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Only Samoan resident gets arrested for human trafficking and slavery in NZ . . .

Posted by te2ataria on December 17, 2018

All other fruit & veg growers flash “Get Out of Jail FREE!” cards!

Samoan arrested on combined slavery and human trafficking charges

“A 64-year-old Samoan, who holds New Zealand residency, has been charged with both human trafficking and slavery. The first offence carries a maximum tariff of 20 years and the latter one of 14 years.”

New Zealand hosts as many as ¼ million sex and labor slaves

  • One in 10 sex slaves worldwide work in New Zealand [and Australia,]  or in ‘prison-brothels’ located on various pacific Islands that are owned, or protected by New Zealand [and Australia.]
  • Nearly every single kiwi fruit, apple, tomato…  grown in New Zealand is picked by what The U.S. State Department calls “21st century slaves”. 
  • The arithmetic is simple, work it out for yourself! [Tens of thousands of tonnes of fruit and vegetable picked, number of hours needed to pick them, amount paid per hour, amount deducted for finders’ fee, accommodation, food … end price of the produce on the market]
  • Conclusion: Most of the country’s major fruit growers would go out of business, if slavery/ forced labor is proactively stopped in NZ.

A New Low in Hypocracy!
As if he didn’t know what was happening right under his nose, “Immigration NZ’s chief investigator, former policeman Peter Devoy, has called the Hawke’s Bay case ‘a new low'”, a report said.


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At least 22 women have been murdered in NZ this year so far

Another foreign [?] woman murdered in south Auckland
A 34-year-old woman, who appears to be a foreigner, was allegedly murdered in Noble Court in Flat Bush last Monday. A 33-year-old man contacted police saying he was the offender, and has since been charged with the crime.
Police said they were not yet in a position to name the woman as her next of kin needed to be notified first, which normally suggests the victim was a foreigner.

According to police insiders, at least 22 women have been murdered in NZ this year so far. Of those murders only 15 have been reported by police/ media.

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Mockery of Justice: Killer Gets a 2nd Chance, Murder Victim Shafted!

Justice Timothy Brewer Fucks Up Big Time, Again!

Teenage girl who fatally stabbed man while breaking into his car jailed, granted permanent name suppression

A 15-year-old girl who stabbed and murdered a man who had caught her breaking into his car has been allowed to keep her name secret, permanently.
“The girl, now 16, was sentenced to two years and 11 months imprisonment in the High Court in Hamilton on Monday morning after being found guilty by a jury of the manslaughter of Norman Kingi, 54, who died following the incident in Rānui Street, Hamilton, about 11.30pm on Friday, July 28 last year. ”
“Sometimes the death of a person is very close to an accident. In other times a manslaughter can be within a whisker of murder,” the corrupt judge sang to the teenager. 
The killer’s defense counsel was non other than Ron Mansfield who gets what he seeks from the the judges, including the customary permanent name suppression.

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Raped in New Zealand

Canadian Woman Raped in New Zealand

A [mentally-retarded] 22-year-old Canadian woman working in New Zealand was raped in June 2017. The rape accused, who claimed the sex was consensual, was jailed for five years and six months on Monday.

It’s unclear whether the residing District Court judge Jan Kelly was under political pressure to find the accused guilty of rape.

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Kiwi Family of the Week

Black Widow’s son to be released from prison after killing friend in crash

Adam Kearns, then 25, the son of Black Widow murderer Helen Milner is set to be released from prison after killing his friend, Nicholas Brent Morrison, in a 2015 high speed crash while he was high on methamphetamine. He was sentenced last year to four years and six months in prison.

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Road Fatality Mysteries

Who was/were the victim(s)?

Fatal crash in Karaka
Friday, 25 May 2018 – 6:39pm – Counties Manukau
“Emergency services are in attendance at a fatal crash in Karaka. Police were called to the two-car crash on Karaka Road around 6:15pm. The crash occurred near Whangapouri and Blackbridge Roads. One person has died however there is no information available on other injuries at this stage.”
[NO further information has ever been released by police or the media, concerning the victims’ identities!]

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This blog is being heavily policed and censored by multiple sources for economic and political reasons

Every time we touch on a “sensitive” subject the censors “freeze” the blog in cyberspace!

The Zombie-Democracy blog is hosted by WordPress, a U.S. based organization whose sinful earnings come mostly from advertiser revenues. They readily act like “cyber prostitutes,” sinking to new ethical lows, when they stand to gain a few extra dollars.

However, our questions is, who’s paying WordPress/Google/others to deny the bloggers their freedom of expression?

Is it the Five Eyes, Air NZ, other fascist organization(s), NZ government, wealthy investors based in this country, or all of the above, who’ve created this repressive atmosphere for civil liberties?

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W A R N I N G !

SEVERE Karmic Booms Striking Racists, Morally Repugnant Hypocrites in NZ!
Major Disasters Looming!

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Abducted Thai woman finally declared dead

Posted by te2ataria on March 3, 2016

Government corruption: Foreign gangs enter, operate and thrive in New Zealand

Abducted boot fall woman was mother of two

The abducted Thai woman who fell/was thrown, bound and gagged, from a moving car in south Auckland, has finally been declared dead in Middlemore Hospital.

She was Jindarat Prutsiriporn, 50, mother to “a couple of sons” in Auckland, police said.

Jindarat Prutsiriporn, 50, was finally declared dead. She was abducted in Auckland, brutally beaten, bound and gagged and thrown out of a moving car. Prutsiriporn had some involvement in the organised crime scene within Auckland, police said.

“The New Zealand Herald reported on Thursday Prutsiriporn had been jailed for two and a half years in 2011 after pleading guilty to conspiring to import the methamphetamine precursor pseudoephedrine as well as other drug offences.”  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/77491200/boot-fall-woman-dies-from-injuries.html

It’s not known why she was allowed to remain in this country after being convicted, unless she was working for the police, or was connected to members of the establishment who benefit handsomely from prostitution, modern slavery (human trafficking), drugs, and other criminal rackets.

Toddler killed after being struck by ‘multiple vehicles’ on SH 25
An 18-month-old boy was killed after being hit by a car outside their home, while his mother was making school lunches.  http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11599161

Body lay undiscovered for months in Wellington apartment
A 78 year old man’s badly decomposed body has been discovered in an upmarket Wellington apartment. Police say he may have died in early January. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11599363

Another NZ coroner blames dead tourists for avalanche deaths

Two Canadian tourists, Louis-Vincent Lessard and Etienne Lemieux, both 23-year-old, who were killed by an avalanche while walking the Kepler Track on July 9, ignored advice against doing the tramp due to the bad weather and avalanche risk, a coroner’s report says.

“Southland Otago coroner David Crerar’s report into the tragedy says the two men spent the night of July 8 at a DOC shelter called the Hanging Valley Shelter, but the following morning they were engulfed by an avalanche while walking along the track towards Luxmore Hut and Lake Te Anau.”

“They did not understand the dangers they were facing and, more significantly, did not understand the fact they did not understand these dangers,” said Crerar. [Were the two French Canadians “intellectually challenged,” as the coroner seems to suggest?] http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/77501034/Tourist-trampers-ignore-advice-and-pay-ultimate-price-in-Fiordland-National-park

DAY 77 of latest TOURISTS or truth? campaign in NZ

About two-thirds of the road fatalities in New Zealand go unreported by police, or unrecorded by Minitru.

Ministry of Transport (heavily doctored) Road Toll:

3-3-16 doctored road toll


  • Blog estimate: [About 900 people are killed on NZ roads each year.] Most probably, up to 163 road fatalities have occurred in NZ since 1 January 2016.

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Asian emigrants have little or NO rights in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on October 17, 2011

Corporate-sponsored democracy in New Zealand more oppressive than the Chinese regime: This blog is filtered by Google, censored by New Zealand government and hacked by WordPress.


Commenting on

New Zealand Openly Discriminates Against Asians

Jake said:

“There is no ‘White’ person alive who ever stole any land of ‘Maori'”

White Moderator J: That’s probably true, but the thieves didn’t return the stolen land to Maori upon  departure to Tartarus.

Jake: Furthermore there are not full blooded Maori’s left and most Pakeha and Maori share common blood lines.

WMJ: Fail to see the relevance, even if remotely true. Is a “white” person with 75% European blood and 25 percent African blood considered “white” or “black” in your neighborhood?

[NOTE: White Europeans look pale, Africans look black and Maori look like, you probably guessed it, Maori.]

Jake: The reason most Asian peoples feel left out is because the Treaty of Waitangi (the founding document of our nation) was signed between the British and the Maori. New Zealand from that point on has been a bi-cultural society fighting to forge a single culture and nation.

WMJ: The Treaty of Waitangi is NOT a valid contract. Take it to any respectable international court and the judges would throw it out of the window … ! For starters, Pacta quae turpem causam continent non sunt observanda.

Jake: Asians and Polynesians were never part of that agreement and have offered little to our culture or institutions. Asians come to fill the skill shortages, and take our high paid jobs and Polynesians come here to do menial jobs to get their children into good schools.

WMJ: If the two groups, Asians and Polynesians,  emigrate to this country legally, then the government must respect their rights and treat them equally.

Jake: Most of the productive work such as agriculture and horticulture is carried out by Maori and Pakeha. Why when times are tough and our own people can’t find work should we employ foreigners who offer little and take take take.

WMJ: This is a racist attitude. Legal emigrants should not be treated any differently than any other of us.

[NOTE: For your information, most of the agriculture in this country is carried out by low-paid southeast Asians who work in slave-like conditions: NZers help drive demand for sex and labour slaves]

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24 Hours in poxy New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on September 8, 2009

Stay Alive!

Don’t Let New Zealand Take Your Breath Away

Here’s a list of a fraction of reported incidents that happen in 24 hours or less in New Zealand:

Human trafficking an issue in NZ – lawyer

Two Ukranian victims of human trafficking have been prosecuted for passport fraud when they should be receiving help from New Zealand authorities, their lawyer says.

Police carry out autopsy on one of the two woman found under Wainoni house

Police found the bodies of two women under the house on Friday. One of the women was thought to be the 35-year-old wife of the Wainoni Rd homeowner and the other is believed to be that of Tisha Lowry, who disappeared almost a year ago and lived at the next-door property.

tisha Lowry
Tisha Lowry who lived next door went missing a year ago.

Christchurch police investigate unusual stabbing

A man was seriously injured when he was stabbed with a pair of old-style wool shears in central Christchurch, police said today.

Burglar Turns Kidnapper

Billy Jack Anderson, 23, faces charges of aggravated assault, kidnapping and injuring with intent … The charges follow burglary at a house in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast … when a man was attacked and a 25-year-old woman kidnapped from the house …

Violent Waikato robberies possibly connected

Waikato police are investigating armed robberies in the Waipa District on Saturday night, described by police as particularly violent.

Another fistfight turns fatal

A homicide investigation is under way after a man died following a fight in the West Coast township of Kumara overnight.

Partying teen dies in caravan fire

A [mutant kiwi] teenager died after fire broke out in a caravan in which he was sleeping following an 18th birthday party. The fire was not thought to be suspicious.  [Many mutant kiwi teenagers are too violent to live beyond their teens.]

Senior police officer twice legal limit when pulled over

John Gualter, an [driving ?] instructor at the police college in Porirua, north of Wellington, stopped for driving erratically after leaving a police bar was so drunk he had to lean on his car to support himself, according to court documents.

Mutant kiwi Teens seek breast boost

[Mutant] kiwi girls as young as 13 are approaching plastic surgeons for “boob job” price lists. … And other teens are racking up bills of thousands of dollars with banks and finance companies in a bid to achieve Hollywood-style physical “perfection”.

Woman mugged in ‘vicious’ Wellington attack

A man armed with a long wooden pole viciously assaulted and robbed a young woman in central Wellington last night. The 21-year-old woman had been walking down Wallace St carrying pizzas when the man shouted and swore at her before striking her with a wooden tree-stake about 8pm …

At least 6 people die on New Zealand Death Roads in less than 24 hours [Not all incidents have been reported.]

Search internet for New Zealand road death tolls.

Police talk to residents over Palmerston North death

Police investigating the death of a man in Palmerston North are interviewing the residents of a block of flats that his body was found outside.

Body of missing man found washed up on rocks

The body of an Asian man who went missing in Auckland has been found washed up on rocks. Masashi Hayama-Moreton, 22, was last seen around midnight on Tuesday at the Orewa Beach Holiday Camp.

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NZers help drive demand for sex and labour slaves

Posted by te2ataria on September 2, 2009

sent by a reader in Wellington [Edited by TEAA]

New Zealand hosts as many as ¼ million sex and labor slaves

  • One in 10 sex slaves worldwide work in New Zealand [and Australia,]  or in ‘prison-brothels’ on various pacific Islands owned or protected by New Zealand [and Australia.]
  • Nearly every single kiwi fruit, apple, tomato…  grown in New Zealand is picked by a labor slave

NZers accused over child pornography

A major conference on human trafficking starts in Wellington today, with one of the organisers alleging New Zealanders are helping drive demand for sex and labour slaves.The Salvation Army is hosting the three-day Pacific Trafficking in Persons Forum, and Salvation Army justice advocate Chris Frazer said that recession is feeding the global supply of sex and labour slaves.

Deteriorating household living standards in countries where traffickers source their victims are making the impoverished more vulnerable to profiteering traffickers, Ms Frazer said.

A recent report released by anti-child sex trafficking network ECPAT and The Body Shop highlighted the increasing vulnerability of children and young people being coerced or conned into prostitution or the production of child pornography.

Ms Frazer said New Zealanders who surf the internet for pornography were likely to be contributing to misery of those trafficked for the production of pornography, and most New Zealand homes would contain items or components of products that had been produced by slave labour.

Products from industries as diverse as clothing, sports shoes, coffee, chocolate, sugar, fireworks, glassware, jewellery and mobile phones and laptops had been found to have been made with slave labour.

“These are not one-off crimes against mainly children and women – the victims suffer day after day, year after year and the damage to their lives is often permanent,” she said.

The evidence for trafficked labour in the Pacific was anecdotal but significant, and it was time for a Pacific focus on the issue, she said.

Prostitutes Collective national coordinator Catherine Healy said people often claimed there was human trafficking in New Zealand but her organisation had not found evidence of this.

“We’re the only organisation working hands-on nationwide with sex workers and we’re not seeing any evidence of trafficking,” she said.

Ms Healy said the 2009 US report Trafficking in Persons defined a person as “trafficked” if they are working as a prostitute and aged younger than 18, and New Zealand had scored badly on this scale.

The American research said Fiji was a source country for children trafficked for the purposes of labour and commercial sexual exploitation, and a destination country for women from a number of countries trafficked for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation.

More than 21 Pacific nations are represented at the forum, including Fiji, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Timor-L’este and Western Samoa.

The forum, co-hosted by the Australian Institute of Criminology and the Pacific Immigration Directors’ Conference, is being held at the Quality Hotel and includes speakers from government departments and non-government organisations from the Pacific region as well as UN and law enforcement agencies.

Copyright NZPA.

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A New Depth in Depravity for New Zealand

Posted by feww on June 5, 2008

Finger pointed at NZ in sex trade report

By MICHAEL FIELD – Fairfax Media | Thursday, 05 June 2008

A graphic US Government report on modern slavery has accused New Zealand of being a “destination country” for the trafficking of women for sex from Malaysia, Hong Kong and China [for some reason Vietnamese women are not mentioned in the report.]
It says some Asian and Pacific Islanders who migrate willingly to work in the agricultural sector and women from the Philippines who migrate to work as nurses “are charged excessive recruiting fees by manpower agencies, and experience unjustified salary deductions and occasional contract fraud, actions that make them vulnerable to involuntary servitude or debt bondage”.

Why was the Wenchuan girl photographed below separated from her parents? Where is she now?

[Why is this girl being taken away?] “A girl waves goodbye to her parents as she is airlifted out of the earthquake-hit city of Wenchuan, Sichuan province May 22, 2008. REUTERS/Reinhard Krause (CHINA)” (Image may be subject to copyright. See New Zeelend Fair Use Notice!)

[The report called for] a formal procedure to identify victims of trafficking among vulnerable groups such as foreign women arrested for prostitution or migrant labourers and continue efforts to investigate and prosecute citizens engaged in child sex tourism.

It said the United States opposed legalised prostitution and the report noted that since this came about in 2004, there had been 94 prosecutions for crimes involving commercial sexual exploitation of minors.
On Fiji – a major destination for New Zealand tourists – the US State Department says children from China are trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation. People from India are trafficked for forced labour and commercial sex.

“In addition, Fiji boys and girls are victims of commercial sexual exploitation by Fiji citizens, foreign tourists, and sailors on foreign fishing vessels. (Source) © Fairfax New Zealand Limited 2007.

Original Report:

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