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Why so many pedestrians killed in Takanini?

Posted by te2ataria on March 14, 2019

Two pedestrians killed by train in Takanini in four weeks!

Pedestrian struck by train in Takanini
Thursday, 14 March 2019 – 8:45am – Counties Manukau
“Police are attending an incident at a railway line in Takanini north of Walters Road.”
A person was killed after being struck by a train at about 8.12am this morning.

Person struck by train, Takanini
Friday, 15 February 2019 – 4:25pm- Counties Manukau
“A person has died after being struck by a train at a railway crossing near Taka Street in Takanini, Auckland.
“Police were called to the scene shortly before 2pm today.
“Police are advising the person’s next of kin.”
“There are no suspicious circumstances [not until you mentioned it] and the death will be referred to the Coroner.”

Male pedestrian found dead in Takanini
Saturday, 15 September 2018 – 9:00pm – Counties Manurkau
“Emergency services were called at 7.20pm to reports that a pedestrian had been hit by a car on Popes Road, Takanini. On arrival, Police found a man deceased.
Initial indications are that the man was already deceased on the road when hit by the driver who contacted emergency services.”

Update: Fatal crash, Takanini
Friday, 11 January 2019 – 11:07pm –  Counties Manukau
Police can now confirm that one person was killed in a violent crash on Auckland’s Southern Motorway, near Takanini. Two others are in a serious condition, and two are in a minor to moderate condition. One southbound lane has now been reopened. [No police update available.] 

The following item has been removed by police
Saturday, 2 February 2019 – 8:12:07AM
Mill Road in Takanini will be closed for the next two hours due to a crash. A single vehicle collided with a pole about 7.25am, bringing down power lines. Mill Road is closed between Popes Road… More

Fatal  – Popes Road, Takanini
Monday, 24 September 2018 – 4:01pm  – Counties ManurkauThe man who was killed while hitchhiking on Popes Road, Takanini on 15 September, 2018 was 49-year-old John McKee originally from Northern Ireland. Mr McKee, police said. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/name-release-popes-road-takanini

Police at scene of Takanini incident
Tuesday, 17 October 2017 – 9:31am – Counties Manukau
“Police are at the scene of an incident in Takanini involving a collision between a train and a vehicle on Taka St.
“The incident took place around 7.40am.
“The driver of the vehicle sustained moderate injuries and has been transported to Middlemore Hospital.”

Takanini Train v Pedestrian update
Tuesday, 8 October 2013 – 3:23pm – National News
“Today at 12pm Counties Manukau Police were called to an incident that occurred on the train tracks near the level crossing at Walters Rd, Takanini.
“A man, 32 year old South Auckland resident, has been hit by a passenger train and was killed instantly.
“Police enquiries have established that he had parked his car and crossed the tracks about 20m north of Walters Road to speak with friends. As he went to cross back to his car, he walked backwards back towards the tracks.”

Takanini Train v Pedestrian – victim named
Wednesday, 9 October 2013 – 4:06pm – Counties Manukau
“The man killed yesterday in an incident near the Walters Rd level crossing in Takanini has been formally identified as 32 year old Alex Tipene.
“His family has been notified.
“issued by Kimberley Mathews/Communications Manager, Counties Manukau Police”

Police name woman killed in SH1 crash
Monday, 24 November 2014, 1:05p.m.
“Police have released the name of a woman killed on State Highway One, south of Whangarei.
Josephine Tipene of Kerikeri died at the scene when her car collided with a truck at 12.30PM on Friday.
“The 47 year old was the only person in the car at the time of the accident.”

Police seek identity of good Samaritan in Takanini
Monday, 2 October 2017 – 8:16pm Counties Manukau
“Police are seeking the identity of a man who came to the aid of a gentleman outside the Westpac Bank on Great South Road, Takanini, today.
“Unfortunately, the ill gentleman passed away of a suspected medical event – however, before emergency services arrived, a man came to his aid and commenced CPR around 2pm.”

“Police still seeking to identify man assaulted in Takanini”
Thursday, 17 August 2017 – 3:16pm – Counties Manukau
“Please attribute to Detective Senior Sergeant Karen Bright, Counties Manukau Police.
“Police are further seeking the public’s help to still identify an Indian male who was seriously assaulted in Takanini on Tuesday night.
“The man was left severely beaten on the footpath at approximately 10.20pm on Tuesday night on Great South Road, Takanini.
“The public response has been positive in assisting Police with their enquiries, however the male still remains unidentified.
“It is critically important to identify this male, so his family and friends can offer him support while he remains in a serious condition.”

Operation Urban – Takanini Ezy Cash Shop Double Homicide Update – Early Arrest Made
Sunday, 20 July 2014 – 9:07am – National News
“Counties Manukau Detectives have arrested a 25 year old male in relation to the double Homicide at the Takanini Ezy Cash Store yesterday afternoon.”

Counties Manukau Police attending unexplained death
Wednesday, 26 December 2018 – 9:59pm – Counties Manukau
“Police are currently attending the scene of an unexplained death on Maru Road in Takanini.
“The death was reported at about 8:40pm.”

for additional incidents search
1. https://www.police.govt.nz/search-results/Takanini? [Before they remove everything!]

2. The three wise monkeys [NZ mainstream corporate media.]

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“Radiation in New Zealand food is not from Fukushima” ?

Posted by te2ataria on September 22, 2016

Raise your [third] hand if you can verify the following information:

“Two post-Fukushima meltdown studies [conducted by the government] have found radiation in New Zealand food: but fear not – it is merely harmless remains [REALLY?] from nuclear testing decades ago.


“While conspiracy posts on social media may have people thinking that harmful levels of radiation were making their way to New Zealand, and into the seafood we eat, science has proven that is not the case [REALLY?]

“After the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, which caused a meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries [MPI] commissioned two studies to look at radiation making its way into the New Zealand diet.

“By examining 40 foods including farmed salmon, shellfish and wild fish they have found that the radioactive version of caesium at levels less than 0.1 per cent of the international guidance limit for contamination.”


“Not only were the elements expected to be found in Fukushima fallout not present, but modelling showed it would be about 10 years before it reached New Zealand – and by then it would not be at harmful levels,” MPI mouthpiece said.

Other Selected Headlines:

Wellington Guillain-Barre Syndrome case under investigation

“A patient is in intensive care in Wellington Hospital with Guillain Barre Syndrome – the debilitating condition linked to campylobacter outbreaks such as the one that hit Havelock North.

[Water Safety Much?]

“However, health authorities say they are still investigating whether the Wellington case is linked to last month’s Hawke’s Bay outbreak which left an estimated 5200 the Havelock North residents suffering from gastro illness.”   http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/84507285/wellington-hospital-treating-guillain-barre-syndrome-patient

Queenstown’s The Helicopter Line has four crashes in three years


Indian man killed by train,  mobile phone blamed [NATURALLY!]

24-year-old Tejas Patel was hit and killed by a train at Auckland’s Morningside station. And in the old kiwi tradition the authorities, Transport Accident Investigation Commission,blame him, the victim, for the fatal collision.

[Rail Safety Much?]

The commission admitted, however, “there was insufficient protection at the bottom of the platform ramp to prevent pedestrians inadvertently walking out in front of trains.”

Nimesha Patel, the victim’s mother, has joined voices calling for safety at New Zealand rail crossings, following the incident which killed her only child.   http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/84536892/Pedestrian-killed-by-train-may-have-been-distracted-by-using-his-phone

Yet another body recovered near Kaitaia in the Far North

Police say they have recovered a body from a rural bush area 20 minutes east of Kaitaia. And … that they have been searching in the area since yesterday using cadaver dogs and a specialist search unit from Auckland.

“We believe the body may have been there for some time and it has been a methodical process to preserve any potential evidence. We have been assisted today by a Pathologist and several scientists from ESR in Auckland.”  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/body-recovered-during-search-rural-area-east-kaitaia

[See if you can spot at least FOUR logical fallacies in the police statement.]

The F**ing Cowards of New Zealand

Father charged with fleeing Exclusive Brethren triple fatality

Exclusive Brethren Russell Stewart has pleaded not guilty to seven charges of driving under the influence of alcohol causing death or injury, and one charge of failing to remain at an accident.  http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11714784

Our Racist Justice System: A Korean-born New Zealand resident suspected of killing a woman in China should be extradited to China, frigging racist Justice Minister Amy Adams has decided [TWICE.]

Kyung Yup Kim, 41, who spent his 40th birthday in custody in 2015, has been held in custody without a charge for more than five years while the extradition process continued.

Kim, who has two teenage children, has repeatedly denied meeting the woman who was killed in Shanghai or having anything to do with her death in December 2009.

Kim’s lawyers said there was “overwhelming credible evidence of routine use of torture and ill-treatment” in China, particularly to extract confessions.

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Another road carnage reported in Huntly

Posted by te2ataria on September 19, 2016

At least four people killed in car and train crashes, seven others hospitalized so far today

A fatal crash between a car and truck on State Highway One in Huntly occurred a short time ago.

At least three people were killed and two others in a serious condition have been flown by rescue helicopter to Waikato Hospital. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/84424119/serious-crash-in-huntly

Woman killed after being hit by train in Christchurch

An unidentified woman was killed after being struck by a train in Christchurch this morning. The incident occurred at the rail crossing at the intersection of Main South and Kirk Roads in Templeton.

Five people hospitalised following Papakura crash

Five people are in Middlemore Hospital following a two-car crash in Papakura this morning.

On Saturday…

Four children thrown from a [stationary] van in South Auckland
A newborn baby and an 8-year-old child with serious injuries were among the victims.

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Another murder-mystery in Nelson?

Posted by te2ataria on August 4, 2016

sent by a reader in Richmond

‘Unexplained death in Nelson’

Another “unexplained death”, a police term for “*uck knows who killed him”, has been reported in Nelson.

Tasman Police said the unexplained death occurred on Queen Elizabeth II Drive in Nelson.

A man’s body, age and nationality undisclosed, was found on a boat moored opposite the skate park at about 10.45am Thursday morning.  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/unexplained-death-nelson

Man v. Train

Fatal incident at level crossing in Blenheim

Still in Tasman, a fatal incident involving a man and a train at the level crossing on Budge Street in Blenheim has occurred at about 3.15pm.

“Police do not believe there are any suspicious circumstances and the matter will now be referred to the coroner.” [Slam, bam, cased closed!]  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/fatal-incident-level-crossing-blenheim

Deadly, or near-fatal police pursuit

Three elderly people nearly killed in ‘poorly planned’ police pursuit

“Three elderly people were needlessly injured in a police pursuit that should have been abandoned earlier, the Independent Police Conduct Authority has found.” [A rare finding, indeed!]

Other News in Drips…

Invercargill man bit flatmate’s ear ‘like a dog’ in bizarre attack

HNZ tenant Melanie Daniels is trying to get water leaks fixed after 2 years

Attack victim partially blinded
Three men have been sentenced to Micky Mouse terms in the Blenheim District Court on Thursdayfor their involvement in a street attack which left a man partially blind after he was kicked and punched on the ground.

Zombie Judge David Ruth told the Blenheim District Court on Thursday the victim had undergone multiple surgeries but had been left with blurred vision that would affect him for the rest of his life.

And then he put his feet and head in it:

Liam Sloan, 23, described as the lead offender who kicked and punched the victim to his head and body, was sentenced to 12 months’ home detention, and must pay the victim $3000.

Connor Kenneth Wyatt, 19, received four months’ home detention, followed by nine months’ supervision.

Wyatt must undertake alcohol and drug counselling and complete a stop violence programme. Wyatt was also sentenced to 80 hours’ community work and must pay the victim $500.

Troy Harry Stephens, 23, received nine months’ supervision, must pay the victim $500 and complete 60 hours’ community work.


Wanaka man charged in cat-shooting incident

A wanker has been charged with ill-treating an animal after a 3-and-a-half-year-old chocolate point siamese called Coco was shot in the Studholme Rd area, receiving a serious injury.

After the shooting, the cat owner Craig Capstick rang neighbours to ask about anyone shooting on their properties, and Michele Capstick said one neighbour admitted he had “shot a cat”. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11687180

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Slavery in New Zealand increasing with more migrants exploited

Posted by te2ataria on June 1, 2016

Tip of the Iceberg: New Zealand has an estimated 800 people living in modern day slavery —survey

New Zealand has an estimated 800 people living in modern day slavery, an international slavery survey says.

The 2016 Global Slavery Index examines practices such as forced labour, human trafficking, child exploitation and forced marriage, surveying 43,000 people in 25 countries.

The number of people living in slavery in New Zealand has increased from 600 in the 2014 Global Slavery Index.

Slavery was most common in New Zealand’s fishing, dairy, agriculture, construction and hospitality industries.

“All of these are prone to labour exploitation,” said Don Lord, chief executive of human trafficking and slavery awareness organisation Hagar.

Don’t miss: New Zealand hosts as many as ¼ million sex and labor slaves

  • One in 10 sex slaves worldwide work in New Zealand [and Australia,]  or in ‘prison-brothels’ located on various pacific Islands that are owned or protected by New Zealand [and Australia.]
  • Nearly every single kiwi fruit, apple, tomato…  grown in New Zealand is picked by a “modern-day” slave.
  • The maths is simple, work it out for yourself! [Tonnes of fruit picked  number of hours worked, amount paid per hour, amount deducted for finders’ fee, accommodation, food …]

Homeless Crisis in NZ

Marae calls for army to help with homeless crisis

Isn’t it time to put NZ Army to some good use?

The South Auckland Marae that has taken in 54 homeless families is calling for the armed forces to help out with the housing crisis.

Te Puea Marae in Mangere Bridge says it is now full and has 12 families on a waiting list.

“We really would like those in authority to lift this to another level,” Marae chairman Hurimoana Dennis told reporters today.

“Why can’t the armed services be brought in to create a staging area where people can stay?” he asked.

“The weather being what it is, it would be helpful if we had a temporary marquee and some help with some cooking and stuff as well.

“There are facilities across Auckland which could be used, even for a period of time, so that families can be housed.

“I think it should be top of everyone’s list because this is New Zealand 2016, we shouldn’t be having this problem.” http://www.newstalkzb.co.nz/news/national/marae-calls-for-army-to-help-with-homeless-crisis/

Homeless family with a premature baby sleeping rough in an Auckland marae
The child’s family was sleeping rough for the past 18 months, mostly around Whakatane.  http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/80604888/Homeless-family-with-a-premature-baby-sleeping-rough-in-an-Auckland-marae

Man v. Train

One killed, another critical after being hit by trains in Auckland

  1. The victim is the second person to be struck by a train in the city on Tuesday. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/80605865/One-critical-after-being-hit-by-train-in-Auckland
  2. Earlier on Tuesday, around 7am, a person had died after being hit by a train in an east Auckland suburb.

Made in Frigging China

Chinese steel fails strength test [Is there any product out of frigging China that works?]

“Roading bosses are defending their quality control standards after 1,600 tonnes of Chinese steel destined for a major Waikato project was found to be below standard.”  http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/80635517/Chinese-steel-fails-strength-test

Vicious Dogs

How many more dog bites will it take?

Pit bull to be destroyed after attacking woman in Marlborough

“A pit bull is to be put down after attacking a guest in its owner’s house. The female guest, a friend of a boarder at the house, was taken to hospital with serious injuries after the family pet bit her arm. Blenheim woman Naomi Tebbutt said the boarder had invited the woman over without telling her or her husband (WTF!) Their pit bull Dozer came in the back door and latched onto her arm.”  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/80610562/Pit-bull-to-be-destroyed-after-attacking-woman-in-Marlborough

Woman attacked by dog north of Wellington

Man V. Defective Cars, Deadly Roads, DUI…

Seven injured in crash near Makarora

Seven people have been injured, three of them seriously, in a crash north of Makarora this afternoon. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11648901

No Road Fatalities Were Allowed Today!!

The State’s other Stinking Secrets

Truth hurts New Zealand tourism…

Today is DAY 167 of the latest NZ TOURISTS or truth? (police censorship of road fatalities) campaign

  • Blog estimate: About 900 people are killed on NZ roads each year. [Most probably] up to 376 road fatalities have occurred in NZ since 1 January 2016
  • No of road fatalities recorded by Minitru: 140

How do they do it?

Police manipulate the road toll by censoring reports of fatal crashes, while the Ministry of Transport simply delete the unwanted road fatalities, even from their own published records.

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Two people killed by two trains in two days

Posted by te2ataria on September 23, 2015

Trains, planes, cars… everything turns into a deadly weapon in NZ

A person was killed after being struck by a freight train at a railway crossing in the Tauranga suburb of Otumoetai earlier today (23 September).

The person was reportedly on foot, not in a vehicle.

On Monday,  a man in a wheelchair was killed by a freight train at Paraparaumu train station, north of Wellington, said a report.




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Killed by train, plane , automobile … and Mr Wolfie

Posted by te2ataria on March 15, 2009

sent by a reader

A 12-hr snapshot of murder, plane crash, train smash, road kills … in New Zealand

Mobil Mart Service Station Murder

A woman was viciously attacked and murdered on a Mobil Mart Service Station forecourt in suburban Johnsonville, Wellington, New Zealand at  about 11.55pm last night [March 14, 2009.]

The victim was found lying on the forecourt with “significant injuries.”


Papatoetoe Train Smash

A pedestrian was killed this morning after being hit by a train in Papatoetoe, Auckland, NZ, nincompoop police said.


Plane crash on the West Coast kills one

A light plane crashed  in the Inangahua area on the West Coast killing the “unlucky”  Pilot at about 11am, this morning.

Nincompoop police from Reefton and Westport attended the scene to take photos, while the Civil Aviation Authority, which was also advised, said they were still too busy “investigating” the hang-glider crash.


Automobile Crash

Awaiting the report of car crash that killed two people  near Wanganui last night.

Meanwhile,  body of a 16-year-old youth was found in a street in Ngaruawahia, 20km northwest of Hamilton, this morning.

A passing motorist discovered the body lying in Herschel Street near Ngaruawahia Fire Station, where a window was smashed.


One killed, two [three] seriously injured, possibly fatally, in Taupo crash

One person was killed and two seriously injured after a crash on State Highway 1 near Wairakei, 10km north of Taupo at about midday today.

The two injured were airlifted to Waikato hospital, a police infector with northern police communications said.


A later report said:

“A 22-year-old woman died after a Toyota and Honda collided head-on about midday on State Highway 1 at Maroa, 20km north of Taupo, Sergeant Dave Frazer of Taupo police said.

“The woman, who was an overseas student studying in Auckland, had been a passenger in the Toyota .

“Its driver, a 21-year-old woman who was also an overseas student studying in Auckland, was seriously injured, as were two women who were in the back of the vehicle.

“All three were airlifted to Rotorua Hospital, Mr Frazer said.

“A 27-year-old man who was the front seat passenger was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

“The driver of the Honda, a 28-year-old man from Putaruru, was airlifted to Rotorua hospital where he was in intensive care in a serious condition.

“Two Putaruru men aged 33 and 35, who were passengers in the Honda, were taken to Taupo Hospital with moderate injuries.


The above was the 2009 Road Death # 104 [at least!]

Related Links:

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