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Secret Deal Keeps Child Rapist Off the Hook

Posted by te2ataria on March 23, 2011

The Awesome Power of Judicial CORRUPTION

Corrupt Judge Hints at Custodial Sentence for Child Rapist

NO judiciary is as corrupt as New Zealand’s!

The well-known TV comedian who raped a 4-year-old child  has pleaded guilty to committing indecent assault on his young victim,  a far lesser offence to what he committed.

He wasn’t even charged with rape,  but with unlawful sexual connection with a child under 12.

[Rumor has it in an earlier statement, the rapist had told police that he thought he was having sex with his wife at the time!]

“I-shrunk-your-mum-again-kids” rapist is allowed name suppression allegedly to protect the child’s identity.

He was supposed to stand trial in Auckland District Court today, but her defence team, headed by barrister Marie Dyhrberg QC, and prosecution counsels struck a deal.

Judge Philippa Cunningham indicated she would not impose a custodial sentence when the man next appears before the court on May 26.

The reasons for the change of charge were given in closed court, and the media were not allowed in.

The man was arrested after an incident in December 2009.

He was remanded today on bail.

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What exactly are my rights in this country?

Posted by te2ataria on February 9, 2010

Sent in by a reader [Edited by D.H.]

I’m not a revolutionary, not even an idealist … But I know when I’m being shafted

I can see, touch, smell, and taste fascism despite the skirt of democracy he’s wearing. And don’t pretend I have any rights in this country because I don’t. I may be drugged, drunk, brainwashed, but I ain’t stupid.

What exactly are my rights?

  • The right to live free from tyranny?
  • Do I have the right to a job?
  • Fare share of the country’s resources?
  • Right to a future?
  • Right to an education without having to sell my body?
  • Right to a government that is answerable to its people?
  • Right to a police force that doesn’t demand a blow job from my wife and kid in the car park?
  • Right to peace and prosperity?
  • Right to a judiciary that doesn’t protect the guy who molested my kid, or raped my wife?
  • Right to have enough food on the table to feed my kids?
  • Right to have my tax dollars going to eliminate poverty?
  • Right NOT to be spied on by the SIS?
  • Right to a fair deal?
  • Right to have a pot to piss in?

Call it something else if you don’t want it known by its real name, But don’t you dare calling it democracy!

And here’s a message to my friend, Whaleoil:

Hey Bro! You’re doing a fine job exposing the name-suppressed sexual predators. But if you really care about this country and the plight of its people, there are many more important issues that need addressing, too!

God Luck!
D.H. The Blog’s ‘white’ Moderator

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