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WTF: Hepatitis A outbreak at Ōāmaru kindergarten

Posted by edmundironside on April 7, 2018

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Most cases of hepatitis A occur in Third World countries —Experts

“The virus has been detected in three children from two families associated with Edna McCulloch Kindergarten,” a report said.

Most cases of hepatitis A occur in Third World countries. “Hepatitis A is spread almost exclusively by the fecal-oral route and is most often associated with poor sanitation and hygiene, and overcrowded living conditions.” [Source]

What Is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is a viral disease of the liver that is contracted through contact with, or swallowing of human fecal waste, generally through eating or drinking contaminated food and/or water.

Hepatitis A thrives in areas with poor sanitation and is spread when people eat or drink something that has been contaminated with human body waste products. Children often show no symptoms and the disease is more serious in adults.

Hepatitis A involves the liver and about 15 percent of people who get it will have symptoms of jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), fatigue, stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea and fever that comes and goes for 6 to 9 months. Most children and adults recover without complications and will have lifelong immunity to the disease.

Symptoms of hepatitis A usually occur suddenly and include fatigue, abdominal and/or joint pain, loss of appetite, fever, nausea, jaundice, dark urine, clay-colored bowel movements, and diarrhea.

The jaundice that turns the skin and eyes yellow is common in adults but rare in children. Most children under the age of 6 years do not get sick from the infection, but can spread it to older children and adults.

The incubation period for hepatitis A is 15 to 45 days, or about 4 weeks. It is possible for the virus to begin shedding through the stool of the infected person from 2 weeks before to 1 week after the onset of the disease.


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MPI fails its battle against Myrtle rust

The infections spreads to South Island

“When myrtle rust was first discovered on mainland New Zealand in May last year, we said it would be a challenging disease to contain and eradicate but we would give it a good crack,” said MPI’s myrtle rust response spokesperson Dr Catherine Duthie.

“We now have well over 540 infected sites across the North Island and now the top of the South,” said Dr Duthie. “Because of the windborne, pernicious nature of the disease, we have to anticipate that there are likely to be many more infected sites beyond these.”

Distribution of detections

At 6 April 2018, myrtle rust has been detected on 547 properties across 9 regions: Northland (4 properties), Auckland (82), Waikato (61), Bay of Plenty (123), Taupō (5), Taranaki (233), Manawatu (3), Wellington (34), Tasman (2).

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NZ’s Queer Judiciary

Judge John McDonald Bends Over and Grabs His Ankles (Again)

Reiss Berger, 21, an American student who was involved in a fatal crash that killed two Kiwis, has  pleaded not guilty to two counts of careless driving causing death and three of causing injury to others.

Mr Berger, who expects to receive no more than a slap on the wrist, was bailed to return to New Zealand in May for a case review hearing.

For once police did their job opposing bail for the American, but his lawyer, Mr Dodds, said  father of the accused “was an attorney who had flown from the United States for the hearing and would ensure his son would re-appear in court.”

The corrupt judge said the accused could be extradited if he failed to return and bailed him for a hearing in the Kaikohe Court on May 18.

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What percentage of police officers, govt employees… let their vaginas, or penises, decide their future?

Former top Dunedin road cop Tania Baron quits after relationship with teenager
Dunedin police inspector “Tania Baron, 43, left her role last Thursday, as part of a mediated exit arranged by lawyers and police.who quit after signing a secret settlement deal had recently begun a relationship with a teenager.”
“Her resignation followed the end of her marriage, and the beginning of a new relationship with a teenager, who is ​now 18.”

Like Jacinda Ardern, the police inspector’s vagina, too, had the last word!

When vaginas make life-changing decisions: “Sad to be leaving a career I have loved and given my all to,” Dunedin police inspector Tania Baron told reporters. Photo: NZpolice

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Homeless Crisis

Hundreds of large families on waiting list

Some 707 large families are waiting for a state house but the government’s largest housing provider, Housing New Zealand, has less than 50 homes big enough to offer them. The latest figures released to RNZ, by Housing New Zealand, show that at 31 December 2017, there were 46 houses that had four or more bedrooms available to house families.


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Immigration NZ is racist [despite Indian mafia connection]

Profiling by race is racial profiling

Immigration NZ has been testing the programme for the past 18 months, though – embarrassingly – Immigration Minister Ian Lees-Galloway was made aware of its existence only yesterday morning when the news broke on RNZ’s Morning Report.

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Another dead body found in ‘Murder City’

UPDATE on incident on Harbour Bridge
Friday, 6 April 2018 – 2:45pm  – Waitemata

Police finally reopened the clip on lanes city bound on Auckland’s Harbour Bridge following an incident this afternoon when they recovered the body of a man from the Waitemata Harbour.

Brilliant, Unprecedented Detective Work!!

Within minutes of discovering the body, police experts concluded there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.

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Pedo-faced “Sir Bob” can insult Maori

The Press Council has not upheld a complaint against a column by the puckered-like-an-asshole lips Sir Bob Jones calling for a ‘Māori Gratitude Day‘, despite calling it “mean, malicious and infantile”.

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Govt from hell: Diabolic policies force more New Zealanders into the streets

Posted by te2ataria on August 29, 2016

Sent by an angry reader in NZ’s Murder Capital  [Edited by Moderator B.]

The average Kiwi will never be able to buy or rent an average property in this toxic sewer we call a country

First Auckland and now Taupo

Rental shortage in the tourist town of Taupo [district pop: 36,000] has caused a homeless situation for many residents, “in extreme cases forcing some to live in hotels, cars and even on the streets.”

Taupo has experienced an influx of Aucklanders buying here to escape the skyrocketing Auckland prices, said Mayor David Trewavas. As a result housing prices have doubled up and there’s an acute shortage in rental properties, he said.

Auckland is growing by a record 825 people a week, two thirds of whom are new migrants, says Labour MP Phil Goff, who represents the other side of the government mint.

Auckland needs at least 17,000 new houses a year and last year the council consented only 9,500 units, he said.

Meanwhile, the issuing of temporary work visas continued at over 209,000 a year, with a net gain of more than 63,000 long term migrants in the year to July 2016.

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