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Unlike cowardly Kiwis, fearless French won’t stand for police brutality

Posted by te2ataria on March 29, 2017

Heavily Censored Police Road Fatality Reports

  • NO vehicle-related fatality allowed in police report today, as of posting.


Sent by a reader in Paris:

Police clash with anti-brutality protesters in Paris again after Chinese man killed

Police clashed with activists and members of the Asian community for the second consecutive night in Paris’ 19th arrondissement, where a Chinese man was shot dead on Sunday by a policeman during an intervention at his home during a “family dispute.”

Hundreds of protesters are demanding justice after Shaoyo Liu, 56, was fatally shot.

On Tuesday, the protesters marched against police brutality in the vicinity of the police station of the 19th district for several hours before the violence erupted.

Police used tear gas to disperse the crowd who were denouncing the murder and the overall police brutality across the country.

The murder has also sparked a diplomatic row with Beijing. Yesterday, Chinese Foreign Ministry reportedly summoned a senior French diplomat demanding the French government to thoroughly investigate the killing and ensure the safety of Chinese nationals in France.

[In New Zealand and N. Korea, police can kill anyone from any country with absolute impunity. Moderator N.]

Other News in Drips…

Christchurch pair among five already killed in crash on ‘challenging’ alternate highway
“Five people have now died on the new alternate highway between Christchurch and Picton, with two young Christchurch men the latest to join the death toll. The crash, involving a white car and a Freight Lines truck, happened about 5 kilometres north of Culverden on State Highway 7 about 8am on Tuesday.”

Two men, aged 19 and 23, were killed when they collided with a truck near Culverden. Photo: JOSEPH JOHNSON/FAIRFAX NZ

“The inland route via the Lewis Pass was never intended to be a main arterial route but that changed when the Kaikōura earthquake forced coastal sections of State Highway 1 to be closed.

“Five people have died in crashes on the alternative route since the quake in November, with the latest smash occurring yesterday when two people died after a car and a truck collided just north of Culverden.” http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/327752/truckies-quitting-over-‘dangerous’-alternative-highway-union

Crash into pole leaves driver critical, houses without water due to burst main in Papatoetoe
“One person is in a critical condition after their car hit a pole in Papatoetoe, taking out a water main in the process.”

Where else in the world would a crash into a power pole leave an entire area without WATER? http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11827942

Missing Women of New Zealand

Missing woman last seen at Thames campsite back in February
Ann Louise Bunning, who also goes by Anne Gibbons, had been living at campsite in Thames for about a month when she suddenly vanished without a trace. The 56-year-old had been staying at Te Puru Holiday Park, on Thames Coast Rd, since checking in on January 5. She was reported missing in early February.


Ann Louise Bunning, 56, has been missing since January 30. She was seen at the Te Puru Holiday Park, north of Thames, where she had been staying since early January. Photo: Police

Search for missing boatie suspended off coast of Tauranga
[Bay of Plenty of Deaths.] After five days, the official search for missing boatie Karl Earwaker was suspended on Monday, police said
Karl was the sole occupant of the Sea Nymph named “Optimist”, which was discovered capsized two nautical miles south of Mayor Island on Tuesday afternoon, 21 March 2017. The matter has now been referred to the Coroner.

Trump ‘a dangerous idiot’ – Kiwi kicks off Trump Forest initiative in honour of US president, [the “half-breed orange orangutan”]

Adrien Taylor has launched “Trump Forest” initiative to encourage businesses to pledge trees to a global forest against United State President Donald Trump. Photo: SAM WALLS

Christchurch man and avid environmentalist Adrien Taylor has launched Trump Forest, an initiative to plant trees in the name of the American leader who recently repealed a raft of climate-change regulations. http://www.stuff.co.nz/environment/climate-news/90980347/trump-a-dangerous-idiot–new-zealand-founder-of-trump-forest-initiative

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One in Every 10 New Zealanders Victimised by Serious Crimes

Posted by te2ataria on September 1, 2016

Sent by a reader whose family have been victimized EIGHT times since October 2014  – details available subject to confidentiality

NEW Zealand Crime Rate: Facts and Figures

Up to 1.2 million crimes were committed in New Zealand year to July 2016 [Independent Estimate]

Police, when their thumbs were removed from their nether region, recorded 11,171 more “victimisations” than the same period last year, or an increase of a 2.3 per cent. [The police figure amounts to about 486,000 victimizations in the 12 months period, or more than one in every 10 Kiwis.]

Across the country, burglaries increased by 11.9% in the twelve months to July, according to [the heavily doctored] figures published by Statistics New Zealand.

The negative trend has been exponentially deteriorating: Burglaries are up 29% over a two year period while robberies skyrocketed by 44% and assaults have increased by at least 10%.

The New Zealand Police Ass-ociation blame the total breakdown on insufficient [not incompetent, clueless, illiterate, unmotivated…] police numbers.

“While many offence types can fluctuate, burglary figures tend to be a very good litmus test of how much criminal activity is taking place in the community,” said its president, Greg O’Connor on Wednesday.

“What is clear is that the public are now becoming concerned that the crime situation is deteriorating, an inevitability after many years of under-investment.

“We are now seeing political parties, including the government, accepting there is a need to increase police numbers. But it cannot wait for an election – this government must find the money now to increase police numbers across the board so that community concerns about crime can be addressed.”

Police Minister Judith ‘Crusher’ Collins speaking through her nether region said the Government would have more police recruits SOON so that the Police could attend all burglary complaints.

Then she changed her frigging mind and expelled the following statement amid a mist of hot, noxious gasses, “police would NOW attend every reported home burglary, treating it as a ‘priority offence.'”

The shameful Facts:

Burglary resolution rates [Even these sorry rates are Fictitious]

Successful finalisation rate of unlawful entry with intent investigations by district in 2014/15:

  • Northland: 11.9 per cent
  • Waitemata: 8 per cent
  • Auckland: 7.2 per cent
  • Counties Manukau: 9.9 per cent
  • Waikato: 11.5 per cent
  • Bay of Plenty: 17.5 per cent
  • Eastern: 15.3 per cent
  • Central: 14 per cent
  • Wellington: 11.9 per cent
  • Tasman: 18.5 per cent
  • Canterbury: 11.9 per cent
  • Southern: 16.4 per cent

Source: Police answers to written questions from Parliament’s law and order committee.


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Another Chinese woman brutally murdered in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on November 13, 2013

Rongmei Fan, 37, murdered in a “violent and brutal attack”

Police have named the Chinese woman who was murdered in a violent attack in Miramar, as the 37-year-old Rongmei Fan, mother of two young children. 

Rongmei “Mei” Fan, 37, was victim of a “violent and brutal attack.” Ms. Fan had two young children aged 5 and 9.  She had moved to New Zealand in 2006 from north China’s Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, according to Chinese media reports.

The body of  Ms Fan was discovered by a friend on Sunday evening. She was last seen last Friday dropping her two little  children off at their local school, Miramar Central School, and speaking with a teacher, according to a report.

“It is clear that this was a brutal and vicious attack that has taken the life of a young mother,” Defective Senior Sergeant John van den Heuvel said.

“Whoever has done this has taken away the mum of two little children which, any way you look at it, is a heartless act”.

Who killed Cissy Chen? Yet another unsolved murder in New Zealand.

New Zealand Police marked the first anniversary of yet another unsolved murder of a another Chinese woman, Bin ‘Cissy’ Chen, 44, who vanished from her home in north Auckland, on November 5, 2012.

Bin Chen homicide victim auckland
Ms. Chen, an accountant, studied and worked in Auckland for 22 years, said her brother. Her body has not been found.

“We believe her body was buried in a secluded location, such as a green belt or bush reserve, and we’d ask people to think back about what they were doing on Guy Fawkes Night last year and whether they witnessed any behaviour in the North Shore area that appeared strange,” said Defective Sergeant Goldie.

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Another Family’s Tragic Experience in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on October 8, 2012

Sent by a reader

‘our underage child was victim of grooming and sexual crimes in NZ …’

“The document [posted at http://bit.ly/ourNZexperience] contains comments on our experiences from a large number of experts in NZ and around the world – over 30 professors and doctorates, NZ MPs, psychologists, members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The universal reaction to these NZ atrocities is horror and outrage. One MP in the House of Commons is so incensed that he submitted the above document to a UK parliamentary select committee.

“To date no-one has been held to account for these atrocities.”

The family can be contacted at their pseudonym email address: fpeterjackson@googlemail.com

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Bomb Scares in New Zealand Are Costly

Posted by te2ataria on April 23, 2010

sent by a reader

Another Bomb Scare in Dunedin Cause Road Chaos

A New Wave of Bomb Scares in New Zealand Stop the Police from Functioning ‘Normally’

Police were called to the home of a Birkdale women this morning after she was found dead in her home by friends, Police cordoned off several properties as they investagated the scene, Birkdale, Auckland, New Zealand, Sunday, January 14, 2007. Credit:NZPA / Wayne Drought. Image may be subject to copyright.

While the bomb scares keep police busy and prevent them from carrying out their usual shoot-to-kill and chase-to-kill operations, they are also affecting businesses and the ordinary people.

Dunedin’s second bomb scare in 24 hours closed State Highway 1 to traffic leaving south of the city for a number of hours.

“The road was closed around 10am after police found what was described an improvised explosive device under an overbridge on the Green Island motorway near Dunedin, Police Sergeant Chris George said.” A report said.

“The lane south was currently blocked and traffic going south was forced to go through the main street of Green Island, a police spokesperson said.”

“Bomb experts were expected to arrive this afternoon but it was still uncertain when the lane would reopen, police said. The lane was not expected to reopen before 3pm.”

Mr George was quoted as saying that  there were “bound to be” traffic delays, given that the road was  main highway south of Dunedin.

The incident was “major hassle”, he said.

Dunedin’s motorway was reopened just before 3.00p.m.

“The highway was closed mid-morning and the bomb squad called, after the discovery of what appeared to be an improvised explosive device,” according to another  report.

The second  scare comes less than 24 hours after Dunedin airport was closed due to an earlier bomb scare, which proved to be a hoax.

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New Zealand Police: Licensed to Kill

Posted by te2ataria on March 5, 2010

sent be a reader, edited by D.H. and TEAA

New Zealand Police Officers Murder with Impunity

New Zealand police force is one of the very few in the world that ARE literally licensed to kill, especially the “coloured” people.

When one of them murders a human being, the entire establishment rush to his support: Politicians, judiciary, fellow police officers …

As they have demonstrated again and again, the lives of their “coloured” victims means nothing to them. Even when their victim happens to be an innocent bystander, as they often are, it doesn’t make the slightest difference.

The killer policeman who shot and murdered Halatau Naitoko, an innocent bystander,  said: “I believe presented with exactly the same situation I would do again what I did.”

Of course he would. In the eyes of murderers like him “coloured” people are just that, “coloured people”, and their lives are expendable.

Halatau Naitoko, 17, seen here with his daughter, Hemo, was murdered by police assassins during a pursuit of a bag snatcher.

“Officer A84 gave evidence at the inquest into the death of Halatau Naitoko behind closed doors at the Auckland District Court this week.” Media reported.

Three of the things you can judge a man by, which distinguishes him from worms and rodents, are integrity, courage and soul. “Officer A84” didn’t even have the guts to face the parents of the innocent man he murdered in cold blood.

Halatau’s parents were the only people who were allowed to listen to the constable “chicken Sh*t”, who was hiding behind a curtain, and reduced to a number.

If you did everything according to the book, why are you so afraid you have to cover your ugly face, Officer A84?

Detective Inspector Peter Devoy, who headed the whitewash into Halatau’s murder by A81 and A84, said exactly what he was expected to say:  “I consider officers A81 and A84 showed great bravery and disregard for their own personal safety to cross the motorway and engage McDonald at close quarters as they did.”

If the engaged “McDonald at close quarters” why then did they shoot the “coloured” guy?

We know, Mr Devoy, “courage”, “integrity” and “soul” are too great to fit in New Zealand police officers uniform.

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What Happened to This Car?

Posted by te2ataria on February 3, 2010

PLEEEEEZE …. don’t tell me the police did this, too!

Image Credit: BEN WATSON/Suburban Newspapers. Image may be subject to copyright.

What really Happened in a nutshell and without any spin:

1. A speeding police patrol car caused a multiple-vehicle accident involving at least 8 cars. The police, of course, denies responsibility. [Lie # 1]
2. The police driver and his buddy claim their patrol car “was stationary waiting for the lights to change at the intersection”. [Lie # 2]
3. The police alleges that their stationary patrol car was rammed and “shunted 50m”. [Lie #3]
4. The vehicle that rammed them was so powerful it steered the patrol car and made a collide with at least 6 other cars and a van. [Lies # 4 and 5]
5. The driver that rammed their patrol car was a mad Dutchman.
6.  It was the mad Dutchman’s, Cornelis Klein’s, Jeep Cherokee that killed Michael Roden Plimmer, aged 71,  when it “landed on top of his car at the intersection of Rosedale and Bush Roads in Albany”. [Lies #6, 7, 8, 9  and 10.] See the spun version!

YOU Decide!

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100% PURE Lies; 100 % NEW ZEALAND

posted by DH [Blog’s pale-face co-moderator]

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Police B*stards Kill Another Biker

Posted by te2ataria on January 13, 2010

sent by a reader

Chase-to-Kill Police Unit Kill Another Biker Near Wellington

A 29-year-old biker was killed by police after they gave chase  near Wellington and forced out of the road this afternoon.

Killer police say they spotted the rider speeding on State Highway 1 near Tawa heading  toward Wellington about 16:20pm.

“Area commander Peter Cowan told NZPA a patrol car gave chase but soon lost sight of the man when he left the motorway and headed into the suburb of Newlands.” The unofficial govt propaganda agency, NZPA, said.

“Mr Cowan said police were still speaking to witnesses, but it appeared the man had lost control, crashing over a bank and falling about 15 metres to his death.”

The report did not mention, of course, that patrol car units are instructed to ram bikers and motorists who refuse to stop when chased by the boneheads.

Other reported death, injuries caused by police givingg chase

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‘Police’ Assassins Demand Permanent ID Suppression

Posted by te2ataria on December 1, 2009

Sent by a reader

Brothers in Murder

Halatau Naitoko Murderers Too Afraid to Show their Faces

If you followed the cold-blooded London assassination of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes by secret police executioners, you would know what this is about.

Menezes’s body shown lying on the floor of a London underground carriage, after he was shot at least Ten times in the head and once in the shoulder by British secret police assassins from the so-called CO19 and SO19 units. Photo: ITN. Image may be subject to copyright.

Jean Charles de Menezes was ‘mistaken’ for a terrorist and was shot at least [TEN] times in the head and once in the shoulder at close range, execution style, by at least two police executioners using hollow point bullets. A senior police source said that Menezes’s body had been ‘unrecognisable.’”

Halatau Naitoko killed because of his skin colour, too

Halatau Naitoko, 17, seen here with his daughter, Hemo, was murdered by police assassins during a pursuit of a bag snatcher.

Now the special military unit officers who shot dead Halatau Naitoko in January after chasing a petty thief who had snatched a handbag,  “are going to unprecedented lengths, including requesting to use a Darth Vader-style voice distorter in court, to keep their identity a secret.

The two assassins, identified only as Officers A81 and A84,  say they fear being ‘paraded’ before the media and Halatau Naitoko’s family, their lawyer in the High Court at Auckland said last week.

“Their lawyer proposed they be allowed to give evidence to a coronial inquest from a side-room using a ‘surrogate witness’ or use a Darth Vader-style device to disguise their voices.” A report said.

The two coward shot Mr Naitoko, 17, and killed him on a motorway in Auckland on January 23, 2009.

The inquest into Mr Naitoko’s shooting was adjourned last week to allow the two cowards to “challenge a court ruling forcing them to take the stand. Their lawyer, Todd Simmonds, said the coroner’s request would mean ‘parading them before a courtroom’ packed with media and family.”

The reality is unless the two assassins identities were kept secret, their future murder missions would be jeopardized.

“Naitoko family lawyer Colin Pidgeon QC said it was important the officers gave evidence in open court. Campaigners and experts questioned yesterday why the two officers should be given special treatment.”

“Louise Nicholas, the complainant in a rape case against three former police officers, who were all acquitted, said the two officers were obliged to ‘front up’ to the inquest.” The Dominion Post reported.

Stephanie Cook, 17, and daughter Hemo, 2, visit Halatau Naitoko’s grave every Sunday, where they sing and talk to him. Photo: Janna Dixon/ NZHerald. Image may be subject to copyright.

“They are the ones that were there as the incident played out … and the coroner and the family needs to hear all the facts.

“I appreciate that, where the armed offenders are concerned, they do have the need for anonymity but not in a situation like this … I’m sorry but these guys do need to front up for the sake of the family.”

Scott Optican, associate professor of law at the University of Auckland, was quoted by the Dominion Post as saying that  based on the presumption of open justice, the  officers should be expected to give evidence in an open court.

“The witnesses in any high-profile case are paraded in front of spectators, that’s what open justice is.”

However,  the assassins’ lawyer, Mr Simmonds, argued that an existing name suppression order was insufficient to “secure their anonymity”.

“We don’t need to see either witness or hear their natural voices in order to fully satisfy the … purposes of the coronial inquest. These officers are not on trial.”

Mr Naitoko’s widow, Stephanie Cook said she attended the hearing but found it “very hard” to stay long. She said the police shooters were “gutless” for seeking secrecy.

“If you shoot somebody you should have to face whatever comes to you. Why should they be treated any differently? Just because you are the police, the law shouldn’t change.

“Hala wasn’t doing anything wrong. He was driving past, minding his own business. He was just doing his job trying to make money for our family. Whoever shot him should stand up and be accountable like anybody else.”

The inquest was adjourned until March 1, 2010 while the matter was considered.

For a list of “The 3 Options” proposed to protect the assassins, click here.

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NZ Police More of a Life Threat than Criminals

Posted by te2ataria on September 4, 2009

sent by a reader

NZ police force [and military] are licensed to kill

To the average person living here, NZ Police poses more of a threat than do criminals

Three off-duty policemen have finally been arrested after five months and charged with assault.

They victims, university students,  say the police farcers forced their way into their apartment building and beat them up.

chris scumbag renata
Accused scumbag police farcer, Chris Renata, aka James Bond, served last year in the Solomons.

The three Auckland City cops, Chris Renata, 31, Patrick Garty, 32, and Wiremu Bowers, 21, were suspended from duty at the start of last month.

The charges were laid under the Crimes Act, which is more serious than the Summary Offences Act under which Renata’s single charge of common assault was laid.

Renata, nicknamed “Jmaes Bond,” reportedly served in the Solomon Islands where he was stabbed by a man with a machete while on jungle patrol, but he escaped on a quadbike, the media said.

The assault charges arose after an incident in central Auckland on March 18 when the three constables allegedly clashed with a group of university students going home after celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

The attack was reportedly captured on CCTV cameras in High St and in the lobby of an apartment building, otherwise there would have been little chance of the victims’ complaint being dealt with.

One of the students, reportedly the son of an Auckland polieman, received a head wound which needed stitches to patch up. [Ouch!]

One of the victims, a 21-year-old commerce student, said the three officers “came after us”.

“They were yelling aggressively and asked us what the hell we were doing. They tried to have a go at us so we told them to piss off, but they followed us.”

After the students had gone inside the apartment building, the police farcers “pushed their way through the door into the lobby”.

The 21-year-old student alleges it was here the three men punched and kicked him and his mates and “went to town on my friend”.

“They never once mentioned they were cops.”

 Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10595139

NEW Zealand Police Farce: Evil, Pure and Simple

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NZ Police Licensed to Kill


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One of the boys again, right?

Posted by te2ataria on July 17, 2009

Police Photo of the Day:  Must be one of the boys again!

Apparently, not this time, but you sure made a hash of dealing with the curious crowds. Say, how many of you nincompoop b*stards does it take to photograph the scene of an accident?

police at the scene of bike accident
Rubberneckers add to crash chaos, an incompetent police farcer said. The crash scene was bad enough, without the added stress caused by the public, he added. [You must have felt like shooting a few of them in the head, right?]. Photo: WAIKATO TIMES. Image may protected by copyright laws.

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Resign, Bitch, Resign!

Posted by te2ataria on May 7, 2009

sent by an angry reader

Once again the nincompoop New Zealand police turn a routine inquiry into a national farce—TEAA

A member of the public and three plods were shot in Napier this morning, at least one was killed, trying to seize a “silly marijuana plant.”

“Senior Constable Len Snee of Taradale Police was believed to have been killed. Constable Bruce Miller and Constable Grant Diver were both in a serious condition in Hawke’s Bay regional hospital. A member of the public was also shot and was in hospital being operated on.” The Dominion Post reported.

Licensed-to-Kill cowboys with large guns [aka Armed Offenders Squad members] move in. God help the bystanders, now!
Photo: Eva Bradley. Image may be subject to copyright.

The “Fat  B*stard” [the fat, freeloading, incompetent Police Commissioner, Howard Broad] contacted Puffy [the overweight, overbearing, Police Minister, Judith Collins,] his domineering mistress,  to tell her police officers had been shot.

Collins was reportedly in Queenstown playing with police blue lights. “I am extremely shocked and concerned. I’ll be cancelling all my appointments tomorrow and moving straight to Napier to be with our police and their families,” the incompetent minister reportedly said.

What’s this? The “Rescue Helicopter” used to ferry in the paramilitary police. The arrogant b*stards wouldn’t be seen dead in other forms of transport! Photo: Eva Bradley. Image may be subject to copyright.

“I’m not going today…because police are dealing with an extraordinarily difficult situation right now and I want to make sure that they are focused on that, not worrying about their minister getting in the way.”

Collins reportedly said  she believed the public had high respect for the police because they were among the best in the world.

Wrong on all counts! The poorly trained cowboys are among the worst police farce in the world.

“I think there is, however, an element in New Zealand , in our society, that respects no one,” she said.

PUFFY the Police Minister [dying for a good sha*]
– Photo: NZPA. Image may be subject to copyright.

Bitch, you are right on that one.  Respect is a two-way street. Your cowboys have/are causing too much harm to a lot of us. They show zero respect to anyone outside their own circle. They treat Maori and ordinary pakeha like dirt.

“Unfortunately, the police have to deal with those people all the time.”

What’s this we business? Shut the f*ck up and resign now! Better still, take the Fat Bastard wit you and DISAPPEAR! Get Lost! GET!


Police Commissioner Howard [Fat B*stard] Broad told media today that police had been attempting to recover Mr Snee [Dead policeman] from the scene without success.

“I understand a number of my officers have attempted to do so under direct fire from the house,” he said.

“The fact we have got an officer we cannot get out from the situation, we cannot confirm finally that the man is dead is deeply distressing.

“He is in a position where we can say with reasonable certainty that he must be dead, but no one has been able to get there close to him and check that.”

That speaks volume about the chicken sh*t b*stards, they don’t recover the body of their mate because they are too afraid! [We’ll never know if he could have been saved, had the p*ssies acted bravely!]

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Another Tourist Goes ‘Missing’ in New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on March 28, 2009

The incompetent New Zealand  police are reportedly seeking information about a German tourist who has gone missing.

Marcel Schuppenhauer, 33, stayed at the Bark Bay Hut in the Abel Tasman National Park  on March 21, his second night on the Abel Tasman Track. He has since gone missing, police  said.

Schuppenhauer was traveling alone, and should have arrived in the city of Takaka at the beginning of this week. Stuff NZ said.


Stabbing Victim Named

Meanwhile,  a father of four, who was savagely stabbed to death in South Auckland late last night, was named as Olo Fiti, 37, who lived in Otara and worked locally.


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Korean national fighting for his life in NZ hospital

Posted by te2ataria on February 17, 2009

Once again the criminally incompetent New Zealand police farce escalate a stolen car incident into a tragedy for an Asian.

A 24-year-old Korean national is undergoing surgery after he was hit by a stolen car during a police chase in Auckland early today. His condition is described as “critical.”

The driver of stolen car who was a tall pakeha [European land thieves in ‘New Zealand’] reportedly abandoned the car shortly after the collision.

So here we go again. Fresh after shooting one of our brothers in cold blood just days ago, the criminally incompetent brownheaded New Zealand police farce end up with a dying Korean, a wrecked car and a failed arrest attempt.

How far dos the stupid police think the stolen car could have gone? Why couldn’t the nincompoops quietly follow the stolen car and arrest the thief after he stopped? Someone ought to tell the criminally incompetent New Zealand police that you can’t drive a car to Australia on a tankful of gas (!)

Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/4850259a11.html

Every death in New Zealand should be regarded as murder, unless proven otherwise!

[Note: As far-fetched as it may sound, there’s a possibility that the whole incident was staged by New Zealand’s secret police assassins.]

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NZ SIS: Toilet Spying Addicts

Posted by te2ataria on February 13, 2009

Story and titles suggested by a reader

The New Zealand [sic] Security [sic] Intelligence [sic]  Service [sic] – a  disgrace even by the depraved pakeha ‘standard’

Addicted to toilet spying, SIS are the same people who instead of preventing the bombing of Rainbow Warrior by their French bedfellows, provided material support  to ensure sinking of the protest boat.

According to the media, Green MP Keith Locke, 64, “recently applied to have his top-secret security file released under the SIS’s policy of greater openness and found he had been spied on from the age of 11.”

“His parents, Elsie and Jack Locke, were well-known communists and he had been covertly photographed, his private work with constituents had been tracked, and the SIS monitored him as recently as 2006.”

In a SIS-inspired [if not dictated] Editorial, Timaru Herald [who?] writes: “The truth is that New Zealand is not East Germany in 1960, and the SIS is not the Stasi.” Adding that:  “On the storm-in-a-teacup scale this one rates as a force 10 cyclone. Mr Locke’s hysteria is misplaced.”

The ZioNazi Editorial writer then recommends that his SIS file should remain open, as it is. “Its existence will not bring our democratic [sic] system crashing down, or hinder Mr Locke’s work.”  http://www.stuff.co.nz/timaruherald/4843690a6573.html

The Editorial is right about one thing, the SIS is not the Stasi; the brownheads are much worse than even the Stasi!

Since Mr Locke is a member of the so called parliament and in that capacity he works in the interests of his constituents, it makes you wonder which foreign entity’s interests the SIS toilet spies are serving.

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