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Cook Islands mother and her three young children gassed to death

Posted by te2ataria on July 3, 2015

Mother and her three young children gassed by a car “accidentally left running in an internal garage”

Cindy George and her three young children, Pio Scarlet Jetejura Raukete, 5, Teuruaa Junior George, 3 and 2-year-old Telyzshaun Gordon Ricardo Nelder Kruz George were found dead in a house on Thomson St, Ashburton, police said.

“She would have been 32 this year, we are the same age. She was my best friend at kindy and through primary school,” said a friend of the victim.

Police are treating the deaths as accidental, District Commander John Price said, adding that police believed that gas caused the deaths.

“A car was believed to have been running in a garage with internal access to the house, he said – that door was open when police arrived at the scene,” according to a report.

It’s not known who left the car running in the garage, or why the internal door to the garage was left open.

Would you buy this story? Is it any wonder that no one ever believes the police in NZ?

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