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Road Fatalities: Death and Mayhem Continue on NZ Roads

Posted by te2ataria on April 1, 2019

The Day Police Temporarily Lost Control of Road Death Reporting Censorship

Yesterday we said:

Unreported Road Fatalities

24 people killed on NZ roads since last week, but only a handful of fatalities reported by police
At least 24 people have been killed on NZ death roads in the past seven days, according to informed sources, but only a handful of the fatalities have been reported by police.

Today , police temporarily lost control of the road fatality reporting censorship after at least 10 more people were killed/died in three road crashes. They responded to our comment as follows:

Take care on the road
Monday, 1 April 2019 – 3:43pm – National News
“Tragically [we’re unable to censor the news of three fatal crashes in which] nine people have been killed on our [death] roads today. This includes five fatalities in one crash in Taupo this morning.
“This horrific crash and two other fatal crashes this morning takes to 20 the number of people killed on our roads in the last eight days.”

Come on, Bushie, you can do better than that!

The latest police reports:

UPDATE – Fatal crash, Taupo District
Monday, 1 April 2019 – 10:17am [Bay of Plenty of Road Fatalities]
Police can confirm five people [all of whom are believed to be members of the same family] were killed in a single vehicle crash on Tirohanga Road, Taupo District this morning.

” Five members of the same family were killed, three women and two men, after a Ford Falcon carrying six people crashed into a tree as it was travelling in a westerly direction.
“An 11-year-old boy, who had been trapped inside, was freed and transferred to Waikato Hospital in a serious condition, a statement from the Waikato Westpac and Greenlea rescue helicopters said.”

Update: Serious crash, Ashburton
Monday, 1 April 2019 – 11:27am – Canterbury
Three people were killed in a crash at the intersection of Mitcham Road and Hepburns Road, Ashburton this morning. A fourth person has suffered critical injuries.

Fatal crash, Puhinui Road
Monday, 1 April 2019 – 12:16pm – Counties Manurkau
“Police can advise that a man has now died following an earlier crash near Auckland Airport.
“Police were called after 1.15am this morning to a report of a vehicle leaving the road near the intersection of Tom Pearce Drive and Puhinui Road.
“The man was taken to Middlemore Hospital in a critical condition but has since passed away.”

“Bonus” fatality?!!

Police appeal for witnesses to Glenbrook crash
Monday, 1 April 2019 – 1:37pm – Counties Manurkau
“Police are appealing for witnesses to a fatal crash in Glenbrook, south of Auckland, to come forward.
“One person died following the crash on Glenbrook Road, near Brookside Road, about 8am on Wednesday March 20, 2019.”

As for the actual stats:

Since March 24, at least 36 people have been killed and more than two dozens critically/seriously injured on NZ roads in the two regions that are being monitored by our insiders.

• • • •


Transporting your remains back to your country would cost about $20,000money your family have to find quickly.

Welcome to the World’s Deadliest Tourist Attraction —  The Final Destination

More than 5,000 foreigners—overseas visitors international students, foreign workers and new immigrants—have been killed/murdered and 30,000 others seriously injured in the deadly racist New Zealand since January 2000. At least 98 percent of the casualties would’ve been avoidable, if NZ gave a f*ck! [Updated January, 2019]

THANKS TO MAJOR CENSORSHIP CAMPAIGNS CONDUCTED BY NZ GOVT., more than two-thirds of road fatalities go unreported, or unrecorded by authorities to protect the cutthroat NZ tourism and banking! [Search blog for additional information.]

Eight out of every 10 tourist/foreigner fatalities in NZ had gone unreported this year, and then the ANZ terrorist struck!

Learning from the U.S. govt.:

NZ government (police and Ministry of Resurrection) under-report road fatalities and murders in the same way Puerto Rican officials (US Govt) misled the world following Hurricane Maria. Death toll from the deadly storm was reported as only 64, instead of the scientifically researched total of at least 2,975.

In deadly racist NZ, about two-thirds of road fatalities go unreported, or unrecorded! [See blog entries under Ministry of Resurrection.]

See also: Police censorship produces NZ’s “lowest murder rate in decades”


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Another open note to Police Commissioner Mike Bush

Posted by te2ataria on January 5, 2017

Our readers demand to know the truth, or at least bits thereof!!!


Our readers are anxious about the lack of police transparency and demand to know the identities and causes of deaths in the following incidents:

1. Female body washed up on private beach in Hawke’s Bay
An unknown woman’s body has washed up on a private beach in Tangoio, Hawke’s Bay this afternoon, police said. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/body-washed-private-beach-hawkes-bay

2. Person killed in water incident at Doves Bay Marina
A person was killed in a water rescue (!) at Doves Bay Marina, near Kerikeri in the Far North.

3. Another foreigner killed in Mt Aspiring fall
A male mountaineer, believed to be a Czech national in his 20s,  has fallen to his violent death from the north-west ridge of Mt Aspiring. The man fell from the ‘buttress’ area on to the Therma Glacier, a fall of several hundred metres. No details are currently available on the man’s age or nationality, but he is believed to be a foreign visitor. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/climber-dies-after-falling-mt-aspiring

4. Female found dead in water off Waiheke Island “identified”
The woman whose body was found in the water near Waiheke Island yesterday [believed to be a foreigner] has been identified and Police are in contact with the woman’s next of kin.

5 and 6 Saturday, 24 December 2016 – Waitemata – Two bodies have washed up on Muriwai Beach since Wednesday.

7. Body recovered from Wainui River, Whakamarama, [Bay of Plenty of Deaths]
A person has died after getting into trouble earlier this afternoon in the Wainui River, Whakamarama, police said. “Emergency services were notified at 1.35pm that a person had slipped into a water hole while walking down to the river with two friends.

8. ‘Sudden Death’ of a Well-liked Doctor

Dr. Chris Cresswell, acting head of Whanganui Hospital’s emergency department, was found dead next to his mountain bike on Saturday.


[Note: Previous notes addressed to Mike Bush were left unanswered.]


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Frigging cop goes to court to keep ‘licensce to kill’

Posted by te2ataria on October 3, 2016

Sent by a reader in NZ’s ‘Crime Capital’

Rotorua area commander Inspector Horne sticks to his guns: The right to use police car as a lethal weapon!

A senior police officer accused of being in a driving incident in his police car could lose his licence, and possibly his job,  if he fails to overturn his latest driving infringement notice.

Rotorua area commander Inspector Bruce Horne has reportedly filed a suit to fight his own police force in court, forcing Commissioner Mike Bush to stand him down from “duties.”

In this backward country, we call it freedom  of information

Bush refused an interview. And Horne would say only that it was not related to speeding and he still carried a full licence. “It’s an issue between me and some other people and is not public information. I have nothing more to add,” he said on Saturday.

Police have been very reticent to disclose details of the June incident.  They refuse to say when it happened, where it happened, what type of driving offence he was accused of, or what other people were involved.

Horne is a hands-on type of guy. In April 2013, he was beaten in the car park of a  Wellington supermarket “while five staff and a security guard looked on and smiled.”

Frigging Prime Minister: It’s easier to count rodents than kids in poverty
“… putting a number on how many children are living in poverty is admitting there’s a problem, or even worse, a crisis.”


Another rugby player in a coma after match
West Coast rugby player Brogan Watt, 23, remains in a coma after undergoing emergency brain surgery after losing to Poverty Bay in Greymouth on Saturday.

He is the umpteenth NZ pro to receive fatal/near fatal injuries while playing violent sports in recent months.

Name release, Wallacetown fatal crash
The man who was killed in a crash in Wallacetown on Wednesday 28th of September was 21-year-old Mark Algodon, police said.

Another fatal quad bike crash at farm in Ashburton

Johnathan Madera, 50, was killed instantly when the quad bike he was driving crashed into a fence at a farm on Blackford Road, Mount Hutt, in Ashburton.

The crash occurred at around 6am, on Sunday 25 September 2016. However, police took eight days before reporting the incident and [presumably] informing Work[Un]Safe NZ. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/fatal-quad-bike-crash-farm-ashburton

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