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Posted by te2ataria on June 7, 2019

On June 6 the Blog posted a comment and question sent by a reader in Europe:

75 years ago my family lost four of its sons, brothers… in D-Day landings “to defeat fascism”

Today, NZ media pander to fascism by way of self censorship!

A message to the editor and board of directors at NZ Herald:

WHY did you remove columnist Matt McCarten’s article (linked below) from NZ Herald archive?

“Forget terrorists – it’s the secret police the public needs to fear”  [http://www.nzherald.co.nz/section/1/story.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10471106&pnum=0]

The blog Moderators searched the NZ Herald archive, which included numerous entries by  McCarten, looking for the missing article. No trace found among the 703 articles listed on 71 pages that were written by, attributed or made a reference to the columnist! [https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nzh-search/NZH/Matt+McCarten/71/]

Using various search terms, the blog Moderators searched for the missing article on six different search engines. Several references to the article were found, but non showed up on NZ Herald website.

On June 7, we repeated the same searches. Lo and behold, the article, or a variation thereof, which clearly wasn’t there a day earlier, showed on google search engine with the following, slightly modified URL:


A copy was also found at  Wayback Machine:


However, additional searches showed that the article was still missing from NZ Herald archive as of June 7, 2019.


• •  • •

The article [as seen on Herald’s website on June 7, 2019] is posted below for our readers’ reference:

Matt McCarten: Forget terrorists – it’s the secret police the public needs to fear

20 Oct, 2007 6:01pm

Matt McCarten, NZ Herald columnist: “Forget terrorists – it’s the secret police the public needs to fear” [Image may be subject to copyright.]

Key Points:

Our Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and our nation’s senior police officers breathlessly informed us this week that a terrorist cell and their secret training camp in the Ureweras had been smashed.

Hundreds of police synchronised the storming of homes of Maori sovereignty supporters, anarchist revolutionaries and environmental activists, arresting 17 so-called terrorists. Apparently, police have been hiding out in the bushes photographing these individuals, some of whom were dressed up in military gear, shooting guns and even burning napalm.

Our secret police and political establishment must be wetting themselves with excitement at finally capturing “real terrorists”. The only problem is that New Zealand is such a small country, everybody knows everybody else. Do people really think Tame Iti is a New Zealand Osama Bin Laden? What a joke. Instead of using scores of Darth Vader stormtroopers, couldn’t they have just sent the local community constable to arrest Iti? It’s not like he’s ever resisted arrest before.

Iti is one of those characters whose sense of humour and mischief has entertained us for years. He has always been a colourful orator and at worst makes us face some unpalatable truths. At best he is a great entertainer.

Iti winds up the establishment to draw attention to political issues or, as some of his detractors would claim, to himself. His latest political stunts have included running around half naked in front of the Waitangi Tribunal and shooting a British flag on the ground. The local police know him so well that they didn’t even bother to tell him off.

It wasn’t until this incident was broadcast on TV that our political masters insisted that he be charged. The subsequent court case just turned into another case of political mischief and self-promotion which would have had him chuckling at the furore.

The young idealists arrested with him were traipsing around his bush camp. No doubt they were firing guns and if the police say they set off napalm, I’m inclined to believe them. But does this mean that an eclectic group of Maori, political and environmental activists were being turned into a terrorist army?

Some of the young people I know who were arrested are actually vegans who don’t even believe in killing animals, let alone human beings. When you get the police searching homes of environmental activists trying to save snails on the West Coast, you know that things have got really silly.

There’s been a lot of talk this week about politicians overreacting about the police actions, but I suggest that the overreaction has been on the side of the police.

I never thought that there was a need for the Terrorism Suppression Act and believe that it was motivated by our establishment’s need to be seen by our international allies to be doing our bit for George Bush’s “war on terror”.

This week, New Zealand proudly signed up to become part of the US database of suspected terrorists. I would have thought that after the Ahmed Zaoui debacle, our secret police would hesitate to take the word of overseas agencies.

Let’s not even mention the bogus intelligence from these same guys to justify the invasion of Iraq for their oil.

Sinisterly, the Suppression of Terrorism Act is currently under review and there’s a proposal to include as terrorists people who damage economic infrastructure.

That is so broad it could include anything. For example, during the Springbok tour, people destroyed television aerials which were transmitting the rugby game. Under these new recommendations, they would be charged as terrorists.

The current young activists held without bail can stay in jail for up to two years without being convicted. The information that I have received is that the police have transcripts of all their phone calls and texts as well as all their personal emails. That can only mean that our citizens are being widely electronically monitored.

Considering it was the SIS who briefed the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, one can only assume now that our secret police routinely spy on our citizens.

What is disturbing is that many of these people’s friends, work colleagues and family are having their homes raided and their property confiscated. I suspect this is more to do with spreading the net as wide and far as possible to see what comes up.

My opponents may accuse me of being pro-terrorist or at least an apologist for them: I am not. What I don’t like, however, is the sinister way in which the Suppression of Terrorism Act is being used against people engaged in domestic political activity.

People have always talked about overthrowing the government, smashing capitalism, wrecking animal-testing laboratories and other such things. But have we had such acts carried out in New Zealand? Very rarely and very minor.

And even when people damage property or even hurt individuals in political activity the police have always been able to arrest them using the Crimes Act. The Suppression of Terrorism Act – even its name is provocative – is a political weapon against dissent.

Those of us opposed to this act are now seeing it abused in the way we feared it might. We shouldn’t be worrying about the antics of Tame Iti. We should be instead very worried about the creeping powers of our secret police.


Copyright the author and/or the Publisher [See Fair Use notice!]

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Posted by te2ataria on June 6, 2019

Sent by a reader in Europe

75 years ago my family lost four of its sons, brothers… in D-Day landings “to defeat fascism”

Today, NZ media pander to fascism by way of self censorship!

A message to the editor and board of directors at NZ Herald:

WHY did you remove columnist Matt McCarten’s article (linked below) from NZ Herald archive?

Forget terrorists – it’s the secret police the public needs to fear  [http://www.nzherald.co.nz/section/1/story.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10471106&pnum=0]

 See also:

• •  • •


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Was the American “spy” killed accidentally?

Posted by te2ataria on September 30, 2016

sent by a reader in Sewage City [aka, “Wellington”]

The U.S. “spy” killed in Martinborough crash was Douglas Dietz, from Alexandria, Virginia

The U.S. [government agent] killed in Martinborough crash was Douglas Dietz, 29, from Alexandria, Virginia, said Wairarapa Police.

Douglas Dietz, 29, and his bride Kathleen, both from the US state of Virginia, arrived in New Zealand on Saturday September 24. Douglas was killed just days later!

The deceased was allegedly killed in a single-vehicle crash on Shooting Butts Road,  Martinborough, yesterday morning.  http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/martinborough-crash-name-release

[Save for the “war” zones, New Zealand is the only place in the world where  the “undesirables” are liquidated without a single question asked. Moderator K. ]

Killed in a crash, resurrected, but finally pronounced dead!!!

A 21-year-old man critically injured [killed] in a Southland crash on Wednesday [but later declared as critically injured] has finally been pronounced dead.

“The man was riding a motorbike on a gravel road in Wallacetown, 15 minutes from Invercargill, when when crash happened just before midday.”

“He was transferred to Southland Hospital’s intensive care unit with critical head injuries, but died yesterday.” http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11720107

Another motorist in critical condition (!)

A man is said to be in a critical condition [while police await instructions whether to pronounce him dead or not] after becoming trapped underneath a vehicle at a property in West Auckland this afternoon. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11720105

Violent crimes are UP – but why is NZ Herald disseminating disinformation?

The officially-doctored crime statistics for the year ending August show 12,529 more people were victimised than the year before.

The increase, according to NZ Herald, equates to a 4.8 per cent rise in crime,  which is totally WRONG and misleading.


In July, we said…

Police, when their thumbs were removed from their nether region, recorded 11,171 more “victimisations” than the same period last year, or an increase of a 2.3 per cent. [The police figure amounts to about 486,000 victimizations in the 12 months period, or more than one in every 10 Kiwis.]

As for independent estimates:

“Up to 1.2 million crimes were committed in New Zealand year to July 2016”


The State’s other Stinking Secrets

About 900 people are killed on NZ roads each year. [Most probably] about 685 road fatalities have occurred in NZ since 1 January 2016, but only 244 reported by police/minitru.

Truth about the daily carnage on the roads hurts the massive foreign investment in New Zealand including the $10 billion tourism industry.

[The Stock of total foreign investment in New Zealand was at least NZ$ 322,279 million, excluding confidential amounts through Channel Islands, according to a report posted at https://www.nzte.govt.nz/en/invest/statistics/ ]

To protect the foreign investment, NZ TOURISTS or truth? Campaign (police censorship of road fatalities) continues unabated…

  • No. of road fatalities recorded by Minitru as of September 23: Only 233
  • No. of road fatalities recorded by Minitru as of September 30: Only 244
  • STATISTICAL No. of road fatalities (nationwide) for the period September 23-30: 33
  • No. of road fatalities in NI for the period  according to our contacts: at least 24


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Even the KKK would have been more magnanimous

Posted by te2ataria on June 5, 2016

Sent by a reader in the U.S.

This is how your racist, ultra right-wing media reacted to the news of the boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s death:

By David Jones for the Daily Mail – reprinted by NZ Herald

Behind the legend of Muhammad Ali: A serial adulterer whose private life was a train wreck

Death has surely come as a merciful release for Muhammad Ali, for it has ended an agonising 30-year struggle with Parkinson’s disease – the one opponent even The Greatest couldn’t beat.

Having spoken to many of his friends and family members, I know that, during his last years, each new day was a waking nightmare. He was trapped in a body so dysfunctional that he needed assistance just to stand up, and could only communicate by grunting.

Ali had become totally dependent on his fourth wife Yolanda – Lonnie – or more usually her sister, Marilyn Williams, who served as his live-in carer during his last years.

  • The serial adulterer was closer to some of his nine children than others 

Let any one of you who hasn’t had an extramarital affair throw a stone at him.

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