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New Low for Racism in Apartheid New Zealand

Posted by te2ataria on June 19, 2009

Chinese nursing student offered hush money to keep discrimination  secret

Linda Tang, 42, a Chinese nursing student says Auckland’s Unitec offered her hush money after she complained of discrimination.

Unitec said it had offered her $4616, subject to confidentiality clause, but it was not hush money.

Ms Tang, 42, dropped out in her final year after tutors said they would not allow her to pass her Bachelor of Nursing course because her accent would prevent people from understanding her and therefore she would be unable to provide care to patients.

When she complained, faculty of social health sciences executive dean Wendy Horne offered her $4,616 – a year’s study fee – on the condition that the case would “remain confidential between us and our respective legal advisers”, New Zealand Herald reported.

complained in May that Unitec Institute of Technology tutors were making it impossible for her.

Ms Tang told TVNZ’s Close Up in May: “I feel that what they have done is discriminatory, especially to the Chinese, because we are penalised not for our lack of knowledge or ability, but simply because of how we talk.”

Ms Tang was reported as saying she would not accept the “hush money”. Instead she would be taking the case to the Human Rights Review Tribunal and seeking an apology from her tutor.

[Good luck to you Ms. Tang! But don’t be disappointed if you are ignored. They are no different to the other scumbags who won’t let you finish your course. Contact Richard Worth, ex minister, he might be able to put a word in for you, that’s if you can bring yourself down to…]

“This is basically trying to buy my silence with money.”

“In the letter Ms Horne said Unitec did not accept liability, ‘(but) if it will promptly resolve the issues, we are prepared to fully and finally settle this dispute.”

It remains baffling why the scumbags enrolled Ms. Tang despite her “awful” accent. Or was it because they couldn’t stomach an outspoken yellow woman?

Unitec chief scumbag Rick Ede said the refund offer was based on the faculty appeals committee recommendation and was not hush money. [Yeah, right!]

“The committee found no evidence of ethnic discrimination but said communication lines with Ms Tang could have been handled better.” [Enough said!]

“As a result of the distress caused to Ms Tang associated with the handling of her complaint in the early stages, Unitec has accepted the appeals committee’s recommendation to refund Ms Tang’s tuition fee,” Dr Ede said.

“He said Unitec had also arranged for Ms Tang to complete her nursing course at the Manukau Institute of Technology.”

[What happened to the patients’ right to proper care, you scumbag hypocrites? Can Manukau Institute of Technology fix Ms. Tang’s accent?]

Where South Africa failed in its apartheid, New Zealand thrives with impunity – for now any way!

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Anti-American pakeha Farts

Posted by te2ataria on May 17, 2009

Every now and then a new facet of puke pakeha anti-Americanism bounces to the surface

One amazing account is that of an English guy [known personally to a friend of mine] who wanted to start up an ecovillage in New Zealand.

He found a 250-ha plot of land in the South Island,  a disused clay mine that nobody else seemed interested in because of its hefty price tag,  contacted the estate agent and arranged to view the property. The next day he turned up at the estate agent’s together with an American friend. However, the agent made an unusual excuse and refused to show the plot when she realised one of them was an American. [I’m told the yank was a really nice guy.]

They persuaded the agent to mark the plot on a map, drove there  and surveyed the property. The next morning, the English guy called  the agent to say he was interested in the land, but she said the owner had changed his mind and was no longer interested in selling. She strongly hinted, however, that the owner was unwilling to sell to Americans. The English guy explained that only he and his spouse were the sole buyers and that his American friend would not be involved in the transaction, but that didn’t seem to convince the agent.

I wrote this intro because of an earlier comment posted  by kiwiyankee about pakeha anti-Americanism. Here’s what he wrote:

said  May 17, 2009 at 6:19 am

“Kiwis live in a fantasy world about their bigotry and racism”

This is the first time I have thought to get online and comment on the anti-american racist attitudes in New Zealand. My mother was a Kiwi and my dad was a Marine officer who fought in the Pacific during WWII.

I arrived here in 1964 and received a positive reception as an American. In 2003 I came back with my family and left for a bit but then returned. After another year and a half I cannot accept the general NZ attitude towards Americans (I won’t change my accent for you and I won’t turn my sentences into questions at the end – yes, I speak like an assertive American).

So I finally figured it out. Kiwis live in a fantasy world about their bigotry and racism, and other things. They are like the 40 Million other inhabitants – ergo – sheep (funny – the parody of Kiwis in “Black Sheep” is tragically close to the general New Zealand psyche at work – perhaps ‘work’ is a poor choice, as incompetence, cronyism and mediocrity find mutual comfort in their sheepish subjects).

40 years of the worst possible American TV programming has produced in these sheep a populace that equates ‘American’ with the most negative available American stereotypes. (try responding to a friendly “hello” with your American accent and watch the face drop and the attitude get quite nasty and manipulative – vicious – it happens too often to be coincidence).

The very sad aspect of their hatred of Americans is the fact that while they attempt to copy and adopt things related to America, they hate it (a German friend of mine found it rather strange that a weekend raft trip with her American roommate found him the butt of a relatively constant stream of American jibes from the several Kiwis present).

Unfortunately racism mostly anecdotal, but I am doing my best to present the objective observations. Now, couple it with the final part of the Kiwi dysfunction – they have what I call “small country syndrome.” It is kind of like the short guy with the small endowment who overcompensates with people who are taller and bigger than himself. This is quite a change.

In 1964 I remember watching my first All Black game – I don’t remember the visiting team but I do remember the crowd going just as positively wild with the opposition as with the All Blacks; I remember when the term ‘fair go’ was commonly used (not just as a pathetic TV consumer show) to reflect the Kiwi sense of fair play and egalitarianism; I remember my pride towards New Zealand in its attitudes – my mother professed their existence and she was a proponent – my old uncle Joe Gibbs who lived with us and shared my room for a year – he was called ‘the last great bushman’ of New Zealand – the guy who spent half his year in the bush and the other half on the wharves (he was 89 and we went up to the Tararuas for his birthday that year) – yes, he had been part of the unions and workers rights in the 30s and beyond.

That is all pretty much gone except for the fresh occasional breaths of dyed in the wool Kiwi dinosaurs I see in my travels through New Zealand society these days. I have had enough of it – then they had the stupidity to elect a transparent idiot (try charlatan, flim flam man, – guy worked in the United States for the Federal Reserve bank) who used the George Bush playbook to get elected and even now is using the same playbook to decimate what triflings of prosperity are left in New Zealand – to benefit his wealthy brethren.

Admittedly Helen Clark and Labour were stupid  enough to let it happen that way, but really, how could Kiwis not see it? Sheep – watch them. Watch the favourite racist TV commercial of Kiwis – the ASB bank commercial – you know – the fat, crass, stereotype of American capitalism who bullies his obsequious Jewish assistant? That New Zealanders could fall so low is a tragedy, and that they can’t see it and actually defend themselves – and viciously attack anyone who disagrees points to a highly dysfunctional society. To survive on a personal level I have to leave it.

[Paragraph breaks and emphasis were added by Moderator.]

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