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Blame it on Iodine Deficiency

Posted by te2ataria on September 9, 2009

The ‘Brickhead’ syndrome has genetic roots!

[Blame it on iodine deficiency, if you really must. But the roots of kiwi kids dumbness is 70 percent genetic, 15-20 percent environmental and another 10-15 percent dietary.]

New Zealand children’s intelligence  may have been stunted, according to new research.

Researchers at Otago ‘University’ say the dysfunctional kiwi kids could be cured if they took a little bit of iodine!

“Mild iodine deficiency has been an increasing problem in New Zealand over the past two decades and may be preventing children from attaining their full intellectual potential, said researcher Sheila Skeaff.” NZPA said.

“While children eating fortified bread should benefit through improving their iodine status, those who do not eat it should be taking steps to increase their iodine intakes in other ways,” she said.

Slam! Bam! Thank you …

Skeaff said parents should feed their kids iodized salt.

“Parents should also consider giving children who do not eat commercial breads an iodine-containing multimineral supplement,” she said.

“Skeaff, principal investigator at the university’s department of human nutrition, said that moderate to severe deficiency of iodine was well-known for its sometimes disastrous effects on children’s brain development, which could include cretinism.” NZAP said.

Previously it had been thought that mild iodine deficiency would not affect thinking capacity.

“Our findings challenge this assumption,” she said.

“They also show that the new era of mandatory fortification of most bread with iodized salt is a good move … which may reap even greater benefits than initially thought.”

So that’s the solution then. Give pakeha kids iodized salt; watch them grow up with improved thinking capacity [the mutant genes would just disappear!] After that, they could come to their senses and might just leave this country and go home.

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New Zealand Toxic Scandal Reignited

Posted by te2ataria on June 10, 2009


If you are importing New Zealand meat, dairy products, other food, fruit or wine, you may be liable for negligent homicide against your community, customers, family

Here’s what we find in our fields, playgrounds, and under our homes – Imagine what you’ll find in the food imported from New Zealand

The Nightmare Repeats Across the Country. Charmaine Batt and son Josiah Warbrick were horrified to discover  tetrachlorophenol and tetrachlorobenzene which contain cancer-causing dioxins were found buried in a field near their home.

toxic dump
Charmaine Batt and son Josiah Warbrick are shocked that the Marfell Park site was once used as a dumping ground for toxic chemicals. Photo: ROBERT CHARLES (Stuff NZ). Image may be subject to copyright.

Dow Agro Sciences, formerly Ivon Watkins-Dow, the company that manufactured the deadly chemicals, said it “did not know how chemicals got there.”

“Operations leader Andrew Syme said the company would have used municipal landfills along with many other companies in the past.” Report said.

“The company’s long-standing practice was that chemical drums were not disposed in public waste facilities and Dow AgroSciences had not handled tetrachlorobenzene and trichlorophenol for more than 20 years, he said.”

“Former Banks St resident Noel Scouller, 72, said his four children used to play in the dump before it was closed over.”

Mr Scouller and his four kids, have suffered illnesses which he said “came from living next to the dump or near the former Ivon Watkins-Dow plant.”

“I’m just hanging in hoping that one day someone will be answerable and say sorry. I don’t want the money, I just know in my own heart that dioxin is the cause,” Mr Scouller said.

“Mother-of-three Gloria Bristone said she hadn’t thought about letting her kids play on the old dump site before, but it explained why their grazes and cuts took longer to heal.” Report said.

“A couple of days after the kids go there they get a lot of sores, kind of break out in a rash,” she said.

“The sores don’t heal as fast as they should do our oldest has been on medication for three months and it’s only just gone away.

“The doctor didn’t know what it was.”

According to Dioxin campaigner Andrew Gibbs “the levels of dioxin found in Marfell were the highest-ever detected in New Zealand.”

Taranaki Regional Council say their tests  showed concentrations of dioxin in the buried drums was three parts per million.

“It’s the highest level that I know of. That’s hot,” Mr Gibbs said. More …

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Bravo Indonesia

Posted by te2ataria on June 6, 2009

Indonesians say “NO” to harmful NZ meat

Smart people don’t put their money on what they shouldn’t put in their mouths …

Indonesians, unlike other Muslim nations who bury their heads in the sand, have blocked shipment of meat from New Zealand.

Exporters hit halal hitch

The world’s most populous Muslim country, Indonesia, is threatening millions of dollars worth of meat exports from New Zealand.

Indonesia has blocked shipments of meat and has set a deadline of October 1 for New Zealand to fix the halal certification at the 60 meatworks listed to export to the country.

Meat exports to Indonesia were worth about $90 million last year.


Here’s another thought: halal certification does NOT remove potentially deadly chemical residues in NZ meat.

YOU wouldn’t believe what they feed the poor animals and how they molest and torture them before the “meat” products are packed ready for export!

How could any decent parent feed New Zealand food products to their children?

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