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Do Ya Feel Lucky Punk? Well do ya?

Posted by te2ataria on April 27, 2011

Young Japanese student was abused, attacked, and mauled by two dogs in racist attack

Christchurch couple, angry that a Japanese student escaped the deadly earthquake unhurt, decided to sign her off themselves.

The couple attacked and abused the young Japanese female and then let loose their two dogs on her, encouraging the animals to bite her.

Here’s the sanitized version:

A young Japanese student has been abused, attacked, and mauled by dogs in a racially motivated attack in Christchurch.

Police have arrested a 25-year-old male and an 18-year-old female in relation to the attack, which took place late on Easter Sunday.

Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Murton of Christchurch South Police says the pair are alleged to have made racist comments to the girl before setting two dogs on her.

The girl made her escape with the help of a passer-by. The two suspects have been remanded on bail.


[Nearly 50 percent of the Christchurch earthquake victims were foreigners, most of whom came from Asia, a large proportion from Japan. Names of the foreign victims that have not been withheld by NZ Gestapo will be released soon.]

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Japanese Student Raped, Filmed by Other Students

Posted by te2ataria on December 7, 2010

Exchange student believed to be Japanese was raped in New Zealand, while other students filmed her

A 16-year-old exchange student believed to be a Japanese national was raped at a Coromandel high school, NZ, while her fellow classmate filmed her.

The victim has since left New Zealand, police farce says.

“Police first became aware of the incident following media coverage over the weekend.” NZPA said.

“A number of enquiries are being followed up locally with partner agencies as we work to establish just what has happened,” Detective Sergeant Martyn Hughes said.

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