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kiwi of the Month: Amy Knowles

Posted by te2ataria on March 2, 2011

NEW Zealand teenager and  the Christchurch earthquake

Amy Knowles, 16, described on her Facebook page how she enjoyed stealing ice creams from store ruins and mocked survivors caught up in the earthquake, the New Zealand Herald reported. [They have since removed the article and deny they ever published it!]

Amy Knowles, 16, a typical kiwi teenager.

She was visiting Christchurch when the earthquake struck last week.

“Stole Ice creams, got drunk and mished around seeing f***** up s***, earthquakes aren’t soooo bad,” she wrote.

“Haha people give me s*** about living in rangiora. F*** you all, i have power, water and can s*** and flush it.”

Other kiwis of the month: The kiwi landlords

No refunds for tenants who want out of properties

Some people renting houses and flats in earthquake-devastated Christchurch are getting little charity from landlords who want to lock them into leases and contracts.

One property investor told the New Zealand Herald said some people wanted “to pack up their luggage and leave the property owner with the mess. They just want to walk out.”

Nigel Lundy said some tenants were using the earthquake as an excuse to avoid their responsibilities.

Mr Lundy, manages 160 tenancies through his firm Metro Advances and said he would not allow any renters to break their contracts if their homes were still habitable. His company was charging six weeks rent as a break fee for those wanting out.

Tenant, Victoria Avilova, refused to pay the fee but while Mr Lundy relented, she lost her bond. She had been in the property for only four days before the earthquake and had signed a lease until October.

Mr Lundy said early leavers left landlords paying mortgages on vacant properties that generated no income.

He said property owners had lives and families and were not trying to make someone else suffer financially. NZPA

Anti-American Feelings Run High, Despite the Earthquake Help

Another disgruntled tenant , American exchange student Rosanna Cochran, was part of a group staying for around two months in Christchurch Central Apartments.

They prepaid their tenancy and had been their for four days when the earthquake struck.

Ms Cochran was evacuated to Wellington but the property’s owner, John Wally, refused a refund.

He said she was demanding and rude and wasted time in the middle of a crisis.

Real Estate Institute’s Canterbury branch head David Rankin, said landlords should not worry about filling accommodation as there would be a high demand for undamaged properties. NZPA

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Another kiwi of the Month: John Grant Orme

Posted by te2ataria on March 7, 2010

Why John Grant Orme qualifies for the ‘kiwi of the Month’ title

  • Assault
  • Criminal Damage
  • attempted Rape
  • False Imprisonment

Scumbag kiwi John Grant Orme, 47, will serve  a good part [hopefully] of his 15-year sentence in a British jail for a whole string of violent offenses.

kiwi scumbag John Grant Orme. Image Source: Click Lancashire.

The scumbag, who should not have been allowed out of New Zealand, will be deported back here after serving his sentence for attempted rape, false imprisonment, common assault and criminal damage.

“Orme arrived in Britain in June last year, the Lancashire Evening Post reported. He turned up unannounced at his estranged wife’s home, grabbed her by the throat and went on a rampage that caused £5000 ($10,864) worth of damage.” Media reported.

“The next morning, a girl, variously described as 9 or 10, arrived at the house and Orme tried to rape her.”

It is believed that he actually did rape the child, hence the long sentence, but the local authorities/media tried to hide the fact, presumably because the kid’s identity was revealed.

“Evil John Grant Orme, 47, shouted: ‘This is a kangaroo court, to a Preston Crown Court judge as he was led down.” Lancashire Evening Post said.

In case you wondered what the top of his evil head looked like! He and other kiwis like him should be physically castrated, so that they could rape no more and to prevent their defective, anti-social genes from infecting the gene pool. Photo Source: Lancashire Evening Post.

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