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The Final Destination: Two more tourists killed – one falling into Mt. Ruapehu crater lake, the other skiing on Mt Aspiring

Posted by te2ataria on September 22, 2018

Sent by a reader in Earthquake City

It takes a special kind of person to climb Mt. Ruapehu and fall into the crater lake

RIP: Your genes will be sorely missed!!

A man was killed after falling into the crater lake at Mount Ruapehu. His body was extracted from the lake by his companions before “emergency services” arrived, according to police report.


Second Known Mount Ruapehu Crater Lake Fatality in 12 Months

It was the second known fatality in the Crater Lake in 12 month.  In September last year body of skier Richard Ebbett was found in the lake, reports said.

Another American Tourist Killed in NZ

Fatal skiing incident at Mt Aspiring near Wanaka

“Two visitors to New Zealand were skiing from the top of Mt Aspiring, downhill toward the Bonar Glacier. One of the skiers got into difficulty, has fallen on the slope and was fatally injured. The other skier gave first aid to the injured man, but he unfortunately died at the scene.”


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Murder, Homicide, Roadkill…

Today’s Murder Count

Murder in Papamoa, Bay of Plenty

Saturday, 22 September 2018 – 12:47pm [Bay of Plenty of Murders and Deaths]
A man in his 40s was killed in a stabbing incident at the address.in Papamoa this morning, police said.

Murder charge laid following Upper Hutt homicide

Murder of Whanganui baby

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Violent Crimes

Multiple assaults in Invercargill


Assault in Christchurch – scene cordoned
Saturday, 22 September 2018 – 9:25am – Canterbury
“A 41-year-old male is in a serious but stable condition in hospital this morning following a serious assault shortly after midnight.”

Residents assaulted in Papamoa [Tauranga] robbery

Two people in a Papamoa home were assaulted by men armed with an axe and crowbar in a burglary early today. Police say the men had specifically targeted the property [owned by a wealthy foreigner.]

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‘Road Murders’: Proudly Killed in New Zealand

Person killed after being trapped by vehicle, Highland Park, Auckland
Saturday, 22 September 2018 – 2:43pm – Counties Manurkau
A man trapped under a vehicle in Highland Park, Auckland has since died, police said.

Fatal crash, Gisborne
Friday, 21 September 2018 – 10:54pm – Eastern
A man was violently killed in a crash between a car and a truck on SH 35 near Makarori Beach Road close to Gisborne at around 9pm..

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Missing in NZ Without a Trace

The remains of only one in 50 people who go missing in NZ are found

No of people who have gone missing without a trace so far this month: at least 8

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NZ Health Warnings


1080 drop to go ahead after failed legal bid
The Friends of Sherwood Trust, a conservation group, has failed in its legal bid to stop a 1080 drop in the Hunua Ranges near Auckland.

Biosecurity Breach

Potato mop-top virus (PMTV) detected in Canterbury

Biosecurity New Zealand has detected Potato mop-top virus (PMTV) in potato tubers in Canterbury. Incident controller, David Yard, says PMTV is not a food safety issue. However, PMTV “is a crop disease which, if found to be wide-spread, could cause some productivity issues for growers.”

To that extent, it is a “notifiable and unwanted organism in New Zealand under the Biosecurity Act.”

Potato tubers from at least 2 properties in the Canterbury region have tested positive for the disease. It’s unclear how the virus may have entered the country, MPI said.

Updates on Mycoplasma bovis and infected properties

Nationally, there’re 71 infected properties., which include 38 ‘active’ infected properties as of 21 September 2018.

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Karmic Forces: A Nation of Alcoholics

‘Drink is the drug of choice for baby boomers’

About 40 percent of older New Zealanders are engaging in dangerous drinking, a study says.

The study reveals that New Zealand youth drinking culture is actually a “New Zealand culture” issue, Research co-leader Dr Andy Towers said.


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Japanese climber and his partner freeze to death on Mt Taranaki

Posted by te2ataria on October 29, 2013

Couple froze to death near summit of Mt Taranaki: Police

A Japanese climber and his partner died in a snow cave near the summit of Mt Taranaki.

Hiroki Ogawa, 31, and Nicole Sutton, 29, froze to death on the 2,520-metre-high mountain, NZ police confirmed on Monday.

“Ms Sutton lived through the night but passed away in the arms of rescue staff shortly after they arrived at 7.30am,” according to a report.

“I knew he would look after my daughter really well”

Ms Sutton’s parents had hoped she and Mr Ogawa would eventually marry and Mr Sutton said he knew the 31-year-old “would look after my daughter really well”.

At least 80 people have died on Mt Taranaki in recent times, however,  the 3,754-metre Aoraki Mt Cook in the South Island, New Zealand’s highest, remains the deadliest with more than 200 deaths.

nicole_sutton_and_ hiroki_ogawa
Nicole Sutton and Hiroki Ogawa on Mt Ruapehu. The couple froze to death on Mt Taranaki. 

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Ten thousand tourists caught in New Zealnd’s worst storm!

Posted by te2ataria on July 26, 2008

Diehard Skiers Hit by Weather Bomb

As a powerful storm cut power to an estimated 100,000 homes throughout New Zealand’s North Island, weather forecasters predicted even worse condition throughout the country.

More than ten thousand tourists heading up Mt Ruapehu in the central North Island were caught in the storm, when the skifield closed.

The storm was described as “extremely rare and nasty” by the New Zealand un-authorities. “It is one of the largest and deepest lows we’ve seen for some years.”

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Mt Ruapehu Alert

Posted by feww on May 10, 2008

Earthquake Magnitude 6.7 (reviewed by PTWC as Magnitude 6.9 )
– GUAM REGION [Saturday, May 10, 2008 at 07:51:31 AM at epicenter]

Submitted by a reader

Will one or both of New Zealand islands break up and sink in the south-western Pacific Ocean?

Increased risk of eruptions on Mt Ruapehu

Scientists are alarmed by an increased risk of eruptions on Mt Ruapehu. Climbers are warned about the increased gas concentrations near the Ruapehu’s crater lake that will affect some people.

In a moderate-sized eruption last year, William Pike, a geography teacher, lost part of his leg after a lahar partially buried him under tons of debris.

The crater lake temperature normally rises and drops in regular cycles. However, since the last eruption, the temperatures have remained above the of 34 – 38 °C range, a Conservation Department scientist said.

“Since September there’s been a long period of heating in the volcano, which is unusual. Normally the crater lake temperature goes up and down every nine to 15 months.

“But it has been hovering around 34-38 degrees when it normally should be lower than this.

“Basically, the temperature has stayed hot for longer this time.

“There’s no clear pattern – before the last two eruptions it was at the bottom of the cycle.”

Predicting how close the mountain was to erupting involves monitoring numerous factors, especially the crater lake temperature, the scientist said.

“It’s a combination of gas, lake temperature and magma temperature… We are issuing a warning that people should be alert if they go into the summit hazard zone.” (Source)

A train passes over a bridge over the Whangaehu River at the scene of the historic Tangiwai Rail disaster after a mud flow from the crater lake of Mount Ruapehu, in the central North Island, New Zealand, Sunday, March 18, 2007. A potentially lethal mix of mud, acidic water and rocks tore down the slope of New Zealand’s Mount Ruapehu on Sunday, emergency officials said, but there was no immediate threat to life. Credit: AP Photo/NZPA, Stephen Barker (Source and Caption: Live Science) Image may be subject to copyright. See Fair Use Notice!

What is a
– Lahar?
– Plate tectonics?

– Convergent boundary?

Will a magnitude 9.8 (MW) earthquake centered at 42° 00′ 59″ South, 175° 05′ 07″ East herald the end of New Zealand Islands?

For more information and related links see: Mt Ruapehu Eruption Alert


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