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Born in South Africa, Raised in England, Killed in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on February 20, 2015

Former British Royal Marine pilot killed in NZ chopper crash

Stephen Anthony Nicholson Combe, 42, a former British Royal Marine with the 847 Naval Air Squadron, and his Protégé, James Louis Patterson Gardner, aged 18, were killed Thursday afternoon when their Robinson R44 helicopter crashed near Queenstown.

The teenager’s father, former Olympic skier Murray “Mo” Gardner, and his mother, Louisa “Choppy” Patterson, the owner of the Over The Top, which operated the helicopter, are said to be devastated.

Robinson R44 helicopter, a four-seat, single-engined light helicopter, is reportedly one of the most common helicopters operated in New Zealand.

Combe was born in South Africa, raised in England, obtaining a technology degree at Plymouth, university, before working for the Christian organisation Food For The Hungry in Rwanda, during that country’s civil war, said the report.

During an eight-year military career with British Royal Marines, he survived missions in Sierra Leone, Kosovo and Iraq.

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