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Fox guarding the henhouse

Posted by te2ataria on April 1, 2009

sent by G.A.

UN Policy: Don’t Ask; don’t tell—too bad if it’s already common knowledge

Helen Clark has been confirmed as new head of the United Nations Development Program UNDP

UNDP has a budget of about NZ$9 billion and provides training, advice support and all other intangible services for developing countries.

“I guess this is another of those moments,” Helen [Caligula] Clark said.

“… the sort of sense of ‘gee,’ ‘golly,’ ‘gosh’ is almost immediately replaced by ‘there’s an awful lot of things to do’.” [I bet there is.]

Drought threatens Africa, but they need the other type of dyke for their agriculture!

It’s not known how many of her female companions she will take on her business trips. Will UNDP pay for all her expenses? OF COURSE THEY WILL!

Three Reasons Why Clark’s UN Appointment Must Be Annulled

1. Helen Clark has amassed much more wealth than a NZ career politician could on wages and investment, during her career as a NZ ‘politician’ [and former PM.]

2. Helen Clark’s character is morally objectionable. Her lacking in moral fiber influences her ability and character to run a large organization effectively.

3. During her 8-year stint as Prime Minister, New Zealand became a “destination country” for the trafficking of women for sex from Malaysia, Hong Kong and China …

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It’s Time to Shut Down UN and Replace it with Something else that Works for 99 percent of the world population—NOT just for the 1 percent fat cats.

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New Zealanders Paid ONLY Half as Much as Australians

Posted by te2ataria on September 5, 2008

Google’s internal KGB has blocked this post – Sept 13, 2008.

submitted by a New Zealand reader

The dumb New Zealanders are regarded as half humans by their own government!

Having adjusted for exchange rate and cost of living difference, New Zealanders  pay is only about 49.7 per cent of Australians, according to the Council of Trade Unions.

“Migration to Australia is too high and solutions are not easy, but are certainly needed,” they said.

In the last 12 months more than 2 percent of New Zealand population migrated to Australia.

But the sheep staying in New Zealand deserve what they get. They are happy with their “sub-human” treatment, and so be it.

[The problem is a lot of them vent their frustration and anger by killing foreign visitors and murdering Asian residents!]

Just one question: Are the PM, Cabinet Minsters, Judges, senior Civil Servants and the Head of SIS also on Sheep’s salary?

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Xin Xin Fights; Xin Xin Flights!

Posted by te2ataria on August 18, 2008

submitted by a reader

So, who is actually in charge in New Zealand? Helen [Caligula] Clark’s rotten govt., or her brothers in crime, Chinese 14K Triad gang?

Here’s how the story of the five-year-old Cina Ma (aka, Xin Xin), a recent kidnap victim fleeing New Zealand, first broke out:

Family of kidnapped girl flees country in fear

(Source: Stuff New Zealand/ NZPA)
Monday, 18 August 2008

Cina Ma – aka, Xin Xin

“The family of kidnapped schoolgirl five-year-old Cina Ma has fled the country after fears of retaliation action by Triad gang members.

“Cina’s aunt Hong Zhou confirmed yesterday Cina, her mother and other family members had returned to China after allegations members of the 14K Triad gang had been involved in the abduction.

“The family felt they had no choice but to return to China, Ms Zhou told The Herald on Sunday.

“They were in genuine fear for their lives and thought it best to go back to their homeland.

“‘They just don’t feel safe any more,’ she said.”

Xin Xin was kidnapped outside her home in Auckland’s North Shore on July 14, bundled into a car and driven away. She was found five days later in a walk-in wardrobe in an unoccupied house near her home.

Deqiong Deng, 25, a real estate agent was charged with kidnapping and holding her for ransom.

“Last night police told the Herald … that given what had occurred, they were not surprised.”

Well now, that’s really food for thought! Why should police have anything to do with ensuring the safety of the citizens [Ok, they were Chinese and therefore regarded as “half people” among the elite circles. But, surely, two of them, Xin Xin and her Ma should make a full person!]

Then the halfwit morons in the government finally discovered their own bloomer!

What good is a government if it cannot protect its citizens, albeit the Chinese “half-people?” How can they continue keeping up the false pretense that NZ is a safe country AND persuade more wealthy “half-people” to come over, if Xin Xin has already left?

Back to the drawing board: Deny, deny, deny everything!

The police sisterhood immediately denied that Xin Xin had left the country. And Xin Xin’s plane was ordered to return to Auckland [Ouch!]

The new “news” report cited a North Shore police spokesman saying, “the reports were not correct.” “The family are still in Auckland.”

Stuff NZ/NZPA reported:
Cina Ma family fleeing reports denied
Monday, 18 August 2008

“Police say the family of kidnapped five-year-old schoolgirl Cina Ma is still in the country, despite reports they had fled amid fears of retaliation action by Triad gang members.”

And if you don’t believe the incompetent, perfidious New Zealand police force, or the corrupt government of Helen [Caligula] Clark, pick up the phone and call Xin Xin’s aunt, Hong Zhou, for a confirmation!

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