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Oh, what a fuck up!

Posted by te2ataria on October 21, 2017

“Planned burnoff” destroys 1,315ha of native forest, commercial forestry and scrub land near Te Anau

Don’t people need permits to set the countryside on fire any longer?

“This fire never should’ve been lit to begin with in the conditions that were forecast for yesterday,” said principal rural fire officer. [So why were the firebugs allowed to do it?]

Arson is Our Middle Name

Another Suspicious School Fire

Suspicious fire at Christchurch school
A Suspicious fire broke out at the school hall, which was under construction.

Proudly Killed in New Zealand

Killed on the Death Roads

Fatal Crash Update – SH 41
Saturday, 21 October 2017 – 2:03pm [Bay of Plenty of Deaths]
“Police can now advise that the person killed in a crash on State Highway 41 this morning was a 47-year-old woman. The woman was riding a motorcycle and no other vehicles were involved in the crash.”

Crash in New Lynn, Auckland – diversions in place
Saturday, 21 October 2017 – 6:33pm National News
“Police are at the scene of a crash where a motorcyle and car collided at 5.30pm tonight. One person is in a critical condition and the road is closed at the intersection of Great North Road and Portage Road.” http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/crash-new-lynn-auckland-diversions-place
[Blog is advised that the motorcyclist has passed away. Moderator]

Name release – Burnham crash
Saturday, 21 October 2017 – 11:59am – Canterbury
“Police can now provide details of the person killed in a crash near Burnham overnight. She was Jaimey Leigh Fellows, 32, of Christchurch.”

Fatal crash near Raupunga
A motorist was killed in a single vehicle crash on State Highway 2, just outside of Raupunga, near Wairoa, this afternoon, police said. “Emergency services were called after the vehicle crashed around 3:30pm. The driver, who was the only person in the vehicle, died at the scene.”  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/fatal-crash-near-raupunga

[There have been at least 22 serious crashes since Friday so far. However, police have only released THREE fatality reports. Moderator]

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New Zealand synonymous with corruption, incompetence, deception…

Posted by te2ataria on October 16, 2017

WARNING: SEVERE Negative Karmic Events Occurring Throughout NZ! ARE YOU READY?

Evil Karma Boomerangs in Mysterious Ways!

People living in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Tasman Bay, Bay of Plenty [of Deaths] and Hawke’s Bay regions are either very brave, or extremely stupid. Then again, karma returns in mysterious ways! [See earlier posts for a clue!]

Welcome to the MOST HEAVILY CENSORED blog in New Zealand [and all other ZOMBIE democracies!] We’re GUILTY, above all, of TELLING the TRUTH, EXPOSING govt CORRUPTION and police BRUTALITY!


Sent by a reader in Sewage City [aka, “Wellington”] strong language edited out by a moderator.

‘Wellington homes now even further out of reach for first-home buyers’

At $528,200 [it’s really $600,000,] the average asking price of a dump in Wellington has increased by at least  10 per cent since last year.

For that huge sum of money, you’ll only get a two bedroom house built before WWII.

[Strong language removed. Moderator]

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Why do most peds, pervs and paraphiliacs drive a Toyota Corolla?

Masturbating man follows boy, 12, for 4km

Dunedin police said they’re investigating two cases of men masturbating in the open.  “In the first incident, a boy was followed by a man in a black Toyota Corolla from outside Tainui Intermediate School to his home, in the suburb of Anderson Bay, a distance of 4km, on Sunday afternoon.”

“The second incident involved a man masturbating outside a flat on Grange St in the city’s student quarter on Sunday night.”  https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/97911088/police-investigate-two-cases-of-men-doing-indecent-acts

Corruption at NZ Immigration

Why is Immigration New Zealand run by the “Indian mafia”?

Korean-based couple Patrick Cattell​ and wife Young Jin Choi, trying desperately to move back to New Zealand, are on the verge of giving up as their efforts are thwarted by confusing advice from immigration officials. “A letter by support officer Sukriti Bhatnagar said Immigration NZ needed an original birth certificate and family relations certificate. ” But… https://www.stuff.co.nz/manawatu-standard/news/97866926/couples-frustration-festers-as-immigration-nz-officers-contradict-each-other

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NZ Immigration is responsible for every act of exploitation of foreign and domestic workers

“A migrant worker who describes himself as a modern-day slave says he is blowing the whistle on exploitation he believes is widespread,” a report said.

The man came from Sri Lanka with his wife in 2011. He was cheated and made to pay his employer, in order to keep his “job,” for the sake of residency permit.

“The victim said in order to do that, his wife drove a taxi 12 hours a day, six days a week. She then withdrew cash from her account, which was passed to Danny’s employer, who then paid Danny a portion into his bank account as a sham wage.”

NZ Farcical Immigration: Corruption, Fraud…

Worried ‘if word gets out’ – immigration official

Indian student market destroys trust in private institutions – Independent Tertiary Education NZ

Officials’ tertiary fraud fears revealed

Indian students paying up to $40,000 for jobs


DECEPTION: FAKE Freedom of Information

Transport Researcher for Real?

“Road toll rise should have been spotted – researcher”
“New Zealand Initiative research fellow Sam Warburton, who studies transport and infrastructure…”

Which road toll? The officially doctored one?

Proudly Killed in New Zealand

Bay of Plenty of Deaths: Police call Driver Death
The driver of a truck and trailer unit was killed when his vehicle rolled in the Tauranga Quarry, “while emptying gravel,” police said. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/police-scene-fatal-workplace-incident

[The incident occurred Kaitemako Road in Welcome Bay, Bay of Plenty of Deaths, just before 2pm today. To keep the road toll total down, police have categorized the fatality as a “work place incident.”]

Police Tried to Doctor the Road Toll Total, Again, But…

Update on pedestrian hit in Otaki last week
“Monday, 16 October 2017 – 1:16pm – National News – Please attribute to Detective Senior Sergeant Craig Sheridan, Palmerston North C.I.B. Police attended a crash on SH1 Otaki, north of Wellington on Friday 13 of October, where a pedestrian was struck and injured.  The woman, who was rushed to Palmerston North Hospital in a critical condition, died yesterday morning from her injuries.

Pedestrian hit in Otaki – correction
“Monday, 16 October 2017 – 1:50pm – National News – The date of the crash was Saturday 14 October 2017, not Friday 13 as previously reported. We apologise for the error. [Sure you do!]”

Officially DOCTORED Road Toll  and Statistical RESURRECTIONS

Police Road Fatality Reports [Extreme Censorship is in Effect for Tourism and Commercial Reasons]

Search blog content.

Road Fatalities and Police Censorship

Both the actual number of road fatalities and cases of statistical resurrections, performed by the Ministry of Transport (MoT), over the September 22-24 weekend remain UNKNOWN.

  • No. of dead people resurrected by MoT on Oct. 2, 2017 : at least ONE
  • Known no. of dead people resurrected by MoT on Sept. 26, 2017 : at least ONE
  • At least FIVE, possibly as many as SEVEN, people were killed in serious crashes on Wednesday, August 23, according to a informed source, but only three fatalities were reported by police.
  • On Monday, August 28, police reported at least THREE road fatalities. All three victims seem to have been statistically resurrected by the Ministry of Truth (Minitru).
  • At least nine road fatalities occurred over the weekend (September 1 – 2), according to reliable insider information. However, only four of the deaths were reported by police, and of those, just three recorded by the Ministry of Transport.
  • Between September 18 and 21, 2017 at least SIX road fatality victims were resurrected by MOT.

Of an estimated 2,200 people who have received near-fatal/critical or serious injuries on New Zealand roads so far this year, only a couple have been reported perished, according to NZ police news bulletins.


Welcome to the World’s Deadliest Tourist Destination – Truth about NZ Deadly Roads, as We Know it:

  • Based on insider information, statistical models and local news, we believe about 900 people were killed and more than 8,000 others seriously/critically injured on NZ suicide roads in 2016; however, only 328 fatalities were reported last year. [For every 12 or so victims, who die later in a hospital, only one death is reported. See blog content.]
  • To protect the tourist industry and massive foreign investment, about two out of every three road fatalities go unreported, or the dead are statistically resurrected by NZ government.

Tourist Road Fatalities in NZ a State Secret



Police and Coroner

Otaki Beach murder-suicide remains a mystery, says coroner
The reasons behind an Otaki Beach man stabbing his two children to death before killing himself in February this year will probably always remain a mystery, a coroner says.

Even More Corruption!

Million-Dollar Handshakes!

$980,000 CEO payout questioned

“Two Dunedin city councillors are considering asking the auditor-general to investigate a $980,000 golden handshake given to the outgoing chief executive of a council-owned power company… Mr Cameron’s base salary was $560,000 – meaning he received an extra $420,000 for something else.”

More on Government Corruption

“The Instant Kiwi”

Did you know Peter Thiel screwed the NZ taxpayers out of tens of millions of dollars, while sodomizing corrupt NZ government ministers, and got a preferential citizenship, too?

“The Instant Kiwi” even forced the corrupt NZ government to have details of his immigration application redacted.

The Department of Internal Affairs allowed billionaire Peter Thiel to redact key information from his citizenship file, a decision later criticised by the Ombudsman who said the saga attracted ‘public disquiet.’”


Latest Links:

White supremacist establishment

“We have a white supremacist establishment that shames even Donald Trump, spend billions on an incompetent and unnecessary military, and let a brutal police force run the country [and commit murder] with absolute impunity, but have no clean water [and go blind while waiting for eye care, or die within hours of being released from hospital] in New Zealand…” — A Reader


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Question of the Week: NZ Bankruptcy

Posted by te2ataria on June 24, 2009

concept sent by a reader in Cambridge [Re-written by TEAA]

New Zealand WILL Go Broke Sooner or Later

Bad karma, the kiwi antisocial gene, conspiracy against nature, moral depravity, attack on the environment, incompetence, lack of professinalism, drought … are driving  New Zealand to the edge of bankruptcy. 

The question is WHEN?


A. Second half of 2009

B. First half of 2010

C. Second half of 2010

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Pilot Error Downed Air New Zealand Airbus!

Posted by te2ataria on February 25, 2009

Watch Our Lips: Read the *&#^*%* Report!

“PILOT ERROR” caused the Airbus A320 to crash into the Mediterranean Sea killing all aboard.

Five New Zealanders died in the crash off the coast of France in November. Photos / l’Independant, via nz herald.

France’s Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses (BEA) said in a  report published today in Paris that the “the plane performed a low speed test at too low an altitude.”

“The report shows a dramatic last minute struggle to save the plane, but it smashed into the sea at 263 knots or 487 kilometres per hour.” Media reported.

“Air New Zealand pilot Brian Horrell was sitting in a middle cockpit seat and an unnamed Air New Zealand engineer was on the flight deck.”

The report says the crew had “not received any specific training for this type of flight”.

The nincompoop Air New Zealand CEO, Rob Fyfe, is naturally upset with his airline’s abject failure to ensure safety. Mr Fyfe said, a “combination of failures” must have been behind the crash.

Yes, Mr Fyfe, you’re dead right, it was a combination of failures: Incompetence, inadequate training, corporate  greed, cutting corners …

In America some pilots can land on water without engines!

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