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Chastity Jacinda hauling her putrid fanny to Nuru at a cost of $80,000 on fuel alone!

Posted by te2ataria on September 3, 2018

Sent by an angry reader in Sewage City [aka, “Wellington”]

“I anal–ysed all of my option, [screwing the taxpayers hard feels best!]” 

“I spent quite a lot of time deliberating over whether or not I would attend the Pacific Islands Forum in Nauru. I analysed all of my options,” Ardern told reporters.

Ardern is flying an Air Force Boeing 757 to the Pacific Islands Forum on the island for one day, a report said.

“Ardern made a decision that she would fly to Nauru early on Wednesday, necessitating the return of the 757 to New Zealand to pick her up instead of flying one hour on to the Marshall Islands to await the return flight on Wednesday.”

Anal Ardern already knew that Labour MP David Shearer had previously asserted: “Being flown around in your own aircraft is a ‘nice to have’ but in these tough times the cost to taxpayers is vastly more than a commercial flight.”

[The bitch considers herself royalty. We’ve been warning you about her character flaws.]


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Good riddance, you disgusting hyena

Posted by te2ataria on December 5, 2016

Sent by a reader

UNFORTUNATELY, it’s eight years too late!

John Key quits after quadrupling his ill-gotten wealth in eight years while doubling as PM.

John Key has announced his resignation as Prime Minister of New Zealand, citing family reasons for leaving!!

The vampires will hold a meeting next Monday (December 12) to decide the new party leader and Prime Minister.

Key has already endorsed blood-sucking Bill English as his replacement.

“Whoever the caucus votes for will have my unwavering support, but if Bill English puts his name forward then I will vote for him.

“For 10 years now Bill and I have worked closely as a team. I have witnessed first-hand his leadership style, his capacity for work, his grasp of the economy, his commitment to change and most of all his decency as a husband, as a father, a colleague and as a politician.”

Key, calling himself “a commercial guy,” has been promoted by his stable-masters to take up board positions, possibly with companies in Australia.

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NZ ‘First Family’ leads the nation in sexual deviancy

Posted by te2ataria on April 26, 2015

‘First daughter’ poses nude in Paris, while her parents chase after waitresses with cute ponytails in Parnell

John Key’s attempts to groom waitress for ménage à trois backfire

Now Explore Cherry Lazar:



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More Murders, Quakes and Conspiracies in NZ

Posted by te2ataria on January 15, 2011

First the Conspiracies …

NZ’s Prime Murderester, Mr Key, says the Pike River Coal mine should be sealed, even though the bodies of the 29 hapless victims have not been recovered.

When the blog moderators wrote the following

They concluded that the next step after the “closure” must be the “cleanup,”  the removal [burial] of any and all evidence that the explosives, which was used to kill the miners, would have left behind.

Then came the subsequent explosions, flooding and fire, but Mr Key was still worried.

A good forensic expert could have still sifted through the rubble and found sufficient incriminating evidence to show that the miners were probably killed as a result of army explosives that were used to blow up the mine.

Mr Key says there are no options on the recovery, and the mine has to be sealed .

The GAG machine “has blown its guts”, He said.

“It’s not working. That has actually failed and the mine rescue teams from Australia and New Zealand have refused to go into the mine”.

NOW, more unanswered questions are popping out:

The EPMU national secretary has said:

  • The mine was understood to now be stable and had been for some days
  • The GAG machine had therefore successfully completed its work
  • The first phase of the recovery operation had been successfully completed and preparations for the second re-entry phrase could now commence. [Quoted from NZPA]

Mr Key, YOU ARE responsible for the murder of 29 Pike River Coal miners and you should face an international court to answer the charges. Your ill-gotten wealth and Zionist heritage must not be allowed to provide automatic protection against the charge of murder.

The Murdered Miners of Pike River. Source of photos: WPNZ. Click here to enlarge the photos.

Five foreigners were among the victims. The two Australians were William Joynson, 49, and Joshua Ufer, 25. The two Britons were Malcolm Campbell, 43, and Peter Rodger, 40. The South African miner was Jacobus Jonker, 47.

Speaking of Murders…

Two more people believe to be Chinese were killed in Auckland.

Two men have been killed at an upmarket residence in Stilwell Road on the northern slopes of Mt Albert, a report said.

Thanks to New Zealand immigration policy, per capita, New Zealand harbours more murderers, rapists, gangsters, hoods, crooks, drug pushers and criminals from China, South Korea and elsewhere in the world, than any other country.

The third probable murder involves Malcolm Widdilove, a British resident, whose yacht was found submerged north of the North Island and police say he probably drowned at sea.

Now, to the Quakes …

As significant earthquakes continue to rattle both our North and South islands,  Fire Earth blog has posted the following earthquake warning for New Zealand:

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What exactly are my rights in this country?

Posted by te2ataria on February 9, 2010

Sent in by a reader [Edited by D.H.]

I’m not a revolutionary, not even an idealist … But I know when I’m being shafted

I can see, touch, smell, and taste fascism despite the skirt of democracy he’s wearing. And don’t pretend I have any rights in this country because I don’t. I may be drugged, drunk, brainwashed, but I ain’t stupid.

What exactly are my rights?

  • The right to live free from tyranny?
  • Do I have the right to a job?
  • Fare share of the country’s resources?
  • Right to a future?
  • Right to an education without having to sell my body?
  • Right to a government that is answerable to its people?
  • Right to a police force that doesn’t demand a blow job from my wife and kid in the car park?
  • Right to peace and prosperity?
  • Right to a judiciary that doesn’t protect the guy who molested my kid, or raped my wife?
  • Right to have enough food on the table to feed my kids?
  • Right to have my tax dollars going to eliminate poverty?
  • Right NOT to be spied on by the SIS?
  • Right to a fair deal?
  • Right to have a pot to piss in?

Call it something else if you don’t want it known by its real name, But don’t you dare calling it democracy!

And here’s a message to my friend, Whaleoil:

Hey Bro! You’re doing a fine job exposing the name-suppressed sexual predators. But if you really care about this country and the plight of its people, there are many more important issues that need addressing, too!

God Luck!
D.H. The Blog’s ‘white’ Moderator

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Key Breaks His Arm: Poetic Justice?

Posted by te2ataria on January 18, 2009

Sent by a reader

NZ PM, John  Key Has Broken His Arm in Two Places

Poetic Justice, Chinese Curse, or Political Expediency?

As economic growth is forecast to come to a standstill this year [in reality thing are a lot worse than the treasury publicly admits], and unemployment is seen surging to as much as a quarter of a million [12%] in the next year or so, John Key the newish PM  breaks his arm.

Key fell yesterday while walking down stairs at a Chinese New Year celebration in Auckland. A specialist said he had a double fracture. It’s not known whether he will need an operation.

The Law of Karma: If he lies about the plight of the Asians in New Zealand, or misrepresents the number of tourists that are raped there, his other arm and a leg might break, too!

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Baghdad on a Bad Day?

Posted by te2ataria on June 24, 2008

Violence Escalates in New Zealand

Warning: Stay Out of New Zealand!

paramilitary police protect firefighters in new zealand
Heavily armed paramilitary unit protects 20 firefighters trying to extinguish a house fire which was started deliberately in the city of Invercargill, one of New Zealand gang war zones, Saturday night. Last week the headquarters of another Invercargill gang were burnt to the ground. Image: The Southland Times/Stuff NZ. Image may be subject to copyright. See NewZeelend Fair Use Notice!

Wanganui Mayor Michael Laws compares New Zealand gangs’ lawlessness to violence in Zimbabwe and says the army should be called in to crush them. “This is not Zimbabwe but in some parts of this country the rule of gang thugs resembles such.” He said. (Source)

Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt has called for police to be given greater power to deal with gangs after a feud between the Mongrel Mob and Road Knights escalated with another house going up in flames at the weekend. (Source)

A New Zealand University Expert: Violence will get a lot worse!

“In the Hawkes Bay region of the North Island, police say it is a matter of pure luck that they are not dealing with multiple murders after members of a local gang chapter tore apart a 21st birthday party, using knives, baseball bats and a machete.”

“Five partygoers were admitted to Hawke’s Bay Hospital with serious injuries after 100 people at the Hastings party were attacked by local members of The Mongrel Mob around midnight on Saturday.”

Hasting Mayor Lawrence Yule: The violence—the fifth such gang-related attack in three weeks against innocent people—is causing major concern among residents and law enforcers alike. (Source)

Caligula, the empress of New Zeelend: I assure you New Zealanders [and foreign tourists, no doubt] crime rates are actually dropping. [What you are seeing is, in fact, not the reality! You are imagining the whole thing!]

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Why are New Zealanders sooooo anti-American?

Posted by feww on April 7, 2008

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