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Another Negligent Homicide on NZ’s Death Roads

Posted by te2ataria on November 1, 2019

Fyfa Dawson, 19, killed at ‘deathtrap’ motorway worksite  in Christchurch

Authorities were warned a roadworks site was a deathtrap. It fell on deaf ears. Then a cyclist was killed.

“Concerns about the safety of cyclists at a roadworks site in Christchurch were raised almost a year before Fyfa Dawson, 19, was fatally struck on her bike,” a report said.

Fyfa Dawson, 19, was fatally struck by a truck while cycling. Authorities had been warned as early as Nov. 2018 that the roadworks at the Springs Rd, Halswell Junction Rd site was a deathtrap. It fell on deaf ears. Then she was killed.

Concerned cyclists contacted New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) in November 2018 about the safety of cyclists at the Springs Rd, Halswell Junction Rd site.

However, no action was taken to improve the site safety. “It fell on deaf ears.”

Ms. Dawson was hit by a truck and killed while turning at ‘deathtrap’ motorway worksite, at the Springs Rd, Halswell Junction Rd site at about 8am on Wednesday.

Victim’s aunt, Caryn Dawson, told reporters her niece had an “absolute love of cycling”.

“Last year she did two three-month stints cycling around the US, covering thousands of kilometres, including over the Rocky Mountains,” a report cited her as saying.

“She comes back and gets killed in Christchurch, it’s shocking.

“If anything, you’d expect something to happen to her while she’s on her own in the US [exactly our thoughts, too. Editor.] She pitched a tent on the side of the road; she had a very adventurous spirit.”

Child Hit by truck, critically injured

Meanwhile, a child was critically injured after being hit by truck on SH1, just north of Houhora, Northland, earlier this afternoon.

Media-related links to the negligent homicides of cyclists on NZ roads:
In September 2014, tourist cyclist Ming Chih Hsieh, 33, died when a large articulated truck crushed him at the Carmen Rd–Waterloo Rd intersection in Hornby.

In April 2014, 22-year-old nursing student Sharla Haerewa was killed on Lincoln Rd when she was crushed beneath 75-year-old John Williams Herridge’s truck as he made a left turn.

Cyclist’s death in crash near Nelson takes national road toll to 26 in just seven days
“The Nelson crash on Friday brings the total killed on New Zealand roads in one week to 26.
“Monday was the blackest day when nine people died in three separate crashes, including five people who died in one crash north of Taupō. It was the 20th time nine people died within a 24-hour period on our roads.”

For additional dozens of cyclist fatalities, search blog content.

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