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WARNING! SEVERE Karmic Events Occurring Throughout NZ!

Posted by te2ataria on February 2, 2018


NZ Battered by the Elements 

King tide flooding leaves Auckland residents cleaning up royal mess
“Auckland’s infrastructure gave way to flooding for the second time in less than 30 days. Ex-cyclone Fehi hit Auckland on Thursday, along with a king tide from the ‘super blue blood moon’, bringing heavy rain and wind causing tidal flooding”.

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠

Storm Fehi leave behind a path of destruction

Tens of thousands of people around the country are without power, perhaps for a couple of days, or more.

“A State of Emergency was declared for Dunedin to enable evacuations to take place. It followed on from the Buller District, which issued its own early this afternoon.”

“Elsewhere, residents were being evacuated from low-lying properties in Buller, Nelson and Taranaki, while thousands of properties were without power in Hokitika, Taranaki and Whanganui. Flights across the country have been affected, with Queenstown and Westport Airports closed.”   https://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/349391/storm-fehi-s-path-of-destruction

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠

Crumbling Infrastructure

Collapsing Bridges

 253 homes left without water after bridge collapses

A 50-m section of the Pyramid Bridge on the Mataura River in Southland has broken away. The water pipeline for nearby town Otama was attached to the aging bridge. Water has been cut to 253 connections, Gore District Council said.

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠

Garbage R Us!

The Day of Plastic Bags

Tens of thousands of plastic bags unearthed on a West Coast

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠

Serves You Right!

Stranded in Haast

600 tourists stranded in Haast

“Six hundred tourists are stranded in Haast, blocked by a huge slip. Westland District Council has activated a Level 3 Emergency Operations Centre in response to yesterday’s severe weather caused by ex-Tropical Cyclone Fehi throughout the district and for many parts of New Zealand.”

♠     ♠     ♠     ♠

Prosecution? What prosecution?

The elite and the well-connected are never prosecuted in New Zealand!

No prosecution over Marsden Pt Refinery pipeline rupture that caused major fuel shortages

♠     ♠     ♠     ♠

State of emergency declared in Dunedin

Sounds about right!

Mayor of Dunedin has declared a state of emergency for the entire city in response to  heavy rain in the city.

Weather chaos: 800 homes at risk of sewage flooding in Dunedin

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠

Balls of Fire

Searing heat and windy conditions

Police evacuate homes in West Melton, Canterbury as blaze throws out ‘balls of fire’
Fire caused major destruction, a local said.  https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/101090226/police-evacuate-homes-in-west-melton-canterbury-as-blaze-throws-out-balls-of-fire

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠

Large Fire Forces Mass Evacuation

Mass evacuation on Chatham Island as fire burns uncontrollably

About 2000ha of bush on Chatham Island is burning out of control

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠

Murder, Death, Mayhem

Latest horrific deaths, injuries… [enhanced police censorship continues!]

84. Fatal crash SH 2 Hauraki
Friday, 2 February 2018 – 10:05pm  – Waikato
A person was killed in a crash on State Highway Two at Waikino, Hauraki. “Another person is being flown to Waikato Hospital with critical injuries. A third person has been seriously injured and will be taken to Waikato Hosptial via ambulance. ” http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/fatal-crash-sh-2-hauraki

85. Fatal crash Tangimoana
Thursday, 1 February 2018 – 4:40pm  – Central

One person was killed in a crash involving a car and tractor on Campion Road. “Another person has been taken to Palmerston North Hospital in a serious condition.” http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/fatal-crash-tangimoana

Advanced Statistical Analysis:

Road Crash Victims Nos. 86 and 87 have not been identified by police.

  • No of road fatalities reported by police so far this year: 40
  • No of victims statistically resurrected by Ministry of Transport (MoT): 5

Ministry of Resurrection fake road toll. As of this morning (January 31, 2018), only 35 fatalities have been registered. Source of the officially-doctored data: http://www.transport.govt.nz/research/roadtoll/

“Unexplained” Deaths

Name release – Lake Wanaka waterfront death
Thursday, 1 February 2018 – 3:47pm  –  Southern

Police is now able to release the name of the man who died on Lake Wanaka waterfront on Monday 29 January. He was 39-year-old [plastic surgeon?] Marc Morunga of Hamilton.

Criminally Negligent Deaths

Boy, 9, dies in quad-bike crash on Waikato farm
Nine-year-old Demitrus Wilson was killed in a quad bike crash on the farm his family worked on in Kihikihi. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/101065081/boy-9-dies-in-quadbike-crash-on-waikato-farm

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠


The Five Eyes of the Five Morons

What possibly could these morons be protecting us from?

“Extraordinary breach of national security”
“[Morons at] Australian secret service [ASS!] secured thousands of classified documents that were [previously] sold with two secondhand filing cabinets and have been the basis of news reports by Australia’s national broadcaster, ABC.”

♠    ♠    ♠    ♠



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“2, 4, 6, 8, stop the violence, stop the rape!”

Posted by te2ataria on March 13, 2017

Breaking News: ‘Sexnapping’ in broad daylight

Porirua dad fights off man attempting to abduct 3-year-old girl
A father fought with a man who tried to abduct his 3-year-old daughter, before neighbours joined in to subdue the attacker. The incident happened shortly before 3pm on Monday in the Porirua suburb of Whitby, north of Wellington, when the girl was on her way home from a nearby kindergarten.”

Heavily Censored Road Fatality Reports


Sent by a reader

Rape culture in NZ schools prompts protest outside Zombie Parliament

Wellington high school students demonstrated outside Parliament today to protest against rape culture in New Zealand schools.

The protest, organised by Wellington East Girls’ College students, followed comments by male students talking about having sex with drunk or unconscious girls, which were posted on Facebook including the following:

  • “If you don’t take advantage of a drunk girl, you’re not a true WC [Wellington College] boy.”
  • “Fuck women!”

Meanwhile, Minister for Women, Paula Bennett, who doesn’t “know her ass from a hole in the ground,” addressed the crowd, as did representatives from Wellington Rape Crisis, and the Sexual Abuse Prevention Network.

Rape in Five Eyes

The culture of rape is strong in the five countries that form the Five Eyes (FVEY) intelligence alliance, comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Rape is a torture routine, a weapon of mind control and subjugation used by the establishment to repress ordinary people in those countries.

About one half all girls and a third of all boys in New Zealand are raped [or sexually molested] before the age of 16, according to reports.

Most of the rapes are documented by government spooks, so that the information could be used to subjugate and silence the individuals who are seen by the establishment as potential “troublemakers.”

New Zealand has a dark secret, female politicians say

In 2013, a big story broke in the New Zealand media: several young girls had gone to the police saying a group of teenage boys had gotten them drunk, raped them, and then bragged about it on Facebook.

In an interview about the group shortly after the story broke, Key said, “These young guys should just grow up.” He was eviscerated online for making light of the issue, and anger only intensified when police announced last year they had insufficient evidence to bring charges.

WHO: Rape of women and of men is often used as a weapon of war [subjugation]

NZ Rape Culture

Former teacher accused of sex crimes against daughters
An 80-year-old former teacher is on trial in Wellington accused of historic sex charges including incest against three of his daughters in the 1970s.

Rapist who committed vicious sexual attacks in Auckland, Palmerston North jailed for ONLY 13 years
He abducted and brutally raped a 16-year-old girl in July 2014 in the rape city, Auckland. More than a year late, he lured a second girl into his car and assaulted her for 30 minutes in Palmerston North.

It took the competent police more than 18 months from the date he raped his first victim to eventually arrest and charge him in December 2015.

Woefully Inadequate Sentence
“He could’ve gone away for something like 25 years … we think the fact he’s eligible for parole after serving half his sentence is not good enough,” said the Sensible Sentencing Trust’s Manawatu representative.

“The public needs to know he may have got 13 years but he can be out much sooner. It was horrific what he did – he’s a repetitive sexual offender.”

The media did not report name of the judge in the case, who clearly fucked-up.

Man grabs Napier school girl
“The 14 year old told police she was walking to Tamatea High School in Napier when a middle-aged man on a mountain bike tried to grab her.”

NZ Police Clowns: Extreme Malevolence, Institutional Corruption, Phenomenal Incompetence

Police left school in the dark over girl’s abduction attempt
Police admit they “dropped the ball” after failing to inform a south Auckland school about an attempted abduction of a 7-year-old girl. “The young girl is said to have been pulled into a car on her way home from school in Clendon Park on February 22.”

Lawyer accuses police of abusing interview process

Other News in Drips…

Wellington is losing about 1.5 million litres of water a day since the big earthquake damage to pipes. The amount of water lost is about 10 percent of the consumption.

NZ  capital was rattled by a 7.8-magnitude quake on 14 November, followed by and significant aftershocks, that devastated Kaikoura and the surrounding areas, and badly damaged many buildings in Wellington.

Best News of the Day?

Anthem of the Seas cruise smashed by massive waves in Atlantic Ocean

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