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Greek pizza shop owner murdered in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on June 19, 2012

Jordan Voudouris from Giannitsa, Greece murdered in Paeroa, NZ

Police have reluctantly confirmed they are treating the death of the Greek pizza shop owner Jordan Voudouris, 55, as homicide.

However, they have refused to say how Mr Voudouris was murdered, or what injuries he suffered.

Mr Voudouris was found dead on a driveway behind his shop on Monday. He owned Mykonos Pizza and Pasta Paeroa.

The victim came from Giannitsa, a city near Pella, the  birthplace of Alexander the Great.

Mr Voudouris is survived by three children who live in North Auckland.

Mr Voudouris was the 2,499th foreigner to be murdered/killed in New Zealand since January 2000

On average, 3 foreigners are murdered/killed in New Zealand every 4 days.

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NZ foreign victim 2,482 murdered in Canterbury

Posted by te2ataria on May 29, 2012

Czech tourist murdered in a South Canterbury forestry block

The female body found in a  South Canterbury forestry block is that of 31-year-old Czech tourist, Dagmar Pytlickova, also known as Dasha, police said.

Czech tourist Dagmar Pytlickova, 31, was the 2,482nd foreigner to be murdered/killed in New Zealand since January 2000.

“Formal identification has yet to be completed but we are confident it is Dasha,” an investigating policeman said.

A second body found nearby in the forestry area was identified as missing Waimate man Jason Frandi, a 43-year-old convicted sex offender, police added.

Police told media on Tuesday afternoon it was likely Ms Pytlickova had been abducted and driven to a remote area where Mr Frandi attempted to have sex with her and then a struggle followed, according to NZ Newswire.

However,  police has not revealed how or why Jason Frandi was killed. Was it suicide? Were  other parties  involved?

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On average, 3 foreigners are murdered/killed in New Zealand every 4 days.

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Sri Lankan man killed in Canterbury, NZ

Posted by te2ataria on February 25, 2012

Sri Lankan man’s body found in deliberate house fire

Sameera Chandrasena, 28, was found dead in a house on Domain Rd, Oxford, Canterbury, NZ, on Thursday after neighbours reported a fire about 4am, NZ Newswire reported.

“A post mortem revealed he died of injuries consistent with an assault either late on Wednesday or early on Thursday,” a policewoman told NZ Newswire.

Sameera Chandrasena was brutally murdered and his rented house set alight.

On average, 3 foreigners are murdered/killed in New Zealand every 4 days.

The Sri Lankan man was the 2,422nd foreigner to be murdered/killed in New Zealand since January 2000.

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Indian No XXXX Murdered in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on November 28, 2011

This blog is filtered by Google, censored by New Zealand government and hacked by WordPress.


Charanpreet Singh Dhaliwal died from horrendous head injuries

Amazingly, the New Zealand police farce are treating the Sikh man’s murder as homicide!!

[The extent of victim’s head injuries persuaded the police from declaring the murder as “suicide by head banging (!)” ]

Murder Victim:  Charanpreet Singh Dhaliwal. He was found dead with horrendous head injuries at a west Auckland building site.

Police say the 22-year-old security guard was assaulted and died from head injuries on November 18.

“[Police are] taking the death of this young man seriously,” said Detective Senior Sergeant Stan Brown.

The victim would surely have been thrilled,  had he known this before his murder.

More Indians are murdered in New Zealand [and Australia] than in any other foreign country.

Mr Singh Dhaliwal was the 2,290th foreigner to be murdered/ killed in New Zealand since January 2000.

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Another Indian Man Murdered in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on July 4, 2011

Indian Man Murdered in Wellington

More Indians are murdered in New Zealand [and Australia] than in any other foreign country

The message has been delivered once again, loud and clear: IF you’re “Black,” “Brown,” or “Yellow,” don’t risk your life by coming to New Zealand.

Police say the man whose body was found in the carpark of a Wellington apartment block on Friday was Sanjai Kumar, aged 40.

Mr Kumar’s body was found at about 1.20 pm in the carpark of Arlington Apartments in Hopper Street, in the central Wellington suburb of Mt Cook.

“A post-mortem examination has been completed and Mr Kumar’s death had been referred to the coroner,” a policewoman  from  Wellington CIB, said.

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Another Body Found in Burning Car

Posted by te2ataria on May 4, 2011

NZ Boasts the Largest Number of Dead Bodies in Burning Cars

Police are investigating [they always make that claim] after, yet again, another body [second burning body in 5 days] was discovered in a burning car, this time near Levin in Horowhenua earlier this morning.

Police found the body, believed to be a man, on a track in Waitarere Beach Forest, about 15km northwest of Levin, about 7.20am after receiving reports of smoke coming from the forest. More…

Having changed their tune from “there was nothing to suggest the death was suspicious,” to “it was too early to say if the death was suspicious,” they have now coined a new liner: “[murder] was being treated as unexplained.”

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FINALLY, police find a ‘suspicious’ corpse

Posted by te2ataria on April 30, 2011

Not a day, not an hour goes by without a body being found somewhere in New Zealand

RARELY, if ever does the police farce finds shot, hanged, decapitated and set alight corpses SUSPICIOUS!

Police are investigating after the fire service discovered a body in a burnt out vehicle near Rotorua today.

The grisly discovery was made on Tumunui Road, south of Rotorua, about 9.40am, a fire service spokesman told NZPA.

EVEN this one DIDN’T escaped the police spin, however!

Detective Senior Sergeant Loper says the incident warrants being treated as suspicious, however, Police are keeping an open mind about potential scenarios involved.


Only the other day…

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List of other foreigners killed in NZ recently [the following were NOT subject to news blackout]

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Best Comment of the Day

Posted by te2ataria on April 24, 2011

Bodies wash up much more frequently than is reported: A Reader

In a response to Corpses Litter New Zealand Cities, HPP sent the following comment:

Bodies wash up much more frequently than is reported in our local newspapers.  Some of them are suicides, accidents, while many were actually probably homicides made to look like accidents.

Nobody has the money, or trust in the system, to seek justice in a transparent manner. So many disputes are settled informally. When you first realise this, it is terrifying. As if you have moved to the Wild West.

One reason why Kiwis do not share information about themselves readily is because they are so quick to use it against one another when some arrangement goes pie shaped.

Since moving down here, we have become less naive about people’s ulterior motives. We have learned to expect the worst, to look more to the bottom line with people. “What is the worst this person can do to me”.

To behave any other way is to waste precious time and reduce your chances of survival.

An acquaintance remarked this morning, “This is the most cunning society I have ever lived in”.

A psychologist friend responded to this, “Cunning is the analog of ethics for sociopaths of all stripes”.

[Paragraph breaks were inserted by Moderator]

Not a day, not an hour goes by without a body being found somewhere in New Zealand

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New Zealand Cities News Dead-Lines

Posted by te2ataria on April 22, 2011

Corpses Litter New Zealand Cities

Auckland – Police helicopter finally located the body reported washed up on Muriwai beach,  west Auckland after 3 hours.

Immediately upon locating the body, police spokesman announced there was nothing to suggest suspicious circumstances!


Police trying to identify body found at beach

Wellington –   Police are trying to identify a man whose body was found floating off Wellington’s south coast on Thursday.

Passersby found the man’s body in the surf at Houghton Bay about 10.30am, Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Thornton said.

He was described as a slim Caucasian in his 30s, wearing a long-sleeved brown and blue chequered shirt, black jeans and brown running New Balance shoes.

A silver and orange Giant brand mountain bike, blue helmet and other clothing were also found near the body.

If you thought the police said circumstances surrounding this death were not believed to be suspicious …

“At this stage, the circumstances surrounding this death are not believed to be suspicious,” Thornton said.


Police name gunman in fatal shooting near Nelson

Nelson –  Man shoots another man, then allegedly kills himself.

Police say Ian Boyd, 58, shot a 30-year-old man in the upper body, and then killed himself.

Not a day, not an hour goes by without a body being found somewhere in New Zealand

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22 Foreigners Killed in New Zealand in June 2010

Posted by te2ataria on July 6, 2010

1,867 New Foreigners Killed in NZ Since January 2000

At least 22 Foreigners were Killed and more than a 100 injured  in New Zealand in June 2010

Only details of a few of the victims were rel;lease by govt/media. And of those some were listed on this blog. For additional information, see:

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Another Chinese Boy Murdered, Presumed Missing?

Posted by te2ataria on April 29, 2010

Sixteen-year-old Chunji Gao, also known as Gary has not been seen for 13 days

Police say the Chinese teen teenager, who has been in the country less than two years and speaks limited English has been missing for nearly two weeks.

Chunji Gao, 16,  left his home in suburban Botany on April 16, and has not been seen since.

Many young Asians go missing in New Zealand, never to be found again, at least not alive.

Chunji Gao, 16,  left his home in suburban Botany on April 16, and has not been seen since.

Police says he took any no clothing, possessions, or money with him. His wallet was left at home.

“Sergeant Brett Meale said he spoke limited English and had few friends in New Zealand after arriving a couple of years ago.” NZPA said.

“He said the boy’s school had concerns he would not survive by himself.”

He was wearing blue track pants, a dark coloured sports jacket and black and yellow shoes, police said.

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Another Asian Woman Murdered in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on May 15, 2009

Overseas Female Murdered, her Decomposing Body Kept at Auckland Address for Weeks

The brain-dead New Zealand police farce have finally decided to treat the murder of a woman believed to be an Asian as SUSPICIOUS.

The woman’s body was discovered in Auckland’s Western Springs. The police said a post mortem showed “the death of the middle-aged woman was caused by somebody else.” When someone translated that phrase into simple English, they instantly knew the incident should be treated as homicide. 

“A 47-year-old man appeared in Auckland District Court charged with assault following the discovery of the body.”  The advertisding media reported.

Defective Infector Scott Beard said the woman appeared to have been dead for some weeks when her body was discovered earlier this week.

“Identifying her had been difficult due to the level of body decomposition but police believed they knew who she was and were in the process of contacting family overseas.” (Source)

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Afghani Taxidriver Murdered in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on December 6, 2008

New Zealand’s war on “colored” people!

Afghani man, 39, was murdered by stabbing in Christchurch, poxy New Zealand

New Zealand: A “Colored” People’s Slaughterhouse

Father of five Afghani murder victim Abdulrahman Ikhtiari was described by colleagues  as a “lovely guy” and  “a peaceful man.”

Abdulrahman Ikhtiari’s chances of survival  in Afghanistan:  > 99.9875% [greater than than 8,000 to 1]

His chances of survival in New Zealand: YOU work it out!

“One worker in the industry who did not want to be named, said the driver would not have been antagonizing or provoking the people who stabbed him.”

Pandemic of Murder: New Zealand holds the world record for the murder of “colored” [and foreign] visitors/ workers.

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Murdered in New Zealand: 4th Chinese woman in recent weeks!

Posted by te2ataria on September 4, 2008

New Zealand Kills One More Chinese Woman

Poor Yi Ren! She should never have come to this country. The numbers were against her!

Yi Ren, also known as Tina, a 30 year-old Chinese national from Beijing, was murdered in Auckland, New Zealand on Tuesday. Her body was found in an Auckland inner city apartment.

The post-mortem examination of the victims body which was completed Thursday morning shows she had suffered stab wounds, according to the local police.

For more information click on the following links:

  • Mrs Joanne Wang, 39, a Chinese mother and business woman.
  • Mrs Yin Ping Yang, 80, a Chinese grandmother.
  • Mr Navtej Singh, 30, an Indian father and shopkeeper.
  • Jacek Grzybowski, 28, a Polish computer software engineer.
  • Yet another Japanese student [victim was not named.]
  • Sarah Katie Bond, 24, the ill-advised UK tourist
  • Klaus Jakob, 44, a German toursit.
  • Liat Okin. Liat, 35, an Israeli tourist.
  • A 19-year-old English tourist.
  • A 25-year-old Korean national
  • Four members of a Chinese family from Hong Kong, including a girl aged 10.

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    See also: Racism

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    Missing Tourist Confirmed Dead

    Posted by feww on May 19, 2008

    submitted by a reader

    New Zealand: The Cauldron of Death

    Liat Okin, 35, the Israeli tourist who went missing in New Zealand in March, was confirmed dead. Her backpack was found in dense bush about 1km from the track where she went missing and her body was found nearby on Friday.

    Liat Okin. Yet another victim of NZ Govt misinformation. Unwittingly, she, too, fell victim to New Zealand’s deceptive tourist industry advertising campaigns.

    An autopsy completed on Saturday confirmed the body was that of Liat Okin, police said. The victims brother who had been conducting a private search for her said: “Probably my sister was already dead when the police started searching […] If they start searching after 10, 11 days, it’s ridiculous.”

    Was Liat Okin Murdered?

    Probably! But the public would never know the truth.

    Why was Liat Okin Killed?

    New Zealand authorities know the answer, of course, but they’d never tell us.

    Another Unnecessary and Avoidable Murder/Death

    Would Liat Okin have visited New Zealand, if the NZ government had revealed the country’s appalling record of tourist murder and death?

    Unfortunately, she can’t answer that question. Neither could any of the other victims who were murdered in New Zealand:

    Karen Aims. Karen, 26, a visitor from Orkney Islands, was brutalized and murdered in Taupo, New Zealand.

    Heidi Paakkonen. Heidi, 21, and her fiancé, Sven Hoglin, 23, Swedish tourists, who were returning to Sweden to marry were brutally murdered. The remains of Heidi Paakkonen’s who might have been 14 weeks pregnant at the time of her murder, are missing.

    Kayo Matsuzawa. Kayo, 29, a Japanese tourist, thought New Zealand was a safe place to visit – a mistake that cost her life. Her naked and decomposing body was discovered inside a locked cupboard in an Auckland building. Her murderer(s) walks free.

    Birgit Brauer. Birgit, 28, a German tourist, was beaten, stabbed and strangled to death near New Plymouth, New Zealand.

    Margery Hopegood. Margery, an English tourist, was stabbed to death in a toilet block in Hamilton, New Zealand.

    Navin Govind, an Indian who immigrated to NZ only to be beaten to death in his shop because he was “colored.”

    Shiu Prasad who also immigrated to New Zealand from India in search of a different life, but couldn’t change his skin color.

    Bhagubhai Vaghel, a grandfather of two little girls, a qualified engineer and hard-working Indian who immigrated to New Zealand in search of his dreams (wrong color).

    And an unknown number of other, mostly “colored,” immigrants and tourists from China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea … the foreign victims who were violently murdered (or killed on New Zealand’s death roads) raped, mugged or seriously assaulted, and whose names and details have been suppressed (otherwise publicly unavailable).

    The Malevolent NZ Authorities are violating the tourists’ human rights and are party to the crimes perpetrated against them through concealment of tourist murder statistics, misrepresentation of facts about tourist safety, and negligence in failing to provide adequate protection for the visitors!

    CASF Human Rights Team has asked the NZ Ministry of Justice and several other ministries for a list of foreigners who have been murdered or ‘accidentally’ killed in New Zealand in the past few years. Unfortunately, the New Zealand authorities declined to provide any information.

    According to nztourmaps.com, a New Zealand tourism promotion company, about 779 overseas visitors were killed in New Zealand between 2001 to 2006. [Note: the figure provided may be grossly underestimated, however, it still means overseas visitors are 7 times more likely to be killed in New Zealand than in Australia.] But even this information is not readily available.

    PM of New Zealand and the felonious members of her malevolent government MUST be held jointly and severally responsible for each and every incident of murder, rape, assault, or harm that befalls the UNSUSPECTING tourists in that country. The morally repugnant b*stards should be sued for every ill-gotten penny they have got and buttkicked off their comfortable perch!

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