort of sh*it these ba*stards put in the milk, or feed the animals.]

“AgResearch put together a draft report on the `shocking expose’ that palm kernel expeller, when wet, attracts fungi,” Lachlan McKenzie, dairy farmers chairman, said. “I understand some AgResearch scientists were touting for additional funding and didn’t even bother with a toxicology test on what was found.”

Spokesman for Fonterra, the co-operative of 10,500 farmers who produce about 90% of NZ milk, said:

“We do not believe it raises any new issues with regard to potential raw milk or product quality…  We routinely test raw milk for aflatoxins, which can be present in feed which is not stored appropriately. This risk is common to most bulk supplementary feeds and we encourage farmers to employ best practice in both storage and feeding out to dairy cows.”

MAF Biosecurity [paying lip service to the consumers] said, there was no significant risk of toxic contamination from PKE.

“There have never been cases of toxins being found in dairy products in New Zealand linked to this source and as far as MAFBNZ is aware, no animals have ever become poisoned from eating palm kernel meal.” [Just the animals are born with seven limbs! ]

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