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Penny Bright’s case: Hunger strike pending?

Posted by edmundironside on April 21, 2018

How could non-existent ‘freedom of speech’ be under threat in a police state?

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No transparency, no pay!

The High Court has ruled that Penny Bright’s Kingsland home, which is worth about $1 million, would be sold by tender on April 24 to recover about $34,000 of “unpaid council rates and penalties” dating back to 2007, a report said.

“Bright, a 2016 mayoral candidate, had been in a stand-off with Auckland Council over rates since 2007; she has maintained she won’t pay up until the council makes public how its rate money gets spent.”

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Peter Glasson enters fifth day of hunger strike

Christchurch man Peter Glasson entered fifth day of his hunger strike over his Southern Response insurance claim, determined to “go the full distance”.

Glasson, who has not eaten since midnight on Monday, “has vowed not to break the hunger strike until Southern Response settles his insurance claim.”

“It is absolutely continuing. I will continue for as long as required,” he said on Saturday.

“I am a wee bit weaker and lighter. I am losing about a kilogram a day. I am a wee bit light headed. I get hunger pangs all the time.”

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