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Meet NZ’s Michelangelo

Posted by te2ataria on October 30, 2009

sent by an aurtistic reader

Meet Michelangelo’s NZ Reincarnation and his David [The Shithead, actually]

Nick smith Head in cow manureArtist Sam Mahon sculpture of Nick Smith’s head out of cow manure is for sale on TradeMe. Image may be subject to cowpee-right.

ACC and Environment Minister Nick Smith head was crafted cow manure by  New Zealand’s poo artist Sam Mahon.

The sculpture is  a 3D rendition of Dr Nick Smith and is called “Nick Smith in Shit,” available for sale on New Zealand’s version of eBay called TradeMe, where it was described as “light and hollow and highly polished.”

The sale will end November 6. [Hurry!]

The “Shithead” sits on a steel stand on display at the COCA Gallery in Christchurch. [Where else!]

Mahon was introduced as a Canterbury painter, printmaker and sculptor, usually working in bronze.

He has also written three books, including  My Father’s Shadow, which is  about his father Justice Peter Mahon, who was the Royal Commissioner into the Mt Erebus air disaster that let Air New Zealand off the hook.

Lighthearted gossip has it that the artist is crafting the head of PM John Key and his entire cabinet in human feces, however he is said to be having difficulty keeping Mr Key’s enormous nose in one piece.

Air NZ should have commissioned Sam Mahon to craft their “Sculpture of Error and Incompetence!”  He would have had a unique slant!

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