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Don Inglese reshuffles his Capos

Posted by te2ataria on April 24, 2017

V. Heavily Censored Police Road Fatality Reports: NO Road Deaths Sat and Sun???

Officially doctored road toll as of this morning. Source: transport.govt.nz/research/roadtoll/


Sent by a reader in the Sewage City [“Wellington”]

The House Pig Appointed Foreign Affairs Minister

Don Inglese [“Bill English”] has appointed his Fat Capo [“Gerry Brownlee”] foreign affairs minister, a report said.

The insensitive ham-head had previously commented that Finnish people are uneducated and disrespectful to women, sparking outrage and making headlines in the European nation, said a report.

The ignoramus also made headlines accusing North Korea of having “evil intent” and making “outrageous threats,” most recently against Australia. [How’s that for reflex!?]

Don Inglese likes this thing because he looks like a fat, “cuddly” pig, or because his stupid comments make the Don and everyone else in the govt mafia look like intellectuals? Photo credit: ANDY JACKSON/FAIRFAX NZ


Other Capos, including Health Minister Jonathan Coleman, Attorney-General Chris Finlayson and Mitchell are still “in the mix along with Brownlee for the foreign affairs job but speculation around Parliament was if Brownlee wanted it, the job was his.”

Before the promotion, he held no fewer than FIVE ministerial portfolios including Civil Defence, Defence Minister, Greater Christchurch Regeneration Minister,  Leader of the House – Minister, and Earthquake Commission – Minister Responsible.

Glen Eden Mystery Death
The man found deceased at a Glen Eden property on Saturday afternoon was 39 year-old Dennis Mau’u. [Police have not disclosed his nationality.] Police said  they do not believe there are any suspicious circumstances [as per usual] at this point!!!  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/name-release-glen-eden-death

Fatal crash SH36, Bay of Plenty [of Death]
One person was killed in a crash on SH36 (Tauranga Direct Road), between Pyes Pa Road and Te Matai Road this afternoon, police said. “The crash involved a truck and trailer unit going over a bank. The driver of the truck and trailer unit, was a 63 year-old Rotorua man who died as a result of the crash.”

Another State Secret???

Body found near Wellington waterfront
Wellington Police investigating the death of a woman discovered in the water at Queens Wharf, Wellington on Friday 21 April have established that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death. But they have so far refused to say how she did. VOW!!!

Additionally, the victim’s name remains a State Secret, just in case someone could put two and two together!!!

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It’s that pathological liar Daily Telegraph, again!

Posted by te2ataria on April 14, 2016

Sent by a reader

Would any self-respecting Brit tell everyone how good a holiday destination was?

Ask yourself this: Would any well-travelled, self-respecting British visitor vote New Zealand the “best holiday destination” in the world? Let alone telling everyone else about it, knowing that by doing so hordes of holidaymakers would descend like locusts plaguing the place, and push up the travel costs?

New Zealand wins best country in the world [?] for the fourth year in a row, claims UK’s Daily Telegraph

[Note: The difference between the “best country” and the “best holiday destination,” neither of which applies to NZ by far, is lost in the Stuff NZ “translation”. Moderator]

More than 75,000 readers [we only have your word for it, and you are a pathological liar] voted in this year’s Telegraph Travel Awards, which recognised the world’s best destinations, airlines, tour operators and cruise lines.

New Zealand emerged the clear winner in the world’s best country category, followed by the [sinking] Maldives and [violent] South Africa. http://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/news/78884965/New-Zealand-wins-best-country-in-the-world-for-the-fourth-year-in-a-row

Or is it more likely that those who have a major financial stake in NZ tourism industry would vote in a farcical survey like this?

BTW, the article is supported by some of worst ever photos taken in this country including one from space…

All foreign visitors who have shared the NZ nightmare experience should seriously consider a class action against the perfidious publications like the Telegraph that flog NZ even as the top 100 holiday destinations in the world.

Ironically, 20 times more tourists [70 million] visit Spain than New Zealand each year!

Some of the more realistic readers’ comments posted on Stuff …

By several measures of living and welfare standards we are the worst or close to – something wealthy travellers passing through don’t stay long enough to see.

Doubt its the best country in the world… Anyone who has actually travelled overseas (not the islands or oz) will say the same thing. NZ is far from being the best!

Come on stuff. How about some real, in depth news for a change.

Yeah? But does the Telegraph represent the views of the rest of the world? British Colonialism Bias here

TheMightyGrump1 day ago
Ha “strong ties to Britain” named as a strong point. If only they knew how many New Zealanders hate the British! Wonderful to be named a good travel destination though. We are pretty lucky here.

Pity that we have so many dole bludgers and benefit career people solo parents we all have to subsidise and low life’s. Just goes to show how meaningless these “best in the world” things are. Get rid of the above and maybe we would be close but that will never happen.

KevinSutton1 day ago
You can’t feed kids in poverty with pretty scenery…

So we need a newspaper from the other side of the world to validate ourselves? I cringe that Stuff is even putting this crap online. …


Other News in Drips…

WE were right about NZ Navy being shafted on dry land!

“Two new Navy patrol boats that haven’t been to sea in years… Pukaki hasn’t been to sea since the end of 2012, while Taupo has remained in port since 2013.”

“Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee said the boats weren’t “cutting it” in the rough waters surrounding the country. … The two inshore boats would be disposed of.”

So what happens to Project Protector, now?

Fat cat Gerry will splash another one billion or so on new boats…

New Zealand government has spent $500 million on Project Protector, buying four 340-ton, 55-meter bathtub patrol vessels, FBKP- BNB1 [aka, Roiti] “F**ck the Bloody Kids in Poverty – BNB2 [aka Pukaki,] F**ck the Bloody Kids in Poverty – BNB3 [aka Hawea,] and F**ck the Bloody Kids in Poverty- BNB4 [aka Titanic Taupo.] Image may be subject to copyright.

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A Test of Democracy

Posted by te2ataria on February 14, 2010

John Key: Screw the Environment

A Test of  New Zealand Democracy [sic] would be the ability of its government to carry out anti-environmental projects on behalf of less than 1 percent of its population

New Zealand Government continues to push to free up Conservation Department land for mining operations.

The truly ugly Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key has indicated that his government would make major changes to the Crown Minerals Act Schedule 4 protection for Conservation land.

“This is because new mining on Crown land has the potential to increase economic growth and create jobs.” Key said.

“Schedule 4 protects about a third of conservation estate land from mining because of its conservation value, including parts of the Coromandel Peninsula north of State Highway 25A, and internal waters of the peninsula.” A report said.

“John Dow, chairman of mining industry group Straterra, said Mr Key’s announcement would be greeted with enthusiasm from the mining industry.”

Sierra Club Members Care More than John Key and His Monkeys

Meanwhile, North America’s largest environment lobby group, the Sierra Club, has said opening up NZ national parks for mining is an insult to conservationists throughout the world.

“The Sunday Star-Times has obtained a letter sent last week to Prime Minister John Key from the 1.3 million-member Sierra Club, reacting angrily to news that New Zealand’s conservation land may be investigated for mining potential.” A report said.

“You have the responsibility to protect New Zealand’s wild heritage not only for the enjoyment of future generations but also for the protection and conservation of the Earth’s ever shrinking biodiversity. … Long-term protection should not be sacrificed for immediate commercial gain.”” wrote Richard Cellarius, the club’s international vice-president, in his letter to the NZ prime minister.

“New mining of Crown land has the potential to increase economic growth and create jobs,” Key said.

John key did not say that any jobs created would be minimal and temporary, and that the only people would would benefit from the mining operations would be the less than 1 percent super wealthy class, himself included, as they always have.

The Sierra Club letter, addressed to Key, the Minister of Energy and Resources Gerry Brownlee and Trade Minister Tim Groser, expresses specific concerns about threats to the three national parks and Mt Aspiring, which is part of a World Heritage area.

“To remove any portion of the park and the World Heritage area for short-term economic gain is an affront to the international community that has worked tirelessly to protect the Earth’s wild places,” wrote Richard Cellarius, international vice-president.

Cellarius told the Star-Times it was “absolutely” a shock to learn of a proposal that could potentially lead to mining in national parks.

“Your eco-tourism is very well known and to begin to destroy that for resource extraction just doesn’t make sense…it certainly doesn’t help the international reputation.”

During the 9th World Wilderness Conference in Mexico, in November 2009, some “1500 delegates from 52 countries passed a resolution for the continuation of the no-mining status quo in relation to public conservation land within protected areas.”

A letter from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature in Korea, signed by 200 delegates, said: “The news that a modern, comparatively wealthy nation such as New Zealand is prepared to exploit its resources in lands set aside for biodiversity sends a disturbing message to more populous countries.”

What Happened to NZ Greens?

Their leaders (elites?) have their heads ever so tightly shoved up the PM’s butt, they can’t afford the uncertainty of coming out for a breath of fresh air.

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