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Family plagued by a deadly “curse”?

Posted by te2ataria on December 10, 2017


WARNING! SEVERE Karmic Events Occurring Throughout NZ! ARE YOU READY?


Remember this:

“We have a white supremacist establishment that shame even Donald Trump, spend billions on an incompetent and unnecessary military, and let a brutal police force run the country [and commit murder] with absolute impunity, but have no clean water [and go blind while waiting for eye care, or die within hours of being released from hospital] in New Zealand…” —A Reader

Sent by a reader in Quake City [aka, “Christchurch”]

Teacher killed shortly after his ‘Israeli’ father’s cancer death

Update – man dies on West Coast
Sunday, 10 December 2017 – 8:42am – Tasman

The man who was killed in a rafting incident on the Landsborough River yesterday has been named by Police. as 27-year-old Samuel Jacob Zarifeh of Christchurch.

“Mr Zarifeh was on a private rafting trip with a group of teachers from a boys’ school in Christchurch. Mr Zarifeh’s body was located by helicopter about 45 kilometres downstream from where he got into difficulty near Creswicke Flat Hut.” The victim is survived by his two siblings Jared and Kristi.

His 60-year-old “Israeli” father Paul ‘Zed’ Zarifeh died from pancreatic cancer on November 23. “Paul is survived by his wife, his three [two] children and siblings Mark, David, Margaret and Nadra.”

Family spared by botulism, struck by ACC

Shibu Kochummen and wife Subi Babu, and their mother Alexkutty Daniel were being treated for botulism in Waikato Hospital after falling ill several weeks ago.

Now, they have been told they will not be eligible for ACC.  “A spokesperson for the family Joji Varghese said Mrs Babu and Mr Kochummen had not been given clearance to go back to work, and would be unlikely to get it for at least two months. They also have a large medical bill that needs to be paid for Mrs Daniel.” https://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/345873/family-struck-by-botulism-ineligible-for-acc

Killed, murdered, died… in NZ

Proudly killed in New Zealand

[Police Road Fatality Report No. 10] Fatal crash near Opotiki – Car v Truck 
Sunday, 10 December 2017 – 9:44pm [Bay of Plenty of Deaths]
The driver of the car was violently killed in a head-on collision with a truck on State Highway 2 at Kutarere, at about 8:50 pm Sunday night. The latest fatality brings the road deaths reported by police to at least nine over the weekend.

Report no. 9. Motorcyclist Killed in Kaiapoi crash
Sunday, 10 December 2017 – 2:03pm – Canterbury
A motorcyclist has died from their injuries after a violent collision with a trailer on Tram Road in Canterbury yesterday. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/doctor-found-witnesses-still-required-kaiapoi-crash

Report nos.7 and 8. Double fatal crash in Whangamomona, near Stratford
Saturday, 9 December 2017 – 7:16pm  – Central
Two people were killed in a  crash in Whangamomona Valley, inland from Stratford, after their vehicle rolled, police said.

Report no. 6. Pedestrian struck in Mount Wellington
Sunday, 10 December 2017 – 6:49am  – Counties Manukau
A male pedestrian was hit by a vehicle in Mount Wellington between Meadow St and New Brighton Rd just after 4.45am. He was taken to hospital in a critical condition. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/pedestrian-struck-mount-wellington   [The victim was DOA, insiders said.]

Death in Hazardous New Zealand

Update – man dies at Waimakariri River mouth, north Canterbury 
Sunday, 10 December 2017 – 11:35am – Canterbury
A jet-skier got “into difficulty on Waikamariri River, north Canterbury yesterday. The man died after being taken to hospital.”

At Least Two Killed in Separate Fires

Deadly fire in Auckland City

Fatal fire, Mount Roskill
Saturday, 9 December 2017 – 8:21am – Auckland City
“Police can confirm that a man has died following a fire at a home on Rustic Ave, Mount Roskill,” poolice said. “Although a scene examination will be conducted, [as per usual] there are no suspicious circumstances.”

Deadly fire in Wairoa

House fire in Wairoa – Eastern District
Saturday, 9 December 2017 – 7:33am  – Eastern
Police and fire service attended a house fire in Kiwi Road, Wairoa last night 10.30pm where a person is believed to have died.

Missing in NZ, presumed….

What happened to Emma Beattie?

Police effectively suspend search for Emma Beattie
“A large team of police officers and LandSAR volunteers have been involved in the search for Emma since she went missing last Friday, 1 December, from her Fernside home.”

Emma Beattie, 20, has not been seen since last night, Friday 1 December. She was last seen at her Fernside home around 11pm and has not been in contact with friends or family since. Emma has long blonde hair…

NZ Homeless Crisis

Shouldn’t a roof over your head be a human right?

Homeless people plead for help from Christchurch City Council
[Remember, one day soon, all Christchurch residents could be homeless! Moderator]

Water, Water, the Frigging Police State for a Drop….

Third World NZ Plagued by Drought, Heat, Algal Bloom …

Algae samples collected from Lake Taupō
Algal mats and surface water bloom samples were taken from beaches at Kuratau, Mission Bay, Motutere Bay, Hatepe, Halletts Bay and Whareroa South and will be tested for the extent of toxicity.  Meanwhile, organisers of this weekend’s Ironman 70.3 Taupō event made a last-minute decision to cancel the swimming portion of the race.

Water Supplies Running Low

Auckland tank water supplies running low
Water suppliers, which provide water to Waitakere, Taupaki and Waimauku are fully booked until the New Year.

A country of broken pipes

Testing underway: Will repairs to a broken pipe in Morrinsville hold?
A broken pipe lead to a major leak last night which left many of the residents in the Waikato town without water today.

Fuel pipeline restarted after “false alarm”
The infamous oil pipeline from Marsden Point has been restarted after testing failed to find a leak. It was closed when an alarm went off early this morning.

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Dairy effluent problems in NZ twice as bad as last year’s

Posted by te2ataria on September 17, 2017

WARNING: SEVERE Negative Karmic Events Occurring Throughout NZ!

Evil Karma Boomerangs in Mysterious Ways!

People living in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Tasman Bay and Hawke’s Bay regions are either very brave, or extremely stupid. Then again, karma returns in mysterious ways!


Welcome to the MOST HEAVILY CENSORED blog in New Zealand [and across all other ZOMBIE democracies!] We’re GUILTY, above all, of TELLING the TRUTH, EXPOSING govt CORRUPTION and police BRUTALITY!


Welcome to clean and army-green New Zealand

Councils across the country issue twice as many (683) abatement and infringement notices for “dirty dairying”

A Northland Regional Council staff officer measuring the depth of army-green coloured effluent at Clear Ridge Station Ltd in September 2015. Image supplied by council/ via stuff NZ.

“Clear Ridge Station, which held 800-900 cows, was described as being ‘awash with dairy effluent’, resulting in ‘gross contamination’ of the river from multiple sources with the presence of pathogens such as campylobacter being “highly likely” and ammoniacal nitrogen levels 50 times above the toxicity threshold for invertebrates in the waterway.”


Best News of the Week!

NZ skies slightly less filthy, as dozens of Auckland flights are cancelled due to jet fuel shortage…

A large crack in a jet fuel pipeline release about 70,000 litres of jet fuel into farmland near Ruakakahas, forcing Marsden Point refinery to  shut down the pipeline, and prompting the oil companies to rationing fuel. Refining NZ estimates it will take up to 15 days to repair the crack, which has reduced the volume of jet fuel available to 30 percent of normal, a report said.

“Air New Zealand has estimated about 2000 customers a day will be affected as it deals with the fuel shortage.”


Proudly Killed [or Near-Fatally Injured] in New Zealand

Napier fatal crash

The man who was killed in a single car crash on Lamason Street, Napier on Saturday morning was 36-year-old Matthew Kyte of Napier, who left behind “six children”, MSM said.   http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/name-release-napier-fatal-crash


Latest Road Injuries

Serious crash on SH 36, Tauranga
[Bay of Plenty of Deaths and Serious Injuries.]  A serious crash occurred at the intersection commonly known as ‘the Crossing’, on State Highway 36, at Takitimu Drive, Tauranga. “Police were alerted to the motorbike crash at the roundabout with Lakes Boulevard at approximately 7:10pm tonight. The male motorcyclist, who was driving a black, Japanese road bike, has been taken to Tauranga Hospital in a critical condition.”  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/serious-crash-sh-36-tauranga

[Sources say the victim was DOA. Moderator]


Three injured, one critically, after pedestrian hit by car in South Auckland
“Three people have been injured, one receiving life-threatening injuries, after a car crash in the South Auckland suburb of Papatoetoe. A St John spokewoman said three patients were rushed to Middlemore Hospital, one in a critical condition and the others with minor injuries.”


Road Fatalities: Police Censorship

At least FIVE, possibly as many as SEVEN, people were killed in serious crashes on Wednesday, August 23, according to a informed source, but only three fatalities were reported by police.

On Monday, August 28, police reported at least THREE road fatalities. All three victims seem to have been statistically resurrected by the Ministry of Truth (Minitru).

At least nine road fatalities occurred over the weekend (September 1 – 2), according to reliable insider information. However, only four of the deaths were reported by police, and of those, just three recorded by the Ministry of Transport.

Of an estimated 2,000 people who have received near-fatal/critical/serious injuries on New Zealand roads so far this year, none has perished, according to NZ police reports, or lack thereof.


NZ Health Warnings!

Otago prostate cancer patients being sent to Southland Hospital

[If you have a suspected prostate cancer, leave Otago now, don’t wait for a hearse!]

Mould could be to blame for asthma, NZ study finds
“Medical researchers are calling for urgent improvements to the quality of New Zealand homes, after their research showed leaking and mouldy houses could lead children to develop asthma.”

Mumps outbreak in Auckland
Some 300 confirmed cases of mumps have bee reported in Auckland this year – more than the combined total number infected over the past 16 years., a report said. http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/checkpoint/audio/201857400/mumps-outbreak-in-auckland

Prostate cancer patients face death while waiting for surgery
Prostate cancer patients in New Zealand have to wait up to five months for surgery, according to official information. [And there’s near-zero guarantee the surgeon would be qualified, or the surgery successful. Moderator]


NZ Housing Crisis

Their damp, overpriced rental was harming his daughter, so he built her a new house for $4200

Fed up with watching his baby daughter get sick in their cold, mouldy rental, Jacob Matekino and his partner  built their own home – for $4200.  https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/homed/96799641

Filthy Hamilton [rat-cage] going for $325 a week

“Move to stack Auckland renters eight to a room in ‘pods’ worries industry”
“Sleeper pods’ apparently installed in a Auckland apartment to increase the number of people able to live there are a worrying new development in the city’s rental scene, an industry expert says. Several single-bed-sized-pods were listed on Trade Me and Ray White’s website for rent at $200 a week.”

Homeowners launch legal action against EQC, insurers

“The most tragic cases are the people who have bought houses, young couples, who have borrowed a whole lot of money to buy a house since the earthquake. They thought it was fixed and they’re now finding out that the house they’ve got a $300,000 mortgage on is worth next to nothing because of the botched repairs,” said Andrew Hooker, managing director of Auckland-based Shine Lawyers.


Poverty: ‘We need a change’ – Grandmother feeding the homeless

“In the four years Debbie Munroe has been helping fill Manurewa’s bellies she’s seen an explosion in the numbers of people sleeping rough, she says.”

Help us help homeless: Te Puea Marae’s plea to Auckland businesses



Sinking NZ: Earthquakes, Landslides, ‘Slow Slips’, Sinkholes

Kaikōura quake triggered massive ‘slow slips’ up to 600km away
“The slow slips occurred within days of the 7.8-magnitude Kaikōura quake, 15km deep below seabed, and spanned more than 15,000 sq km off the Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne coasts,” according to a report.
“One of the most intriguing factors is that the quake-triggered slow slip off the Gisborne coast [was] up to 600km away from its epicentre in North Canterbury,” said GNS Science’s Dr Laura Wallace.

Massive sinkhole discovered in Waihi
A massive sinkhole measuring 20 metres in diameter has been discovered on a council reserve between the Waihi Rugby Club and the Martha open pit, the council said.

“The sinkhole has collapsed into an unfilled stope in the historic Royal workings within the High Hazard Zone. Original records indicate that the historic stope was partially backfilled, but the upper 20 metres remained unfilled.”


Corrupt Government

Did you know Peter Thiel screwed the NZ taxpayers out of tens of millions of dollars, while sodomizing corrupt NZ government ministers, and got a preferential citizenship, too?

“The Instant Kiwi” even forced the corrupt NZ government to have details of his immigration application redacted.

The Department of Internal Affairs allowed billionaire Peter Thiel to redact key information from his citizenship file, a decision later criticised by the Ombudsman who said the saga attracted ‘public disquiet.’”


The Manuka Honey Scam

MPI Still Uncertain How to Define the “Honey”
The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has decided to delay its decision on “mānuka honey” definition. http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/337564/mpi-delays-decision-on-manuka-honey-definition

The Moderators are happy that their efforts lead to the British media questioning why the consumers were paying inflated prices for products containing little or NO mānuka.


Beware of Extreme Karma Attacks!

At least 4,000 overseas visitors, international students, foreign workers, recent emigrants and refugees have lost their lives and more than 24,000 others seriously injured in New Zealand between Jan 2000 and Jan 2017. All those Kiwis who remain silent are complicit in the mass killing of foreigners.

Evil Karma Boomerangs in Mysterious Ways!

People living in Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Tasman Bay and Hawke’s Bay regions are either very brave, or extremely stupid. Then again, karma returns in mysterious ways!


“We have a white supremacist establishment that shames even Donald Trump, spend billions on an incompetent and unnecessary military, and let a brutal police force run the country with absolute impunity, but have no clean water in New Zealand…” — A Reader



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