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kiwi mass murderer kills three, then self

Posted by te2ataria on May 17, 2011

Why did you have to kill the baby?

Triple Homicide: Another kiwi coward kills own 5-year-old

“In difficult circumstances like this, when we have a triple homicide and what we believe at this stage to be a suicide, its not easy to explain exactly why this happened,” an Aussie cop said.

Kyla Rogers, 5, murdered by his own biological father, the kiwi coward Paul Anthony Rogers.

“Unfortunately in quite tragic circumstances he discovered the incident inside the unit, where there appeared to have been quite some violence,” Superintendent Trezise said.

Full story is available at:

For a deeper insight into similar dastardly acts of homicide, see blog content including the links posted below.

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Dismembered body of SA woman removed

Posted by te2ataria on October 2, 2010

The dismembered body of young South African mother, Carmen Thomas, has been removed from a dumping site in Waitakere Ranges, Auckland, New Zealand.

Police forensic team says they had the dismembered remains of the 32 year old mother of one, Carmen Thomas, who was last seen alive on June 27. She was reported missing two weeks later on July 13.

Carolyn Lavagna, a relative, said Ms Thomas’ son, Jack, should be allowed to go to South Africa to make a fresh start.

New Zealander Brad Callaghan was arrested last Tuesday and charged with murder, according to a report.

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Kiwi Who Raped and Murdered Marie Davis Gets Life

Posted by te2ataria on June 12, 2009

Another Scumbag Kiwi Found Guilty of Rape and Murder

New Zealander Dean Stewart Cameron began a life sentence yesterday for the rape and murder of schoolgirl Marie Davis

marie davis rip
Marie Davis was raped and murdered by a scumbag kiwi. Her body was discovered submerged in the Waimakariri River on April 17, 2008, two weeks after she dissappeared.  

It has been revealed that, in 2004, Cameron, 39, was jailed for four years for rape after pleading guilty at a retrial.

The verdict was reportedly annulled after the first trial. During the second trial, the judge reportedly commented that “Cameron had unnecessarily put his victim through the ordeal of giving her evidence a second time at the second trial, before changing his plea.”

Dean Stewart Cameron (L) has been jailed for life for the rape and murder of schoolgirl Marie Davis. Photos / Christchurch Star, provided. Christchurch Star photo may be subject to copyright.

Dean Stewart Cameron (L) has been jailed for life for the rape and murder of schoolgirl Marie Davis. Photos / Christchurch Star, provided. Christchurch Star photo may be subject to copyright.

“His defence team raised the possibility that the girl had gone to an early morning sexual encounter on the banks of the Waimakariri but later fell or jumped into the river, where her naked body was discovered 11 days later. The Crown’s scientific evidence showed Cameron’s blood was in the house where she disappeared, and his DNA was in semen found on her body.” NZherald said.

marie davis funeral
Marie Davis’s funeral at the Hornby Presbyterian Church (April 2008). Photo Christchurch Star. Image may be subject to copyright, despite its poor quality.

“He didn’t have a defence,” the family of the dead girl said outside the court. Her mother, Janet Davis, said: “She was a beautiful daughter and we loved her so much.” She was relieved that the right verdicts had been reached and at least Cameron was getting the sentence he deserved, but “it will never bring Marie back”.

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