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Auckland: Shithole city used to being submerged under excrement

Posted by edmundironside on January 29, 2018

Swimmers warned, homes evacuated after another sewage leak in Auckland

Homes were evacuated and a warning was issued for swimmers on Milford Beach (Auckland) as another shit storm hit the shithole city.

One man said infrastructure was increasingly stretched in the suburb because of infill housing. Another said that the problem of sewage overflows affecting Milford Beach was not new – his grandmother had warned him not to swim there at certain times almost 60 years ago.”

Drinking Water

“Statistics included in the latest annual drinking water quality survey show that nearly 800,000 New Zealanders are supplied with water that is not demonstrably safe. And the final report into the Havelock North contamination of supplies speaks of anywhere between 18,000 and 100,000 people getting sick every year because of poor water quality.”

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Harmful Drinking Water – NZ

Just days after Auckland beaches were covered in sewage…

Water quality at NZ airbases

Test results show Ohakea and Woodbourne drinking water contaminated from airbase toxic runoff

“Water contamination from toxic firefighting foam has been found at unsafe levels at 15 properties, and in seven cases people have been drinking the water,” a report said.

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The Final Destination: Latest horrific deaths, injuries… [reported toll only!]

Proudly Killed in New Zealand – Running Road Toll (2018)

71. Nelson woman dies after being hit by car
An elderly woman was killed after being hit by a car that was reversing from a driveway onto a main road in Nelson on Sunday. [Other versions of this incident also available!! police said, “woman has died after being hit by a car at a residential address”.]

72. Fatal Crash Central Otago
Sunday, 28 January 2018 – Southern
Police confirmed that the person trapped in a vehicle after a fiery crash on Tarras-Cromwell Road Sunday afternoon has burned to death. Five other occupants of the vehicle sustained minor to moderate injuries.

Serious crash – Jervois Road, Herne Bay
Sunday, 28 January 2018 – 10:57pm Auckland City
Two people have been injured after a car and motorbike collided on Jervois Road, Herne Bay at 9.30pm tonight. The two people injured were on the motorbike. They have been transported to hospital, with one person reported to be in a critical condition and one in a serious condition.

Advanced Statistical Analysis:

Road Crash Victims No. 73 has not been identified by police.

  • No of road fatalities reported by police so far this year: 36
  • No of victims statistically resurrected by Ministry of Transport (MoT): TBA


Drowning – Taharoa Domain, Omamari
Sunday, 28 January 2018 – Northland
“A 37-year-old woman has drowned after getting into trouble in the water at Taharoa Domain, Omamari, in Northland.” [Police haven’t revealed her identity.]


Stabbing at holiday park – Kaikoura
Saturday, 27 January 2018 – Tasman
A man was murdered by stabbed at a holiday park in Kaikoura Sunday evening.

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The Secrets of Mt Erebus Disaster: Who was on Air NZ flight TE901… and who was told not to fly!

On 28 November 1979, 237 passengers and 20 crew on board a DC-10 Air New Zealand Flight TE901 were killed when it allegedly crashed into the side of Mt Erebus, Antarctica.

Erebus victims’ family members unhappy about Air NZ video

Family members of some of the victims of Erebus disaster are reportedly unhappy Air New Zealand chose to film its new safety video in Antarctica.

“I think it’s very inappropriate considering that’s I think the worst crash Air New Zealand’s ever had, I can’t understand why they would choose that as a place,” said a woman who lost her father in the incident.

“I think it would be a good idea if they canned the whole idea and did something more appropriate.”

Wreckage from Air New Zealand aircraft, flight TE901, littering Mt Erebus in Antarctica. The plane crashed while on a sightseeing flight, killing 257 passengers and crew. Both Sir Edmund Hillary, and Jack Spence,  a Civil Aviation DC-10 inspector, refused to board the flight. Source. Image may be subject to copyright.

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Kiwi Compassion and Sense of Justice!!

What kind of monsters are we?

Raped, beaten and drugged: Victims of state school abuse receive less than $11,000


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So, who’s responsible for NZ’s largest corporate manslaughter?

Posted by te2ataria on June 3, 2017

The Most Heavily Censored Blog in New Zealand  [Watch Out for Ceaseless Swarms and Immense Tsunamis of Bad Karma, Mister Ingrish!!]



The blog Moderators have voted unanimously to classify the Mt Erebus tragedy as a nefarious act of terrorism. However, we hold Air NZ responsible for failing to prevent the downing of Air New Zealand Flight TE901 on 28 November 1979, in which at least 257 people were killed.


Sent by a reader

ONLY in NZ: 185 people killed, six years on, no one held responsible

As at 9 February 2012, the official earthquake toll was 185 victims. 115 people were killed in the Canterbury Television (CTV) building – NZ police

The victims came from nearly two dozen countries including Australia, Canada, China, Great Britain, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United States and New Zealand.


The Zombie Graveyard: Who’s in Charge?

The CTV collapse, and the Pike River mine disaster that killed 29 men on the West Coast just three months earlier, sparked renewed calls for a corporate manslaughter charge. In 2015, Justice Minister Amy Adams asked Workplace Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse to add the provision into beefed up health and safety legislation, but WorkSafe confirmed it was not included when the act was updated last year. Labour leader Andrew Little, while his party’s justice spokesman in 2012, put forward a private member’s bill for corporate manslaughter to be included in the Crimes Act. It was later withdrawn.”


Police Road Fatality Reports [Extreme Censorship is in Effect]


Car carrying five crashes down a bank in Te Araroa, killing one and injuring baby
One person was killed and a baby has been taken to hospital in a helicopter after a car carrying five people crashed down a bank in Te Araroa.

Pedestrian killed after being hit by car in Napier
The incident occurred on State Highway 2, just north of Hawke’s Bay Airport in Napier, about 11pm Friday night.

Queen’s Birthday Weekend Road Toll: 2
Last Queen’s Birthday weekend, at least 11 people were killed on New Zealand roads . It was the highest reported toll for a Queen’s Birthday weekend since 1989. This year, the authorities will continue to tighten the screws on reporting the road fatalities.

Murder, Armed Robberies, Unexplained Deaths, Etc. 

[Limited by Police Censorship]

NZ’s Dumbest Armed Robber of the Week

Description – Caucasian, wearing black shoes, black pants, and orange ‘high-vis” raincoat. He also had a tartan patterned hood over his face. The offender ran to a white vehicle with black bonnet parked in a driveway in Township Road, Waitakere, police said.


Thought for the Day

Nine out of ten New Zealand ‘adults’ are unable to spell ‘PHILIPPINES’ correctly, or use the PC spellchecker to correct spelling.

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How Air New Zealand Killed 257 People …

Posted by te2ataria on November 15, 2009

sent by a reader [Edited by TEAA]

… and New Zealand Govt Screwed the Dead Victims’ Families

Whereas an Israeli family [allegedly] received $25m for the loss of a member in New Zealand, the average Erebus victim’s family got only $25,000.

Had the case been moved to the United States the compensations would have been considerably more: “In the US life is valued very highly by juries that award damages.” Kim Murray, a junior lawyer working for the NZ govt in 1979.

  • Both Air New Zealand management and the Air New Zealand pilot who crashed the Air NZ McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 were guilty of reckless misconduct.


  • The plane may have been used as an assassination weapon to murder one or more passengers, while making it look like an accident to prevent arousing any suspicion.


Wreckage from Air New Zealand aircraft, flight TE901, littering Mt Erebus in Antarctica. The plane crashed while on a sightseeing flight, killing 257 passengers and crew. Source. Images may be subject to copyright.

  • Why did  Sir Edmund Hillary refuse to board Air New Zealand flight 901?

Maurice McGreal, a former pilot and Civil Aviation expert said: “The Erebus tragedy would never have happened if [Jack Spence] a Civil Aviation [DC-10 inspector,] scheduled to be on board that day, had made the flight.

  • Why did Jack Spence also excuse himself from flying on Air NZ flight 901?

The Mt Erebus Air NZ disaster case MUST now be re-opened outside New Zealand to find out exactly what led to the crash.

The compensation to the victims’ families must be topped up.

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