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Spin the Free-Trade Bottle

Posted by te2ataria on October 27, 2009

sent by a reader [edited by TEAA]

And sign a deal with biggest idiots on the bloc

When someone like John Key welcomes the signing of a new trade deal, you can bet your bottom dollar that the other party is shafted, significantly.

Nijab Razak - key - reuters
Nijab Razak PM of Malaysia and John Key the honorary Israeli consul in New Zealand doubling as NZ PM. It’s the gentleman’s agreement for the details that cannot be written in the cobnreact; they just shake on it. Photo: Reuters. Image may be subject to copyright.

Trade Minister Tim Groser signed New Zealand’s seventh free-trade agreement (FTA), more appropriately FAT, in Kuala Lumpur last night.

Starting 2010, almost all tariffs between the two countries will be phase-out under the new agreement.

Where else can New Zealand dump the tainted agricultural and dairy produce and poisoned kiwifruits, but in the third world, backward, backwater countries?

Tainted, poisonous produce, and defective products and services:

Kiwi exporters will get improved market access in agriculture, dairy, manufactured goods, and services such as education, environment, management consulting and veterinary services.

Time to export the poisonous kiwifruits, tainted butter, cheese, and Fonterra-San-Lu grade milk powder DUTY FREE!

Time to also remove the ridiculous 50 per cent tariffs from New Zealand whiteware. Fisher & Paykel and the likes need room to grow. Let export the exploding refrigerators and instantaneous-combustion cookers and ovens beyond our borders.

Replenish the import of “black” and “brown” students to be raped, beaten and murdered.

Let’s boost the number of foreign fee-paying b*stards to New Zealand. Malaysia’s 15,000 “darkies” in New Zealand not enough!

Why not send the lot of the little f++kers to Christchurch?

Finally, let’s take the dumbbells to cleaners

To do that we’ll tell the “third-wits” to relax their tough rules for foreign investment, or the whole deal is off!

Why should wine be excluded?

Malaysia has refused to include any alcohol-related products under the deal, although the wine trade is worth only about $1.5m a year.

Don’t give me any of that horse manure about religious sensitivities, Malaysians are kitchen drinkers! NZ wine exporters must NOT lose out.

Key said the agreement was another step in forging better trade and other links with Southeast Asia.

It’s John Key’s “other links” Malaysian should be afraid of.

“From New Zealand’s point of view, this is a fast-growing market – it’s a billion-dollar market that has expanded by 80 per cent in the last four or five years,” Key said in Kuala Lumpur.

“The NZ-Malaysia FTA is a significant step forward in relations with Malaysia and further evidence of our economic integration with Asia.”

Key said Southeast Asia was a region of dramatic economic growth and presented huge opportunities for New Zealand.

More like dumping opportunities, really.

“This is where the action is … certainly if we’re going to lift exports as a percentage of GDP, the fastest and most effective place to target that growth is Asia.”

What about Human Trafficking?

Can’t write the sex deals in the contract. It’s the gentleman’s agreement; they just shake on it.


An Indonesian housemaid has died in a Malaysian hospital, nearly a week after being found beaten and locked in a bathroom at her employers’ home.

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