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Joining the corrupt, dishonest, lowlife NZ police farce?

Posted by te2ataria on January 3, 2018


WARNING! SEVERE Karmic Events Occurring Throughout NZ!

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Welcome to the MOST HEAVILY CENSORED blog in New Zombieland [and across all other ZOMBIE democracies!] We’re GUILTY, above all, of TELLING the TRUTH, EXPOSING govt CORRUPTION and police BRUTALITY, and objecting to MASS SLAUGHTER of foreigners visiting NZ!

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Surely, the average Sikh in NZ has more self respect than joining the thugs

A Samoan cop wearing incorrectly-wrapped Sikh turban in a police recruitment video is one of the egregious misrepresentations recently made by the NZ police farce.

Who are you trying to disrespect, or deceive, the Sikh, or the rest of us?
Secretary general of the Supreme Sikh Society of New Zealand said police had “violated tradition” because of the misrepresentation.

The stupid video was aired in November and criticized by the “international media outlet Al Jazeera [which] questioned whether the organisation should be ‘bragging about its diversity’ due to criticism about racial profiling, especially of Maori.”

. . .

At least four more foreigners killed in NZ

Killed on the road, killed in the air, killed everywhere!

Dean Voelkerling and a passenger [believed to be a foreigner] who has not yet been identified were killed when the light airplane they were travelling in fell from the sky just after midday on Monday and slammed into a paddock in Te Kopuru, south of Dargaville.

Name release – paraglider death on Mt Roy, Wanaka
The man who was killed on Mt Roy, Wanaka, yesterday, 2 January, was 54-year-old David Michael Jongsma.

Name release – pedestrian fatal Palmerston North
The pedestrian who was killed after he was hit by a car on Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North at around 9:40am on 21 December 2017, was Pacific Islander Siosaia Mafileo who lived in Palmerston North.

Others proudly killed in recent road crashes

One killed, another person seriously injured in a crash on Summit/Dyers Pass Road in Christchurch this evening. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/fatal-crash-christchurch-1

Fatal crash in Masterton
Monday, 1 January 2018 – 10:09pm – Wellington
One person was killed in a crash in Masterton this evening [1 January 2018.]
A motorbike and a ute collided on McKinstry Ave, at the intersection with Masterton Castlepoint Road.

Fatal crash overnight in Maungatapu, Tauranga
Monday, 1 January 2018 – 6:34am [Bay of Plenty of Deaths]
A man was killed in a crash on SH29A. The crash happened at around 2.15am on the Maungatapu Bridge and involved two vehicles.

Man dies after crash in Whangarei
Sunday, 31 December 2017 – 10:22pm – Northland
One person has died after a single-vehicle crash in Whangarei today. The car rolled and hit a fence on Keyte Street in Kensington just before 10:30am.

Fatal crash on Appleby Highway – road closed
Sunday, 31 December 2017 – 9:34pm – Tasman
One person was killed in a crash on the Appleby Highway (SH 60) in Tasman District. The collision was between a ute and a car, on the highway between Bartlett Road and Blackbyre Road, just after 9pm.

Christmas road toll’s youngest victims were aged 5 and 6

Two children who were killed on Northland roads in separate crashes days before Christmas were Joshwyn Reihana-Ruka, 6, who was killed in a crash  on SH12 near Omanaia, and  5-year-old Jahquin Sadler who was killed in a crash at the intersection of Mill and Brighton Rds in Kensington, Whangarei. The young victims were both killed on on Friday, Decmber 22, 2017.  https://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/northland/100187926/Christmas-road-tolls-youngest-victims-named

Others recently killed

Man dumped at Tauranga Hospital dies
A man dropped off at Tauranga Hospital today with critical injuries has died.

Titi Island diver named
The free diver who went missing off Titi Island in the Marlborough Sounds yesterday was found dead. He was 25-year-old Baden Pierce McNab from Owaka.

Name release – Wakapatu Beach drowning
Tuesday, 2 January 2018 – 7:14pm – Southern
The man who was killed by drowning while snorkeling at Wakapatu Beach, Southland on 30 December 2017 was Richard Hepi Tautari, who lived in Invercargill.

Cable Bay drowning
Tuesday, 2 January 2018 – 6:06pm – Northland
One person was killed by drowning at Cable Bay, Far North. Another person has been taken to Whangarei Hospital in a critical condition.

Murder Mystery?

Police investigate death at a house in North Waikato


South Canterbury: 27 deaths taking hundreds of days to be fully investigated
The deaths of six people in South Canterbury in 2014 and 21 in 2015 are still yet to be fully investigated by a coroner, new information released under the Official Information Act shows.

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Lilly Campbell was born with 10 cute, little fingers…

Posted by te2ataria on October 14, 2016

Sent by an “angry and disgusted” reader

Then, Waikato Hospital cut her pinkie off!

An incompetent Waikato Hospital nurse has cut off a baby’s finger.

Lilly Campbell, who was just  three days old, had a  tube [“cannula”] inserted in her left hand for fluids, with part of the tube taped to her pinkie.

Her mum Marie, 23, has type 1 diabetes, and Lilly had reportedly been kept  in the intensive care (!) unit since her birth to stabilise her blood sugar levels.

A senior nurse at Waikato Hospital cut the tip off Lilly’s finger with scissors, while trying to remove the cannula.

“I just got home with my mum when we got a call to say come back, we’ve cut your baby’s finger off,” said Marie Campbell.

She hadn’t been allowed to stay with her baby because she lives less than 30km from Waikato Hospital, but doesn’t have a car.

“I was, like, how can you do that? I was so angry.

“So we raced to the hospital and I was, like, well, where’s the rest of her finger? And it was still in the cot. They didn’t put it on ice straight away or anything.”

A surgeon attempted unsuccessfully to reattach the finger, which was cut below the nail.

“We unwrapped it after a week and the [surgeon] checked it and it was all black,” Campbell said.

“It didn’t work, so now we have to wait for nature to take its course and for it to fall off.”

Will we ever have competent medical staff in Waikato Hospital in this life time?

Other News in Drips…

Hundreds of police drivers mobilize to arrest a man who failed to stop!
Never mind the murderers, rapists, arsonists, burglars…  [and the mayhem on the roads,] an estimated herd of 400 police personnel from several farces along New Zealand’s South Island, from Nelson to Christchurch, on to  Dunedin, were mobilized just to teach the young guy, who had failed to stop for police in Nelson, a lesson.

The 20-year-old Nelson man abandoned the blue Subaru and was located on foot in Waikouaiti, north of Dunedin, but later gave himself up to avoid being shot by police. http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/dunedin-motorist-fails-stop-police

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NZ Tornado, Quake and Corpses News

Posted by te2ataria on May 3, 2011

Magnitude-5 earthquake shakes Nelson

GeoNet reported a Magnitude 5.0 quake about 10 km south-west of Nelson on Tue, May 3 2011 6:55 pm. The quake which struck at a depth of 110 kilometer rattled Wellington, Marlborough, and Nelson regions, according to media reports.

Police resurrect two of the three killed in Auckland tornado

The 200kmh twister has caused widespread damage to the city, leaving a 5 kilometer path of destruction behind and forcing hundreds of people to evacuate buildings.

Police say they can only confirm one person is dead after a destructive tornado swept across Albany on Auckland’s North Shore today.

Earlier Prime Minister John Key said he had been told by the Police Commissioner two people had died and other unconfirmed reports put the number at three.

Tonight police revised the figure down and said they believed only one person had died.

“Initial reports that there were two or three dead are incorrect and we can only confirm one death at the moment. We believe that to be accurate,” said Inspector Gary Davey, Waitemata police area commander.

“We have got several status two (moderate injuries) and half a dozen status three and four (slight injuries).”

Mr Davey said they had no reports of critical injuries. Police did not yet have details of the dead person.

“We don’t have any circumstances surrounding the death. We are just working through next of kin at the moment and I can’t confirm anything,” he said. More …

Decomposing corpse found in Huntly

Meanwhile, yet another dead body was found, this time in Huntly, a small town in the Waikato region of the North Island of New Zealand.

Detective Inspector Chris Page, of Waikato police, said the man’s body was on vacant land off Shaw St, near a railway used for coal deliveries to the power station.

“Initial indications are that the body has been there for some time,” Page said.  “We have secured the scene and are beginning an intensive inquiry, including forensic analysis.” More …

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Police Add Insult Manslaughter

Posted by te2ataria on March 13, 2011

The “Thick Blue Line” Assassins Deny ‘Murder’ Again!

  • NZ Police deny assaulting “suspect” which led to Manslaughter!

  • NZ Police deny coverups!

  • NZ Police deny “blue code of silence.”

Police constables involved in a manslaughter case said they faked job sheets for three years and lied through their teeth to p4otect a colleague. They knew how to cover up effectively because a senior officer coached them.

Here’s what Waikato Times said about the case:

Police deny ‘code of silence’ in coverups

Court action stretching over seven years against police charged with coverups of an alleged assault on a suspect, who later died, ended this week with police denying a “blue code of silence” culture exists.

This week the High Court at Auckland granted an application for proceedings to be stayed against Clinton Lyall Hill, 36, a constable from South Auckland.

He had been through two trials in 2009 and 2010 with juries unable to reach verdicts after being charged with assault on George Tipene Harris, 24, and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

While off duty Mr Hill had arrested an intoxicated Mr Harris in the early hours of October 3, 2004, for trying to steal his mobile phone. He hailed a passing patrol car which he put Mr Harris in, and was later accused of beating him up in the back seat.

Mr Harris got away, ran on to Great South Rd and was hit and killed by a street sweeper truck. Mr Hill was initially charged with manslaughter, but in his first trial the jury threw that charge out.

He remained with the police throughout his trials but on February 26 this year resigned. Two weeks later it was decided he would not face a third trial. He maintained his innocence through a coroner’s inquest, a Police Complaints Authority investigation and all trials.

But while the charges against Mr Hill have been stayed, the two other constables in the patrol car the night Mr Harris died have already admitted and been convicted of conspiracy to defeat the course of justice for covering up the alleged incident.

Benson Murphy and Reuben Harris were sentenced to 15 months’ jail, receiving a 60 per cent reduction for agreeing to testify against their former colleagues – later reduced still further on appeal to 10 months’ home detention. The two constables said for three years they faked job sheets and lied about the night to protect Mr Hill. They claimed a sergeant coached them.

The sergeant was acquitted in a separate case. His name is suppressed and he remains on the force.

In Murphy’s court case it was revealed he twice tried to discuss the death of Mr Harris with his supervising sergeant but “the sergeant refused to discuss the matter with him”. He finally confided in a fellow officer and golfing buddy who then dobbed him in and the case was re-opened.

Manukau police were criticised in 2005 when retired High Court judge Sir David Tompkins QC concluded there was a “blue code of silence” in the district.

Sir David specifically referenced the work of Canadian academic Janet Chan who said new police recruits were “quickly socialised into a culture of not telling, and discovered that, unless the offence was very serious, it was extremely inadvisable to blow the whistle on one’s colleagues”.

Civil liberties lawyer Gary Gotlieb said coverups of police misdeeds “happens more than it should”.

“By and large the police will give evidence as it is but when it involves an officer, one of their own stepping over the line a bit, they will often do their best to make sure that officer doesn’t get into trouble.”

He said serious misconduct was not tolerated but “lesser indiscretions are often not dealt with”.

However, Counties Manukau district commander Superintendent Mike Bush said of the issues around the death of Mr Harris: “This matter was fully investigated at the time by an assistant commissioner and in my opinion was an isolated incident and does not reflect on the culture of this district.”

Mr Gotlieb said stamping out the culture depended on police managers cracking down, and the prosecutions around Mr Harris’ death showed this was happening, though managers were away from the coalface and often unaware of day-to-day practices. He said the incoming commissioner of police, Peter Marshall, was a “pretty refreshing” man who insisted on very high standards.

The 2007 report of Dame Margaret Bazley’s Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct said there “are indications that bonding among officers can still inhibit both the disclosure and the investigation of alleged misconduct by police officers”.

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Police Concede: Missing student ‘probably dead’

Posted by te2ataria on May 10, 2010

Police Withhold 2 Key Information

1. In Srikanth Rayadurgam case, dead means Murdered

2. They probably know who killed him

Police have finally conceded that Srikanth Rayadurgam, 23, is probably dead. Mr Rayadurgam left the Mt Albert home of his sister Padam and Mr Kakanoor, where he lived, on Thursday, October 1, 2009. See Below.

His wallet and some personal items, INCLUDING HIS SHOES were found at the Westhaven Marina. However, it took a week before police divers searched the area. Why delay search for such a long time? Probably because (i) they knew exactly what had happened to him, and (ii) they thought his family wouldn’t care and all woul be forgotten soon.

The victim’s brother-in-law, Mr Kakanoor, believes the police bungled the case because they waited 7 days before attempting a half-hearted search.

“He said the only time he did not think about Mr Rayadurgam was when he was asleep.” NZPA reported.

“There is no closure, it is the biggest thing which is happening in our life,” Mr Kakanoor said.


Indian Student Missing in New Zealand, Presumed “Murdered.”

Another Victim of New Zealand Racism!

Srikanth Rayadurgam, 23, an AUT student has been missing for 4 days.

Srikanth Rayadurgam
MISSING PRESUMED “MURDERED.”  Srikanth Rayadurgam, 23, an Auckland University of Technology (AUT)  student, was last seen by his family around midday on October 1 when he left his Mt Albert home, Auckland, New Zealand.

He was last seen by his when he left his Mt Albert home about midday on October 1, 2009, and was reported missing  at 10 pm by family members who called the police.

The victim’s wallet was discovered by a cyclist near Westhaven Marina, St Mary’s Bay, around 8am the following day.

The incompetent New Zealand Police are still searching for any trace of of Mr Rayadurgam.

“When the missing man’s family heard of the discovery they visited the marina and uncovered further personal items, including Mr Rayadurgam’s backpack and some items of clothing.” A report said.

The police say his disappearance was particularly concerning because there was “nothing to suggest Mr Rayadurgam was unhappy or unwell.”

They have asked “anyone with information about the case or  anyone who saw anything suspicious around the Curran St end – under the Harbour Bridge – of Westhaven Marina is asked to contact Police immediately.”

Here’s the information they need, as if they don’t know already:

In all likelihood Mr Rayadurgam was yet another victim of racially-motivated foul play.

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Another Police Chase Ends in Major Crash

Posted by te2ataria on April 12, 2010

Driver LUCKY to Be Alive!

Dunedin police pursuit ends in yet another crash

Police pursuit of a “speeding” vehicle near Dunedin  ended in a crash, again, this morning.

A police patrol car with nothing to do fancied chasing a late-model Holden on State Highway 1 about 9.30am, and began the pursuit.

“The Holden pulled a u-turn and overtook a truck before the driver lost control and crashed in a rest area.” A report said, not qualifying what exactly was meant by or how the driver “pulled a u-turn and overtook a truck”.

The driver was lucky to escape injuries, but the car was write-off.

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NZ Police Murder 2, Leave 2 Others Critically injured

Posted by te2ataria on February 21, 2010

Edited by D.H. and TEAA


Police chase a driver and a bike rider to their deaths, leaving two others critically injured.

Meanwhile three others, believed to be foreign tourists, are killed in a separate crash.

A policeman [PIG] driving a patrol car said he chased two young men in a Subaru WRX because they were  doing burnouts outside a hotel. So he decided to chase the vehicle, and after “about a minute, during which time speeds of up to 150kmh were reached,” the target car  crashed on Four Rivers Highway near Murchison at 2.42am, Nelson Mail reported.

“The lone police officer in pursuit saw a dust cloud and trail of debris before seeing the crashed car, which had split in two when it hit a large gum tree.”

“The two halves of the car lie 30m apart,” Nelson Bays Area Commander Detective Inspector John Winter proudly declared.

Commander, we hope your car will meet the same fate, soon!

The passenger was killed in the crash and the driver was in a critical condition in Nelson Hospital, the report said.

Then they killed another bike rider…

Earlier,  “a speeding motorcyclist”  with a passenger ” fled police, who believed he was drunk.” The report said. [NOTE: we only have the police’s word for any allegations, and the b*stards invariably lie through their teeth to protect their butt.]

“Police chased the motorcyclist along Waikawa Road for about 40 seconds before he crashed. The male driver died at the scene and his female passenger was flown to Wellington Hospital, where she remains in a serious condition.”

The two incidents share one common feature: Both chases reportedly ended under a minute, which strongly suggests the targets were forced out of the road. With that being said, the police are going to lie about how long the chase lasted in their future murders.

Other reported death, injuries caused by police pursuits

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Police B*stards Kill Another Biker

Posted by te2ataria on January 13, 2010

sent by a reader

Chase-to-Kill Police Unit Kill Another Biker Near Wellington

A 29-year-old biker was killed by police after they gave chase  near Wellington and forced out of the road this afternoon.

Killer police say they spotted the rider speeding on State Highway 1 near Tawa heading  toward Wellington about 16:20pm.

“Area commander Peter Cowan told NZPA a patrol car gave chase but soon lost sight of the man when he left the motorway and headed into the suburb of Newlands.” The unofficial govt propaganda agency, NZPA, said.

“Mr Cowan said police were still speaking to witnesses, but it appeared the man had lost control, crashing over a bank and falling about 15 metres to his death.”

The report did not mention, of course, that patrol car units are instructed to ram bikers and motorists who refuse to stop when chased by the boneheads.

Other reported death, injuries caused by police givingg chase

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NZers Happy with their Police Farce?

Posted by te2ataria on November 10, 2009

with thanks to the contributors for their input – TEAA

Only If an Independent Survey Says So!

On the same day that a former Christchurch policeman goes on trial for extorting free sex from a prostitute, and a criminologist asks for an investigation into low conviction rates for drink-drive police officers, an INDEPENDENT survey says 72 percent of the 8,471 people questioned said they had “full” or “quite a lot” of trust in the police.

For the foreign readers who are unfamiliar with the mafia-like conduct of the government and its police farce in New Zealand, here’s what the word INDEPENDENT could mean over here:

Definition of INDEPENDENT in New Zealand:

1. INDEPENDENT means independent of truth.
2. It also means INDEPENDENT of  proper procedure.
3. The operators are related to the ‘elite families,’ secret societies, the PM, other government ministers, various commissioners, or permanent MPs.
4. It means INDEPENDENT of, and in spite of reality.
5. Regardless of the actual findings, and recorded results.
6. Probably cost more than a few hundred thousand dollars.
7. INDEPENDENT survey was conducted outside a police charity ball.
8. Respondents didn’t speak English.
9. Surveyors made the whole thing up.
10.  Copied forged input sent in by ghost readers at Lonely Planet and  Condé Nast Traveler.

Nathan Thorose Connolly, a former Christchurch policeman, went on trial at the High Court in Christchurch today, charged with forcing a prostitute to have free sex with him on the backseat of his patrol car.

No patrol car? I’d say you’d be pushing it a bit, bro, without a backseat! [NZ Police Motorcycle, licensed under the terms of the cc-by-2.0. source:  NZ Police Motorcycle ]

Your Money, or Sex for Free!

Connolly N
The Scumbag Cop
Nathan Connolly. Source One News. Image may be subject to copyright.

Connolly, a traffic unit cop,  searched the police computer at Christchurch Central Police Station for the prostitute’s details and later pulled the woman over as she was driving home. He threatened her with a $1,000-worth of fines for driving an unwarranted and unregistered vehicle.  [In New Zealand only the car rental outlets can provide unwarranted, unregistered and defective cars for hire.]

He then drove her in his marked police car to a cemetery in Belfast area of Christchurch to have sex, instead of ticketing her.  The free sex continued for about a year.

Is Nathan Connolly the same scumbag featured also in NZ Police Farce [Brownheads] ?

Back to the forged police satisfaction survey

The survey found 79 percent of people who had had contact with the police were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the quality of the “police service.”

According to the police magazine Ten One, the satisfaction factor was 80 percent in the previous year. [Connolly forgot to threaten the prostitute about answering surveys?]

Why Do Police Get Away with Drink Drive?

Meanwhile, a “leading criminologist,” Greg Newbold, is calling for an independent review into how more than two-thirds of police officers prosecuted for drink-driving since 2006 have escaped conviction.

The Dominion Post reported yesterday that only 31 percent of the police officers prosecuted for drink-driving have been convicted since 2006.

“The average conviction rate for drink-drivers during the same period was more than 95 per cent, compared with [only 31  per cent]  for police officers. ”

Greg Newbold was quoted as saying that  he was stunned by the low police convictions, and that he felt there should be an independent investigation to allay the public fears about the police and judicial system.

“If they [the public] think the police are getting away with crimes that the average citizen doesn’t get away with, I think it does a lot of damage to the police. It does a lot of damage to the judicial system.”

Police Minister Judith Collins said yesterday that she could not comment on the judiciary but “I would expect that each case would be presented to the courts in the same way it would for any other defendant.”

The scumbag judges who belong to various secret societies invariably let the police officers and other members of their groups  off the hook. See: A Personal Message to Judge Eddie Paul]

Police  lied when saying that 60 to 70 per cent of sexual assault claims were false

Dr Kim McGregor, of Rape Prevention Education, said a separate survey in 2006 found that only 9 per cent of all sexual offences were reported to the police ,”  … this contrasted with the police saying to the researchers that 60 to 70 per cent of sexual assault claims were false.

“Survivors are fearful of not being believed,” she said. “If that quote reflects a proportion of police views, then that is a great concern.”

Here’s an unmistakable, worsening pattern of systematic abuse by the New Zealand police force and judiciary against members of the public.

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Aisling Symes: Tragedy of Negligence and Incompetence

Posted by te2ataria on October 13, 2009

sent by a pious pakeha

Death NO Mystery


How Far Could a Two-Year Old Walk in One Minute?

Aisling Symes
Aisling Symes, 2, a victim of her parents negligence and the epic police incompetence. Instead of searching the next-door property, where they might have found her alive, NZ Police trumped up a bizarre scenario saying they believed she was abducted by an Asian woman. Their top officer, Inspector Davey
, went as far as telling members of the public: “There are several ethnicities encompassed in the generic descriptor ‘Asian’ – Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Indian and several others – and we’re very keen to hear from anyone who thinks they might know who this woman is.”

MONDAY [Oct 5, 2009] Aisling Symes, 2, is allowed to “wander off” from a house in Longburn Rd in the Auckland suburb of Henderson into the big, dangerous world outside in freezing temperatures.

Police said Aisling was with her parents who were cleaning her grandparents’ vacant house when she vanished into thin air.

“They were just tidying up the premises and they just turned around and Aisling had gone, she had just wandered off,” Inspector Gary Davey told Radio New Zealand.

She is finally reported missing presumably by her careless parents, Angela and Alan.

The West Auckland police’s first reaction is to pin the disappearance on the Asians [Note: the usual suspect is Maori, but in this case it wouldn’t fit the “abduction-to-order” scenario.] They create a female Asian suspect.

She was in her 30s, about 165cm tall with a medium build, long straight black hair and reportedly wearing black socks with black sandals. …  She was wearing a black crew neck top, with three-quarter length sleeves, three-quarter length blue jeans, black leather sandals and black socks. … The woman had a black and grey medium sized dog on a lead.  …  She was directly behind the missing child. … She was last  seen at 5.30pm with an Asian  woman. … Police begin a search.


The word ‘black’ is repeated 7 times in the description of the female Asian [Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Indian and several others,] who is wearing a double servings of leather sandals and socks!

Then Police issue appeal after appeal for the Asian woman to contact them.

More than 100 people start searching the Henderson area and the local streams looking for Aisling, the Asian woman, and the black and grey medium sized dog on a lead, instead of checking the immediate neighborhood where she was probably drowning.

TUESDAY: Fears are growing because “Aisling believed to have spent the night in the open during a storm. About 100 searchers trawl nearby waterways,” a report said.

But if they believe she was “kidnapped” by the Asian female, what makes them also believe she must have spent the night in the open?

Driven by dark forces operating in their tiny little minds, NZ Police announce that they now believe it was a case of abduction. This means the search in the streams and adjacent properties no longer continues, at least not with the same intensity.

Inspector Gary Davey, the police officer in charge of the case said police had not heard from the [fictitious] Asian woman sought [in the trumped up abduction scenario,] “urging members of the public not to limit their understanding of what Asian is.”

“There are several ethnicities encompassed in the generic descriptor ‘Asian’ – Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Indian and several others — and we’re very keen to hear from anyone who thinks they might know who this woman is,” Inspector Davey said. [In fact, he was prepared to bet his pension that the abductor would be a Chinese female, a source said.]

THURSDAY: Aisling Symes’s careless parents, Alan and Angela, make an emotional appeal to the ghost abductor.

They and the Police now plead with the fictitious abductor for her safe return.

Police make yet another appeal, begging the Asian abductor  to drop Aisling off at a hospital. “If she was returned safely to a safe place the chances of her survival are greatly improved,” they say.

SATURDAY: Police finally admit they haven’t the foggiest what happened to the little girl.

SUNDAY: Inspector Gary Davey, who is as competent as a dead newt floating in a septic tank, makes a personal appeal for anyone with information about the missing girl to call him.

The broad Police Commissioner, Howard Fat, announces that a British aristocrat,  the blooming Lord Ashcroft, has offered a reward of $50,000 for information leading to the safe return of Aisling Symes.

Inspector Gary Davey finally cracks his abduction case!

MONDAY again [Oct 12, 2009] About 80 percent of New Zealand Police [farce] flock into a property backing on to the house from which Aisling wandered off, where a tiny body is found in a drain. Aisling’s parents identify the body as their child’s.

inspector gary davey
Inspector Gary Davey, Auckland Police, New Zealand. Mr Davey is as competent as a dead newt floating in a septic tank. Photo: NZPA. Image may be subject to copyright.

Inspector Gary Davey, the police officer in charge of the case said police had not heard from the [fictitious] Asian woman sought [in the trumped up abduction scenario,] “urging members of the public not to limit their understanding of what Asian is.”  …  “There are several ethnicities encompassed in the generic descriptor ‘Asian’— Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Indian and several others—and we’re very keen to hear from anyone who thinks they might know who this woman is,” Inspector Davey said.

In fact each and everyone of the hundreds of thousands of Asians—Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Indian and several other nationalities—who live in New Zealand are still potential suspects in Mr Davey’s racist tiny little mind.

Resign, Mr Davey, or better still, put yourself out of this embarrassing misery!

The above is based on various reports from NZPA, Dominion Post and others.

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New Zealand Kills One More Foreigner

Posted by te2ataria on October 6, 2009

One Foreigner is Murdered/Killed in New Zealand Every Two Days  (9-year average)

A 22-year-old foreigner was killed when the car she was driving, most likely an average defective car driven on New Zealand Death Roads, went out of control and  slammed into a tree in Broadwood, south of Kaitaia, Northland yesterday morning.

The police say they will not release the victim’s name until her relatives overseas can be contacted. They have also refused to release her nationality, which has no bearing on  their privacy claim.

There are many outstanding cases in which the police has made similar statements about the foreigners who were murdered or killed in New Zealand, only to permanently suppress their names details later.

Source: http://www.odt.co.nz/news/national/76850/police-seeking-overseas-relatives-after-northland-fatal

The Unnamed Victims Was the 1,617th Person to Be Killed/Murdered in New Zealand, Since January 1, 2000.

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He Survived the Extreme Perils of North Sea

Posted by te2ataria on September 20, 2009

Only to be Mowed Down by a Drunken Old Witch in New Zealand

Frank van Kampen, 46, worked on oil rigs in the North Sea for many years before going to New Zealand to work for the Department of Conservation.

Later,  he trained to be a teacher;  got married and had a first baby with his wife only 10 weeks ago.

He was killed when a drunken 70-year- old female crashed into him from behind. The fatal collision occurred on State Highway 1, New Zealand’s narrowest Death Road.

A colleague of van Kampen who witnessed the crash  described the way the 70-year-old female was driving long before she crashed into the victim:

“She was totally out of it, she was absolutely blotto,” he said. “She was all over the road. She nearly ran into me a couple of times.

“I looked up and Frank was there and she ran straight into him. I think he died instantly.”

He described the woman as “a menace” saying that he hoped she would be jailed for killing van Kampen. “Her actions along the road before she hit Frank were just unbelievable.”

The incompetent police, which invariably fails to prevent such accidents, said the drunken female driver driving the station wagon that killed van Kampen failed a breath test. “Her licence has been suspended and she is likely to face charges once the serious crash unit completes its investigation.” Media reports said.

[Boy, isn’t that a relief for poor van Kampen; only if the police could see how him right now, jumping with joy at the news!]

If only van Kampen knew his NZ Death Clock had started ticking, the moment he left the offshore oil rigs  near the coast of Scotland.

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Intellectually Stunted NZ Students Riot, Again

Posted by te2ataria on September 12, 2009

Scores of Dunedin residents injured in student riot

Many Dunedin residents and several police farce-rs were injured when riot broke out as pathetic Canterbury University students arrived in the town’s Castle St in their annual Undie 500 drunken car rally.

Dunedin Police in riot gear advance on the crowd about 1.20am. Photos by Stephen Jaquiery/ODT. Image may be subject to copyright.

More than 1,000  students pelted the police and bystanders with bricks, bottles, metal bolts and bicycle parts in North Dunedin.

Dunedin police were forced to don riot gear and use pepper spray to disperse student mobs during overnight partying after the controversial Undie 500 rally arrived in the city.

Castle St burns, again! The crowd takes over in Castle St, Dunedin, last night, setting fires and pushing police out of the area. Photo: ODT. Image may be subject to copyright.

Up to 100 police farce-rs took  more than two hours to disperse the students. To down play the serious riot however, they only made 20 arrests “for range of offences including disorderly behaviour, breaching the liquor ban and setting fire to property.” A report said.

Council workers have been cleaning up broken glass and other debris and are removing burned out cars.

The police were heavily outnumbered by the rioting students and failed to enforce a liquor ban, the city mayor said.

He hopes there will be no further trouble tonight and is urging anyone taking part in Undie 500-related events not to do anything they will regret for the rest of their lives.

The so-called “Undie 500” event was organized by Canterbury University students, and involves a pub crawl from Christchurch to Dunedin, driving cars worth under NZ$500.

Despite the cancellation of  last year’s Undie 500 event, which was prompted by serious rioting and public disorder in the city resulting in 69 arrests in 2007, an unofficial version of the event still ran leading to another round of rioting and disorder and 30 arrests.

Most of those arrested were Otago University students, Dunedin Area Commander Infector Dave Campbell said.

They faced a variety of charges, ranging from disorderly behaviour and breaching the liquor ban to wilfully setting fire to property.

Police Farce Infector Alistair Dickie said:  “We are happy we have been able to stabilise the crowd without exerting our authority too much … We could have sparked something here… Hopefully, I don’t eat my words.”

Videos of the riots:

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NZ Police More of a Life Threat than Criminals

Posted by te2ataria on September 4, 2009

sent by a reader

NZ police force [and military] are licensed to kill

To the average person living here, NZ Police poses more of a threat than do criminals

Three off-duty policemen have finally been arrested after five months and charged with assault.

They victims, university students,  say the police farcers forced their way into their apartment building and beat them up.

chris scumbag renata
Accused scumbag police farcer, Chris Renata, aka James Bond, served last year in the Solomons.

The three Auckland City cops, Chris Renata, 31, Patrick Garty, 32, and Wiremu Bowers, 21, were suspended from duty at the start of last month.

The charges were laid under the Crimes Act, which is more serious than the Summary Offences Act under which Renata’s single charge of common assault was laid.

Renata, nicknamed “Jmaes Bond,” reportedly served in the Solomon Islands where he was stabbed by a man with a machete while on jungle patrol, but he escaped on a quadbike, the media said.

The assault charges arose after an incident in central Auckland on March 18 when the three constables allegedly clashed with a group of university students going home after celebrating St Patrick’s Day.

The attack was reportedly captured on CCTV cameras in High St and in the lobby of an apartment building, otherwise there would have been little chance of the victims’ complaint being dealt with.

One of the students, reportedly the son of an Auckland polieman, received a head wound which needed stitches to patch up. [Ouch!]

One of the victims, a 21-year-old commerce student, said the three officers “came after us”.

“They were yelling aggressively and asked us what the hell we were doing. They tried to have a go at us so we told them to piss off, but they followed us.”

After the students had gone inside the apartment building, the police farcers “pushed their way through the door into the lobby”.

The 21-year-old student alleges it was here the three men punched and kicked him and his mates and “went to town on my friend”.

“They never once mentioned they were cops.”

 Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10595139

NEW Zealand Police Farce: Evil, Pure and Simple

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NZ Police Licensed to Kill


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Another Mother-Child Combo Deaths

Posted by te2ataria on July 18, 2009

sent by a reader in Auckland

Woman and Child Found Dead

Police say deaths NOT suspicious!

The bodies of a woman and child were found in a house in Henderson, West Auckland.  As usual the police immediately said the deaths were NOT suspicious, while refusing to release  the names of the dead.


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