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NZ govt prostitutes services to feed ‘cocaine’ habits

Posted by te2ataria on October 25, 2019

Sent by a reader [Edited by Moderator B.]

A crowdfunding campaign would have raised many times the money paid by the barbarians, allegedly needed to plant more trees!


Chastity Ardern and Eugenie “not mine to worry” Sage gave the Japanese permission to buy even more NZ land

Under the auspices of NZ’s vestal PM, her most patriotic Land Information Minister and Green MP Eugenie Sage, and the WYSIWYG Associate Finance Minister David Clark, the Japanese have been given a free pass to buy thousands of hectares of New Zealand land without applying to the Overseas Investment Office (OIO).

Chastity’s uncorrupt, ethical and trustworthy government has given the Japanese-owned Pan Pac Forest Products special permission to bypass the OIO to buy thousands of hectares of land for forestry over the next three years. The government allegedly needs the cash to satisfy her greenhouse gasses exhalation habits–planting more trees.

The pre-approval was given to Pan Pac despite the Green Party having strongly protested land sales to foreigners and Forestry Minister Shane Jones saying he was sympathetic to rural concerns that converting productive farm land to forestry could cost jobs.

The special permission given to Pan Pac pass, known as a ‘standing consent’, was co-signed by the Associate Finance Minister David Clark. [Apparently, other than lots of cash changing hands, no baksheesh, payola, or kickback was involved in awarding the special permission, but we can’t be sure. Editor]

Pan Pac, which is 100 percent owned by Japan’s Oji Green Resources, has been given the free pass “to make 25 transactions involving 20,000ha of land and is valid until 2022,” a report said.

Ministers signed off on the decision on 19 September but kept it under wraps until now.

The move has stoked fears in rural communities that their towns will be hollowed out by the ‘green rush’ to forestry.

Andy Scott, spokesman for lobby group Fifty Shades of Green, formed to voice rural concerns about job loses from converting productive farm land to forestry, was horrified by the deal.

“How can they give a free pass to a Japanese company to come and buy productive farms to turn into pine trees? They will be lost to New Zealand forever. Gone.”

He said ceding control to a foreign-owned company was “ludicrous” and he believed the decision would add fuel to the fire ahead of a protest march on Parliament the group was planning for 14 November.

“How can they give them authority to purchase land without any OIO consent? It’s unbelievable,” Mr Scott said.

At least 3.3 percent of New Zealand’s land is foreign owned, according to RNZ. However, “RNZ has only counted freehold land – that is, land owned outright. A separate analysis of lease titles found that many of the largest landowners were also large leaseholders. That includes forestry companies, who often buy surface rights – known as ‘cutting rights’ – to plant and harvest trees, but not the land itself.”

“Of the land RNZ did identify as privately owned, half was concentrated among a tiny group of 4600 people or entities – equivalent to 0.1 percent of New Zealand’s population.”

On the other hand, individuals and entities who own 0.1 hectares or less [that’s about 99% of the population] own less than half a percent of the land in NZ, the report said.

That was remarkable and “very scary”, English researcher and author Guy Shrubsole said.

More than 70 percent of the forestry sector in NZ is foreign-owned. [New Zealand’s total land area is 26.8m ha including 45.9% agricultural, 31.2% forest, and 22.9% other land. Editor]

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Foreign forestry companies NZ’s biggest landowners [List researched by RNZ, additional comments were made by the submitting reader, edited by Moderator B.]

The 100 biggest private landowners in New Zealand by area, not including the Crown and public entities (which control at least 28 percent of the land) or iwi have freehold ownership of 1.42m ha of land – more than 10 percent of all privately-owned land and about 5 percent of New Zealand’s total land area of 26.8m ha, according to RNZ research. [100 percent of all NZ land belonged to Maori before the colonization. Editor]

Data underlines inequality

“Max Rashbrooke, an inequality researcher at Victoria University’s Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, said the data underlined “the enormous wealth inequality in New Zealand”.

“You don’t have distributed ownership of land in any sort of economically meaningful sense when you have such a dominance… by just a hundred landowners and companies.”

The [most obvious] foreign owners in the RNZ top 50 private landowners

  • 1. Taumata Plantations Limited (101,854 hectares), which is ultimately owned by foreign investment funds and banks. The largest shareholder is Manulife, a major Canada insurance company.
  • 2. Tiong family (77,686 hectares): The Malaysia-based, family-owned Tiong Group own forestry, media and property assets around the world. Their land holdings in New Zealand include the Ernslaw One forests, New Zealand King Salmon, and land owned by their property and land development company, The Neil Group.
  • 3. New Forests Asset Management (77,465 hectares): New Forests is an Australia-based assets management company that operates several investment funds in New Zealand, owned by several subsidiaries.
  • 4. Matariki Forests (73,509 hectares): Another forestry company, three-quarter-owned by the US-based Rayonier. The remaining quarter of the company’s shareholding is owned by an Australian-registered company, Waimarie Forests Pty Limited.
  • 7. Port Blakely Limited (35,889 hectares): Another US-owned forestry company.
  • 8. Global Forest Partners LLC (33,706 hectares): Global Forest Partners, registered in the Cayman Islands, is the ultimate owner of two private investment funds that own forestry land in New Zealand.
  • 13. Sumitomo Forestry Company (25461 hectares): Japanese forestry giant, part of the Sumitomo group. Most of the company’s New Zealand land is in Nelson and Tasman.
  • 14. Lone Star Farms Limited (22365 hectares): A farming corporate owned by Nelson-based American businessman Tom Sturgess. Land holdings include five South Island farms. Lone Star is also the shareholding company of Verity Farms NZ, which owns Godley Peaks Station in Canterbury.
  • 15. Corisol New Zealand Limited (18231 hectares): Swiss-owned investment company, which purchased forestry land from Ngāi Tahu in 2011.
  • 16. Nelson Forests Limited (18135 hectares): Owned by Australian forestry investment company OneFortyOne, which purchased the company and its land from another foreign-owned company last year.
  • 19. China Forestry Group New Zealand Company Limited (17087 hectares): Ultimately owned by the Chinese government’s State Forestry Administration. Owns forests throughout the North Island.
  • 20. New Zealand Pastures Limited (16480 hectares): Canterbury-based farming company, majority New Zealand-owned. Investors include ACC and HRL Morrison. A Dutch company owns a 47 percent stake.
  • 22. The Westervelt Company (15341 hectares): US-owned timber company that operates forestry, honey cultivation, hunting and tourism businesses on Poronui Station near Lake Taupō. The land includes the exclusive Poronui Lodge.
  • 24. Christian church (14,694 hectares): Combined land-holdings of all Christian denominations, including the Christian-owned company Trinity Lands Limited, which owns 6400ha of farming and horticulture land, and Gloriavale, which owns about 2400ha through its tax-exempt charity, Christian Church Community Trust.
  • 26. Oceana Gold (New Zealand) Limited (13682 hectares): Australian-owned owner and operator of the Waihi gold mine.
  • 28. Southland Plantation Forest Company of New Zealand Limited (13366 hectares): Ownership of this South Island forestry land is split between three major Japanese companies – Fuji Xerox, Itochu Corporation, and Oji Holdings.
  • 29. Lees Valley Station, LLC (13114 hectares): The US company purchased Mt Pember Station, one of New Zealand’s largest sheep and beef farms, for $30m in 2013 and converted it to dairy. RNZ was unable to determine the ultimate owners of the US company.
  • 30. Greenheart Mangakahia Forest Land Limited (12558 hectares): Hong Kong-based investment company that owns forests in Northland.
  • 31. Doug and Mari Harpur (12512 hectares): North American deer farmers and foresters, the Harpurs purchased neighbouring Southland farms Fairlight Station and Cainard Run in the early 2000s.
  • 32. Juken New Zealand Limited (12435 hectares): Owned by Japanese forestry company WoodOne. Juken’s forests are in the Wairarapa and near Gisborne, where it owns a mill.
  • 33. Christian Welte (12309 hectares): A Swiss bio-engineer, Mr Welte’s New Zealand company Monte Capital Limited owns several East Coast farms in the North Island as well as forestry blocks.
  • 34. Jenny and Johan Klisser (11907 hectares): The founders of Vogel’s bread own Haldon Station in the Mackenzie Country.
  • 35. Mount Linton Station Limited (11905 hectares): Ownership of this Southland farming stations is split between Auckland rich-listers Rolf and Peter Masfen, and the McGregor family, who were the original owners of the land and still actively farm it.
  • 42. Fonterra (9789 hectares): The dairy cooperative owns nearly 700 parcels of land around New Zealand.
  • 45. Anthony Czura (9580 hectares): Swiss national Anthony Czura is a co-founder of Swiss-based investment firm Czura Thornton. He owns Ngatapa Station in Hawke’s Bay.
  • 49. Lynette Therese Erceg (9214 hectares): Widow of Independent Liquor founder and rich-lister Michael Erceg. Properties include Lake Ohau Station in the Mackenzie Basin.

In November 2013, OIO approved the application by a Singaporean investment management company, Duxton Asset Management, to buy half the shares of New Zealand Pastures Limited, a locally-owned company that operates seven South Island sheep and beef farms: Three Rivers, Grantham Springs, Hitchin Hills, Quailburn, Hills Creek, The Styx and Huntleigh, cover almost 23,500 hectares. [See also No. 20 above.] Duxton was buying the shares on behalf of itself and two other overseas investment funds.

In September 2013, one of New Zealand’s biggest farming operations, Mt Pember Station in Canterbury’s Lees Valley, was sold to a North American investment group. Mt Pember was an amalgamation of seven runs and farms, totalling more than 27,000 hectares. [See also No. 29 above.]

Overseas Investment Office approves Westland Milk sale to China’s Yili
China’s Yili dairy conglomerate already owns Oceania Dairy in South Canterbury.

Danone wins OIO approval to buy Waikato dairy plant
French dairy company Danone has been granted Overseas Investment Office approval to own up to 65 percent of Waikato dairy processor Yashili New Zealand Dairy Co from its Chinese owners.”

OIO approves sale of PGG seeds business to Danish company
OIO has approved the sale of PGG Wrightson’s seeds and grains division to a Danish company.

Malaysian oil company gets OIO approval
The Overseas Investment Office has given a Malaysian oil company the all clear to buy all of Tag Oil’s wells in Taranaki for 30-million US dollars.

At least 16 foreign investors have bought NZ sensitive land illegally
“Foreign investors have managed to buy sensitive land at least 16 times in the last two years without getting the required official consent.”
“Figures given to RNZ show nearly 30 other cases are under some form of investigation by the Overseas Investment Office (OIO).
“In late 2016 the OIO set up a dedicated enforcement team, since then it has investigated 82 cases where overseas buyers were thought to have purchased sensitive land without consent.

OIO approves land sale near Arthur’s Pass to Czech businessman
OIO approved the sale of more than 40,000 hectares of South Island high country land to a Czech businessman, Lukas Travnicek, RNZ reported.

Australian buys more rural land near Gisborne
Wealthy Australian bankster Phillip Colebatch has added to his rural property holdings in the Gisborne area with the purchase of the 1667 hectare Waipaoa Station.

Canada buys $17m Canterbury farm
Ramsay Dairy Farm Limited, a company owned by the Canadian government bought a $17 million dairy farm in Canterbury in 2017. Two years earlier, the OIO approved an $18m sale of two farms on Domain Road in Oxford, Canterbury to the same company.

American businessman who owns NZ winery admits fraud in US
Charles Banks, the majority shareholder of Terroir Capital, which manages the Terroir Winery Fund, was granted consent to acquire the Hawke’s Bay winery Trinity Hill in 2014. “[He] has pleaded guilty to a charge of fraud in the United States.”

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Phantom Rapist of Otago Strikes Again

Posted by te2ataria on July 1, 2016

Sent by a reader in the “extinct volcano city”

Man wearing women’s clothing, carrying a jacket and handbag, was sexually assaulted

Dunedin police have appealed for help identifying the rapist believed to be behind a serious sexual assault which occurred early Sunday morning, one of two to occur within the central city on Sunday morning following the rugby test match.  http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11667145

Homelessness in NZ amid record foreign investment*

Many are one step away from homelessness

A period of illness, the loss of a job, a sick child – any of these can turn a life upside-down.  Many are just a step away from being homeless.

Daniel Bindner, 40, who was found dead in a cardboard recycling bale on Tuesday, had his life unravel in just weeks. The father of three quickly found himself sleeping rough after losing his job and breaking up with his partner. His story isn’t unusual.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/81674340/Many-are-one-step-away-from-homelessness

*[The Stock of total foreign investment in New Zealand: Total investment in NZ$ 322,279 million according to the latest available report at https://www.nzte.govt.nz/en/invest/statistics/ ]

Farming in New Zealand

Long drought runs long-time farmer off his land
“Nick Hamilton has been forced to find work elsewhere after the drought affecting North Canterbury left his family farm completely barren. The farm has been in Nick Hamilton’s family for four generations, but today it sits barren and stockless. Hamilton was born on North Canterbury’s Minnivey Downs, but abandoned it after two years of drought made the farm unsustainable.”  http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/farming/81626379/Two-year-drought-runs-long-time-farmer-off-his-land

The State’s other Stinking Secrets

Truth about the daily road carnage on the roads would hurt the massive foreign investment in New Zealand’s $10 billion tourism industry.

The NZ TOURISTS or truth? Campaign (police censorship of road fatalities) continues…

Blog estimate: About 900 people are killed on NZ roads each year. [Most probably] up to 455 road fatalities have occurred in NZ since 1 January 2016

One killed in Selwyn crash

One person was killed and another seriously injured after a two-car crash near Darfield, west of Christchurch, about 5.10pm today. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/81686441/One-dead-in-Selwyn-crash
Fire services said they were in the process of freeing an unspecified number of people who had been trapped following the crash, after three brigades had been called to attend the incident.  http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11667168

One killed, one injured in Kaipara Flats car crash
A passenger was killed and the driver flown to hospital after the car they were in lost control and hit a tree in Kaipara Flats, north of Auckland Thursday night. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11667168

  • No of road fatalities recorded by Minitru as of 27 June: 167
  • No of road fatality reports allowed by police between 27 and 30 June: At least 4 [Excludes at least one fatality that occurred near Selwyn today.]
  • The two nos. added together: 167 + 4 = 171
  • No of road fatalities recorded by Minitru as of July 1: 169

nz road toll - as doctored by police - 1jul2016

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